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Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Can Lasers Treat Sun Damage?

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Can Lasers Treat Sun Damage?

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Can Lasers Treat Sun Damage?

While many people might think that sun damage cannot be treated by shooting high intensity light at their skin, acne scar treatment Edmonton says that it can treat the pigmentation that comes from su n damage.

Sun damage can include things like brown spots, age spots and moles. However, if patients are suffering from a condition called melasma. This is not possible to be treated with lasers.

We will as my is a common condition found in pregnant women. So many pregnant women develop this condition during pregnancy, that is often called the mask of pregnancy. Plasma is brought on by hormones, such as pregnancy or taking birth control pills. But also can be triggered by sun exposure.

Which is why sun damage can be treated with the laser. But conditions that are made worse in the sun, cannot be treated.

The synergy laser is an effective way to treat sun damage. Because it targets the dermis layer of skin, it is the third layer. And almost goes deep down into the subcutaneous fat of the patient says acne scar treatment Edmonton.

Discolouration that comes with sun damage is in that third layer of skin. Which is why the end deal a is an effective way to treat it.

By shooting the beam, which has light within the infrared spectrum. Dermatologists can cause that discolouration to actually break up, and start to be eliminated in the body.

When patients are getting treated with the ND laser, since it is an actual laser, and contains extremely concentrated light. That light is very hot, and so this treatment can cause some discomfort.


Because of this discomfort, the dermatologist will ensure that their pointing a cooling fan directly at the patient’s treatment area. To ensure that the cooling fan can bring the temperature of the skin back down. And ensure that the patient is comfortable.

When patients are leaving this treatment, they will find that because he gets quite hot, they will be sore in their treatment area. And that they will also have redness. This should not be as bad as a sunburn. Both in level of pain, and in redness.

Patients will find that the soreness will last two or maybe three days. While the redness will fade in about one week. As the redness fades, the area that the patient was getting treated for discolouration. Will also lighten, and with each subsequent treatment, the area will get lighter and lighter.

Within five days, the pigmentation that has been broken up will come to the surface of the skin in a bit of a crumbly residue. And within another five days, it will slough off the skin, eating smoother and less discoloured skin behind.

Since the ND laser actually treats the damaged area of the skin that causes discolouration. Patients of all skin types, and skin colours can get treated. Without worrying that this laser is going to discolour their skin by making it lighter or darker says acne scar treatment Edmonton.

If patients want to know if there discolouration can be treated with this laser. They should begin appointment with their dermatologist. And a free consultation can let them know if this is the appropriate treatment. And how many sessions they will need to eliminate their problem areas.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Can Lasers Treat Sun Damage?

While many lasers have been geared towards antiaging, treating fine lines and wrinkles, acne scar treatment Edmonton says that more patients are looking for lasers to treat dermatological problems. Not just for cosmetic reasons. But also for medical reasons as well.

The benefit of using the cynergy laser, is that it has two different lasers inside the same machine. So it can treat the first layer of skin, that is treated with the pulsed dye laser. And problems deeper into the third layer of skin known as the dermis. Can be treated with the ND laser. So that a wider variety of problems can be treated.

The pulsed dye laser is great for dermatology coal problems on the top layer of patient’s skin. Such as vascular lesions, like angiomas, and venous lakes on the lips, which is caused by sun damage. Other vascular problems that the pulsed dye laser can treat include broken capillaries, spider veins, rosacea and hema angiomas.

How this laser works, is by targeting the red blood cells. To the area that it is treating. Vide oxygenating the area, it causes the body to stop sending blood to that blood vessel. That will allow it to eventually stop being used, and fade away.

As it stops being used, it will leave the top layer of the patient’s skin. So that it is less pronounced, and more difficult to see says acne scar treatment Edmonton.

And while this might seem like a cosmetic reason to treat vascular lesions. There is also a medical reason why people would want to treat these vascular issues. Because they can cause problems with their vision, their hearing and even their ability to eat.


As well as these vascular problems can lead to open wounds, and infections. That can cause even more problems for the patient.

One of the best things about this type of treatment. Is it gives patients the option to get there vascular issues treated. When there previously was no known treatment before. Not only do patients not have to go under surgery any longer.

To treat issues that they had been living with for years. But the Cynergy laser also is not leave scarring. So that patients do not have to choose between living with their vascular problem says acne scar treatment Edmonton, or dealing with the scar instead.

Getting the pulsed dye laser is a treatment that can happen within one or two hours. It does not require going under general anaesthetic. Patients can walk into their appointment, and get home safely. Without needing someone there to help them.

They may find that they are a bit sore from the laser, and that they are read as well. But as the soreness fades into days. The redness will fade in about seven, but they will notice that there vascular issue is less noticeable as well.

Their dermatologist will let them know ahead of time how many treatments they can expect their issue will take to fix. So that patients going in, will know what to expect, and how many treatments they can expect to undergo.

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