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Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Acne Scars and Dry Skin

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Acne Scars and Dry Skin

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Acne Scars and Dry Skin

it is very possible for have acne and dry skin, which may think it is going to be more complicated to find the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. But dermatologists are going to be able to treat both very easily.

However, before people undergo any acne scar treatment Edmonton. They need to get there acne under control which often can require getting their dry skin under control first.

The reason why they need to get there dry skin under control first. Is because the dry skin can actually cause acne. And while many people think that acne is caused by oily skin.

Understanding the body is very important to learn why dry skin can be acne prone at the same time. Ultimately, when the body realizes that the skin is very dry in the face.

It starts producing an overabundance of an oil called sebum. This overproduction of sebum, when mixed with the dead skin cells on a person’s face. Will cause acne, which is why it is very important that people combat their dry skin first.

One of the first things that people can do to combat dry skin is to hydrate. From the inside, by drinking a lot of water, eight glasses a day is the recommendation. And by eating foods that are high in water content such as fruits and vegetables.

The next thing as to choose a moisturizer. And while many people are very nervous to put a moisturizer on their skin if there acne prone. It will be an important way to minimize their dry skin.

And by minimizing their dry skin, they will cause their body to stop producing an overabundance of sebum. Which will get there acne under control.


Once there acne is controlled. They can start to seek acne scar treatment Edmonton. In particular, utilize a laser treatment therapy. Because not only is this extremely effective at minimizing acne scars.

But the laser therapy can also combat dry skin. People have less dry skin, through the process. How this works, is by understanding how the laser therapy system works.

A laser is a concentrated beam of light. And it will get very hot. Which when used on a person’s face, will slough off the top layer of skin. However this is not a painful process.

But what happens is that when new skin grows in, it will grow in without the scar. Which is why it minimizes the look of acne scars.

But the other benefits of the laser therapy, is that it will kickstart production of collagen. Which not only helps the new skin grow. But also combats person’s dry skin, naturally.

Therefore, if people have acne scars and dry skin. The right acne scar treatment for them is often a laser therapy. Which can improve both problems at the same time.

After their therapy, people need to ensure that they are continuing to drink water to hydrate their skin. As well as use moisturizers. And see their dermatologist regularly for exfoliation, or micro-dermabrasion treatments.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Acne Scars and Dry Skin

Often, if people have acne scars, they have oily skin which makes seeking out the right acne scar treatment Edmonton easier. Because if people have dry skin, they often think that they are not a good candidate for many options including laser therapy.

However, whether people have dry skin, oily skin, or combination skin. The acne scar treatment that works for them can be laser therapy.

The reason why, is because it does not matter what kind of skin people have. The laser therapy works by sloughing off the top layer of skin. And then increasing collagen production. So that the acne scars are minimized.

However, whether someone has dry skin or not. It is very important that they get there acne breakouts under control. Before they undergo this acne scar treatment Edmonton. So that they do not end up with scars, that will require additional treatments.

When people have dry skin, one of the first things that they should do is increase their water intake. And the recommended amount to drink is eight glasses of water every day.

And while it may be very difficult for people who have acne breakouts to moisturize. It is very important that people do moisturize their skin. Even if they have a lot of acne.

The reason why, is because when people have dry skin. The body tries to compensate by overproducing an oil called sebum. And when that sebum mixes with dead skin cells on their face. It forms acne.

Therefore, by using a moisturizer. The body will not produce an overabundance of oil. And can minimize or completely eliminate the acne breakouts that people are experiencing.


However, it is also important that people are taking care of the dead skin buildup on their face. And this can be done through either exfoliation, or micro-dermabrasion. And while there are many products that people can use at home to do this themselves.

Dermatologists recommend against people exfoliating themselves. Because they can either exfoliate too often, or to aggressively. Which can cause damage to the skin.

Therefore, by getting their treatments done with the dermatologist. Can ensure that people are getting rid of their dead skin cells. But in a way that is not going to damage their face. So that they can minimize acne breakouts.

Once there breakouts are under control. Then they can talk to their dermatologist about the acne scar treatment Edmonton that is right for them. Such as undergoing laser treatments.

Laser treatments can be extremely beneficial. Because not only can it help there acne scars be minimized. It can also help people have less dry skin. Because it will increase the collagen production.

As collagen is an important building block of the skin. This can help people not only have younger looking skin. But skin that is not dry or oily.

And when used alongside moisturizer, can help people eliminate the acne that they have. Giving them the look that they have always wanted to have.

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