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Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Can Dry Skin Get Acne?

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Can Dry Skin Get Acne?

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Can Dry Skin Get Acne?

One assumption that many people have, is that dry skin cannot get acne, however there are many people seeking out the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. Despite the fact that they have extremely dry skin themselves.

In fact, dermatologists often say that people who have dry skin. They have more pronounced acne scars. Because the dry skin can make the scarring look worse. Especially if people are not exfoliating.

However, people might end up making mistakes by exfoliating too hard, or too often. Which can continue to irritate the skin. Which will not make their acne scars look less pronounced.

Instead, people should make an appointment to see a dermatologist. In order to get the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. Which for many people, is a laser therapy.

A laser is a very strong beam of concentrated light. That gets very hot. When the laser is used on a person’s face. Will happen, is that the top layer of skin will get’s left off.

And as the new skin grows back, the new skin will not have any scarring. Which can help minimize the look of that scar. But that is not the only thing that laser therapy does.

Since the laser is hot, it will also cause the body to produce more collagen. In response to the top layer of skin getting’s left off. And that collagen can help continue to heal the scarring. But also can be a moisturizer for persons skin.

Therefore, when people undergo the acne scar treatment Edmonton of laser therapy. Not only will they minimize their scarring. They will minimize their dry skin as well. Allowing them to look and feel their best.


However, after they undergo laser treatment. They will still have to treat their dry skin moving forward. By using moisturizers. Many people with dry skin are very reluctant to use moisturizers.

Because they feel that the moisturizer may end up causing them to have an acne breakout. However, what they do not realize. Is that not using a moisturizer. Can cause them to have an acne breakout instead.

How that happens, is when the body notices that there is extremely dry skin. Particularly in the face. It will increase the production of an oil called sebum. And when that sebum mixes together with the dead skin on a person’s face, it forms acne.

Therefore, it does not make any sense for person to avoid using a moisturizer. Because they are concerned that they will get acne. Because if they do not use a moisturizer, they could get acne as well.

But hugging to their dermatologist about what products they should use. Can help people get the right product for their skin. And it will depend on how dry their skin is.

However, people should always stay away from moisturizers that have a lot of perfume. Because that perfume ads chemicals, which can in turn irritate the skin.

But it is very important that if people are putting a moisturizer on their face. That they choose one that they are happy with how it smells. So that they do not avoid putting it on their face twice a day.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Can Dry Skin Get Acne?

It is very possible for dry skin to get acne, which can exacerbate the look of scarring, which may cause many people to seek out effective acne scar treatment Edmonton. And while there are many different treatments available. Most dermatologists recommend laser therapy.

Laser therapy can be incredibly beneficial. In not only treating the acne scars. But also treating a person’s dry skin. How this works, is by the laser itself, which is a concentrated beam of light.

That beam of light is very hot, and as it touches the skin, can start to slough off the very top layer of skin on the face. And stimulate collagen production as well.

When the top layer of skin sloughs off. The new skin that grows will grow smoothly. So that the scar looks less pronounced.

But also, the collagen production works to moisturize a person’s skin. Which not only reduces the look of scars. But also helps to moisturize the skin, and combat irritation, that comes with dry skin.

Therefore, if people are looking for the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. And they have dry skin. Laser treatment may be the right option for them.

However, following the procedure it is important that people continue to combat their dry skin. By not just moisturizing with the right creams. But also providing moisture from the inside out by increasing their water intake.


This way, while the moisturizer will provide hydration from the outside. The increased water intake will help provide oyster from the inside. And when people are faced with the environment, they will have less of their own water evaporate from their body.

And not only is it important to choose the right moisturizer. When that will not continue to irritate the skin. People also need to ensure that they are applying the moisturizer enough times.

And whether people are having a shower in the morning or at night. The best time to apply moisturizer is twice per day. Once right after their shower, and he other right before bed, or first thing upon waking.

By drinking water, moisturizing properly. As well as getting laser therapy can help minimize the look of scarring. But also help manage people’s dry skin.

However, if people find that they have skin that is irritated so much that it is hard to stop scratching. Or that it is painful. Or perhaps they find that no matter how much moisturizer. That patch of rough skin will not go away.

It is very important that people get themselves to a dermatologist to get that dry skin diagnosed. Because while it might be something like eczema or dermatitis. It could be pre-cancerous.

By taking very good care of skin that they are in. Getting the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. That can help people not only look their best, the feel their best. And have healthy skin for a lifetime.

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