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Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Acne Breakouts and Dry Skin

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Acne Breakouts and Dry Skin

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Acne Breakouts and Dry Skin

Regardless of if a person has dry skin, or an oily complexion they may end up with acne scars that have them going to a dermatologist for an acne scar treatment Edmonton. However, the reasons why people with dry skin, versus oily skin might have acne are completely different.

When people have an oily or complexion, it is because their body does naturally produces a lot of oil called sebum in their face. And when that sebum mixes with dead skin cells on the face.

This is the perfect condition to cause acne breakouts to form. Therefore, when they see a dermatologist. They are going to for ways to neutralize or minimize that oil.

That can be using toners, or face soaps to wash with, to it is much oil off their face as possible. As well as exfoliating, in order to eliminate the amount of dead skin on their face. That is responsible for acne breakouts.

However, for people with dry skin the reason why they get acne is completely different. The fact that they have dry skin. Is what causes their body to start producing an overabundance of sebum.

So the surface of their skin might feel very dry. But the sebum, when it mixes with dead skin cells. Causes an acne breakout. So dermatologists recommend moisturizing and hydration.

As a way of keeping the skin as healthy as possible. In order to send a message to the body. That it does not need to overproduce this oil. And while moisturizing the outside of the skin is very beneficial.

By drinking a lot of water, such as eight glasses a day. Can help ensure that the body knows that it is hydrated from the inside out. And can help it stop producing the oil that causes acne breakouts.


However, just like people with an oily or complexion. It is important that they exfoliate as well. But dermatologists recommend people avoid exfoliating at home.

Because aggressive exfoliation. Or exfoliating too much. Can actually damage the skin. More than it is helping. And can even cause microtears to form in the skin, that makes people prone to infection.

Once people have their acne under control. Their dermatologist can start talking to them about the acne scar treatment Edmonton that is most beneficial for their scars.

By looking at their scars, in order to see how deep they are, and how much of the face they are covering. That way, they will be able to figure out if they can benefit from laser treatments. And if so, which laser they should use.

What a laser will do, is using the high-powered beam of light. Will burn off the top layer of skin. And while some people find acne scar treatment Edmonton is a bit of an uncomfortable procedure. It is not painful.

And when this top layer of skin is burned off, the new skin that grows in its place, will not have the scar tissue that the old skin has. Which can make the skin look smoother, as well as younger and healthier.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Acne Breakouts and Dry Skin

While many people do not believe that dry skin can be prone to breakouts, people who have dry skin can also go to the dermatologist to find the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. In fact, it may be even more important for people with dry skin to do this.

Because people with dry skin can have more exaggerated looking scars. Because the dry skin can make small imperfections look much worse.

The reason why dry skin does this. Is because dry skin is rough, and flaky. And can also get irritated and red. And all of this can cause scarring to be far more pronounced than it actually is.

This is why dermatologists will recommend moisturizers. Before talking about acne scar treatment. So that people can see what they would look like without the dry skin problems making their scores look worse.

However, what the moisturizers will also do. Is will help minimize the acne breakouts that people have. That contribute to their acne scars. Which is why it is very important to moisturize.

And while it is going to be very important to choose the right moisturizer that does not air at Tate skin even more. It is very important to moisturize from the inside out. By drinking lots of water.

The recommendation is for people to drink eight glasses of water a day. And by doing this, people can keep not only the surface of their skin hydrated with a moisturizer.


But they can keep their skin hydrated from the inside. So that even if the environment evaporates water off the surface of their skin. They still have more water in their skin.

Then they did if they were not drinking water. Which can help keep it moisturized and supple. Therefore, dermatologists recommend a moisturizer as well as drinking water in order to combat this problem.

If people still decide that they want to undergo an acne scar treatment Edmonton. The dermatologist will be more than happy to go over their options. Based on what their scars look like.

And utilizing a laser treatment, can help people take the top layer of skin off safely. So that when new skin grows underneath. It reduces the look of the scar. But also, because the skin that grows in will be new. It will look young and healthy.

However, dermatologists will need to ensure that people do not have any active breakouts anymore. Because if they have active acne breakouts.

Reducing the look of the scarring is not going to help people. Because they will be creating more scars just as soon as the treatment is over. So eliminating acne breakouts may be the next step before utilizing an acne scar treatment Edmonton.

If people have dry skin, acne scars or both. They should talk to their doctor about a referral to a dermatologist. To help them get the skin can help them feel happy and confident.

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