Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Can Facial Scars Be Reduced?

Patients have been dealing with scars for many years before they contact their dermatologist to find out about different acne scar treatment Edmonton they can utilize. Finding out all of the facts can help them make the right decision on which treatment they would like.

When they make an appointment with Edmonton dermatology, they will be able to find out about all of the various treatment options that there are. But it is extremely beneficial to go to the consultation.
So that patients can eat face-to-face with the dermatologist. Let them see their face, and their skin type. As well as how extensive their scarring is. Because that will help them make a recommendation.
On what treatment is going to be most beneficial. Because while they have many different lasers that can help with scarring. Different skin types, or scarring types. Will require different treatment.
For example, while laser treatment is effective at eliminating scarring. Because it increases collagen production in the area. People that have a certain skin type, are susceptible to keloid scars.
And keloid scars are caused by an overabundance of collagen. Which makes a treatment that floods the area with collagen and ineffective method at reducing that scar tissue.
Therefore, it is very important that if anyone is deciding on what acne scar treatment Edmonton they would like to utilize. That they meet directly with the dermatologist.
In order to find out what the best options are for their particular issues. One laser treatment that Edmonton dermatology uses, is called the Fraxel laser.


And this is extremely effective at reducing the look of scarring. Because it does a flood the area of the face with collagen. Which starts to heal scarring, by filling in all of the valleys in the scar tissue.
And whether people have been living with scarring for many years. And whether they have had cystic acne scars, ice pick, boxcar or linear scars. This going to be an effective treatment.
However, people also need to be very upfront with their dermatologist. About what results they are expecting from their acne scar treatment Edmonton. Because while the Fraxel laser can reduce scarring significantly.
People are going to get about a 50% improvement. And while that means they will have a noticeably smoother looking face. That is not going to completely eliminate their scarring.
Therefore, if people are looking for more improvement than 50%. They should tell that to their dermatologist. Who will find the next best acne scar treatment for them.
Because if the Fraxel laser is not the right option. Edmonton dermatology has many different treatments that they can utilize. And when one is found to be unsuitable, they can simply talk about the next option.
So that not only can they find treatment that is most beneficial. They will also find the treatment that gives them the results that they are looking for. So that people can end up looking and feeling as good as they desire.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Facial Scars Be Reduced

It is extremely important for people who are looking for an acne scar treatment Edmonton. That they set up an appointment with a dermatologist to find out all of the facts.
The reason why, is because while Edmonton dermatology has many different acne scar treatment. Not all treatments are going to be recommended to each patient.
Depending on their amount of scarring, their skin type. As well as what they are hoping the end result will be. And that will all come together and help the doctor make the right recommendation.
As well, the initial consultation is going to be a great place. For the patients to find out exactly what each treatment entails. Including things like how much healing time they are going to need. And what they should expect.
One of the most beneficial acne scar treatment Edmonton that they use is the CO2 laser. Which is called a fractional laser resurfacing tool. And it is an ablative laser.
Because unlike other users, that simply apply heat and light to the area. An ablative laser actually cuts into the skin. However, the CO2 laser does it microscopically.
By drilling tiny microscopic holes. Into the dermis, which is the middle layer of skin. The reason why, is because the dermis is where collagen production happens. And by drilling tiny holes into the dermis.
It encourages the body to produce an overabundance of collagen in the area. And collagen is an important building block in skin. And provides structural support in connective tissue.

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And not only does it make skin more elastic, but it improves skin health, and the look of skin. And it is used to help heal scar tissue. And the reason why people might have scar tissue, is because collagen production slows down as people age.
In addition to increasing the collagen production. The CO2 laser also vaporizes the top layer of skin, called the epidermis. Which helps peel away the skin that holds the scar tissue on people’s faces.
What this does as an acne scar treatment. Is it causes the body to regrow a new layer of skin. And when it regrows, it grows without trace of the scars that people have had previously.
So the new skin growing, as well as the increased collagen production. Work together to improve the look of the people’s skin significantly. Not only reducing scars. But also helping people have toner, younger looking skin as well.
The most important thing that patients should keep in mind about the CO2 laser treatment. Is that it only takes one treatment to get effective results.
However, because they are re-growing that top layer of skin. The healing time is about two weeks. When people typically opting to take two weeks off work. So that they can heal in peace.
As well as avoid going out into the sun, or exposing their newly growing skin to bacteria. If people are not able to commit to a two-week healing period. This may not be right option for them.
By talking to a dermatologist, patients will be able to find out all the information they need. To decide which acne scar treatment Edmonton is right for them.