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People’s appearances are very important to them, which is why they often seek out acne scar treatment Edmonton. So that they can minimize the scars on their face. That they have received from cystic or nodular acne.
96% of people who have acne scarring and up feeling depressed over their appearance. This can impact their self-confidence, and end up leading to depression. Seeking out treatment can help people feel better about their appearance. It can help them avoid a depression.
What causes acne scarring. Is when people have moderate to severe acne. Which is acne that covers most or all of their face. Or if they have large acne, often called nodular or cystic acne. This is the kind that is deep into the skin. And can often be very painful as well as inflamed.
This type of acne is so large, it pulls at the collagen in the face at a bunch of awkward angles. Leading to peaks and valleys. Which is what people see on their face from the scarring. These peaks and valleys can be made much more pronounced. If people end up picking or poking at their acne. Or they end up poking at their scars.
The more people cause trauma to their acne. The more they disrupt the collagen, which will be what makes the scars look worse. Then people have pronounced scarring, they often seek out acne scar treatment Edmonton.


By speaking to a dermatologist, they can find out what they can do to stop causing more trauma to their face. So that the acne that they do get will not be made worse. But also they will learn what else they can do to avoid making the scarring worse.
They can avoid doing things such as aggressive exfoliation, because that will affect the collagen, and lead to acne scarring as well. Before they start any acne scar treatment Edmonton. They will learn what skincare products they should be using on their face. So that they can get their acne under control first.
Once there acne is under control, they can start their acne scar treatment Edmonton. Without worrying that as they are getting treatment. They will be getting more acne that might be causing more scarring at the same time.
Depending on how much scarring they have, and how much of their face it is covering. They might need up to four treatments. So when they speak to their dermatologist, they will build to find out approximately how many treatments they will need to improve their appearance.
There are many different laser treatments that they can use to minimize acne scarring. However, one of the best lasers that they can use is called the Fraxel laser. Which is the most effective laser for treating this type of scarring.
In between treatments. And especially after they are done treatments. People should be engaging in proper skincare routines. With the skincare products recommended to them by their dermatologist. So that they can avoid having to come back for more treatments. Because they are not seeing an increase of acne in their skin.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Scar Treatment

When people have acne scars on their face, they might feel very negatively about their appearance, causing them to seek out acne scar treatment Edmonton. While treatment is possible, one of the first things that they should do is get there acne under control.
So that whatever treatments they use. Will help minimize the scarring, without more acne showing up in between treatments. Causing even more scarring.
When they go to talk to a dermatologist. They will be able to find out what skincare treatments they should be using. And if people are using over-the-counter or skincare products from a drugstore. Not only is this not effective at demising their acne scars. It is also less effective at controlling the acne as well.
The reason why over-the-counter acne products are not as effective. Is because they have very little active ingredients in them. To minimize the number of people who may negatively react to the products. Therefore, products sold by dermatologists. Are going to be sold to the patients that will be less likely to react. And will have more active ingredients in them.
While they are getting there acne under control. They should avoid picking or poking at their acne. And avoid aggressive exfoliation. As these can actually make the acne scars worse.
Once they have their acne under control. That is when they can start acne scar treatment Edmonton. Because they will not have new scars forming in between treatments.


When people come in for their treatments. They should expect that the lasers that are used are going to be very warm. The reason for this, is because they will need to increase collagen production in order to heal the scars.
And collagen gets nutrients from warmth and heat. So when the laser heats up a person’s skin. The collagen can start rebuilding itself. This heat being applied to the skin can cause some discomfort. However, people should understand that their dermatologist will only go as fast as they can tolerate during the session.
The optimum time in between acne scar treatment Edmonton would be 4 to 6 weeks. They should not have treatments sooner than that. Because they do not want to disrupt the collagen production. However, if people wait longer than 4 to 6 weeks. It may take longer for people to see the results.
It is very important that people are using the skincare products given to them by their dermatologist. Not just in between treatment sessions. After their treatment is done. So that they do not end up having more acne. That will increase the chances of them scarring.
Once the acne scars have been treated. There is no risk of the scars coming back. But that does not mean the acne cannot come back. Which is why people should be careful to always use good skincare. So that they can enjoy clear skin, so that they can feel better about themselves.