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Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Acne Scars Are Visible on Dry Skin

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Acne Scars Are Visible on Dry Skin

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Acne Scars Are Visible on Dry Skin

People who have a combination of acne scars and dry skin they be looking for acne scar treatment Edmonton. Because the dry skin can make the scarring look more pronounced.

The reason why dry skin causes scars to be more noticeable. Is because the skin is not laying flat. It is irritated, often red and itchy. And that can cause the skin to be rough and flaky as well.

Even if people only have dry skin in the winter months. Because winter is known for its drying effects. Especially when it comes to people’s skin.

Those who have acne scars may complain that it is much more noticeable in the wintertime. And it bothers them even more. Therefore, they often end up seeing their dermatologist.

However, people also need to take into consideration. That an abundance of dead skin can also cause acne scarring to be more visible. And the reason why, is because even though it is not noticeable to the naked eye.

The dead skin can cause a buildup, and make every bump and imperfection more noticeable. Therefore, the dermatologist will want to get the acne under control. And moisturize, and get rid of the dead skin.

Even before they will look at which acne scar treatment Edmonton is right for a patient. And while many people think that they can exfoliate at home. Dermatologists will recommend coming into the office for that.

The reason why, is because people are often overaggressive when it comes to exfoliating their face. Using exfoliants that are far too abrasive, or rub their face to hard, causing microtears.


These microtears can cause small scars to form. But also make a person more prone to infection. So they must be careful not to exfoliate to aggressively. But even if they are not, people might end up exfoliating more often than they should.

Therefore, to ensure that there exfoliating properly. But also getting bit of dry skin. People can go to their dermatologist. So that they do not end up causing damage, or making things worse.

Once they are getting rid of the dead skin effectively. They need to be moisturizing properly. And their dermatologist can help them choose the right moisturizer. One that has few chemicals.

And can help the face stay moisturize. To encourage the body to stop producing an overabundance of sebum. Which typically happens when people have dry skin.

That overabundance of sebum mixed with dead skin on the face. Is what causes acne in the first place. So by getting rid of the dead skin, and using moisturizer. People can stop their acne breakouts from happening as well.

After they bother acne under control. And they have moisturized, and gotten rid of their dead skin. Their dermatologist will be able to see what acne scar treatment Edmonton is going to be beneficial.

Because they finally know what their scar tissue actually looks like. It is most likely going to be a laser treatment, that can permanently reduce the look of scars. That people can look and feel their absolute best.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Acne Scars Are Visible on Dry Skin

Often, even if people only had acne as a teenager, they can end up with scarring causing them to want an acne scar treatment Edmonton. And when they have dry skin, they may be even more motivated to get rid of those scars.

The reason why, is because dry skin can often make the look of scars more pronounced. Simply because the dry, rough and flaky skin. Does not lay flat, and can end up with imperfections more noticeable.

In addition to that, people who have dry skin often are itchy. And if people end up scratching their face. They can make the rough skin worse. And as the scars even more pronounced.

But the scratching can also cause tearing on the skin. Even on a microscopic level. That can cause more scars, or make a person prone to infection.

It can also even cause an acne breakout. Because people do not think of how dirty their hands are before they reach up to their face and scratch it.

Which can cause more oil to be deposited on the face, and when mixed with dead skin, will cause an acne breakout. Therefore, it is very important that people get rid of their dry skin first.

However, if people end up with dry skin that they cannot get rid of using a moisturizer. They need to talk to a dermatologist right away. Because while it might be something like eczema or dermatitis.


A dry patch that will go away can be indicative of precancer. So people need to ensure that they are adding anything unusual checked out. So that they do not end up missing an important problem.

The right moisturizer that they need. Is going to be something that has few chemicals in it. And this is why dermatologists recommend staying away from moisturizers that have perfume in them.

They also need to stay away from moisturizers that are designed for the body or the hands. Because those will often have chemicals that are not beneficial for the face.

They also need to ensure that even though they do not have perfume in the moisturizer. The people like the smell of it. Because they have to apply it to their face twice a day.

Once they have their dry skin under control. Then they can start talking about which options of acne scar treatment Edmonton they should utilize.

And often, dermatologists will want to choose some form of laser treatment. Because this is extremely effective at minimizing acne scars. By taking off the top layer of skin safely.

And that when new skin forms, it does not have that scar tissue. Which can significantly reduce the look of that scar. Once people get finished the treatment, they should continue to moisturize.

And end up with reduced look of scars, and moisturized skin. To help them have a more youthful appearance. And feel their absolute best. This is why most dermatologists like using lasers. For the acne scar treatment Edmonton.

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