Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Can Lasers Treat Vascular Lesions?

Despite the fact that most lasers first being developed for dermatological purposes were focused on things like laser hair removal and antiaging says acne scar treatment Edmonton.
Luckily, a laser machine called synergy is changing that. And is one of the first laser machines that have a true dermatological purpose. Helping patients get rid of their dermatological issues. Whether they are purely cosmetic, or medical in nature.
Some examples of the dermatological problems that can be fixed with this energy laser. Includes vascular issues like rosacea, spider veins, broken capillaries and cherry angiomas. Which are purely cosmetic in nature. Affecting the patient’s veins.
However, this laser can also treat vascular issues that are more serious. Such as vascular lesions, like Venus lakes of the lips. As well as tumors, such as hema angiomas, which are created from vessels clumping together.
These issues are medical in nature, and often require treatment. Because it is affecting the patient’s ability to see, speak and eat, or hear. Or are causing problems such as infections.
The laser machine actually has two different types of lasers in it. Which means dermatologists can treat an extremely wide variety of dermatological conditions. It does this by using a laser that targets the dermis of a patient’s skin, which is the third layer. That goes almost into the subcutaneous fat of the patient.


The issues that can be treated that deep are pigmentation problems. Whether it is caused by sun damage, such as brown spots. Or if the pigmentation is due to a birthmark. Such as a port wine stain birthmark. Which is deep red and purple in colour.
How the laser is going to treat the vascular lesion according to acne scar treatment Edmonton. Is because it specifically targets the blood vessels within the first layer of patient’s skin.
And what does, is it causes the blood vessel to be deoxygenated. What this does, is it causes the body to stop sending blood to that blood vessel. And over time, eventually stops being used, and fades away.
With the other laser and pigmentation problems, because it has of the light in the infrared spectrum, and it hits the patient’s skin, it will use high-level vibrations, to damage the pigmentation.
It will break up in the body, and come out in the form of crumbly skin, in the area where the pigmentation those occurring.
If patients are wondering if they would be a good candidate for the synergy laser. They should make an appointment for free consultation with their dermatologist. They can show all of the different issues that they are having. So that the dermatologist can make the determination which is the best course of action.
It might be that the synergy laser is the perfect treatment for them. And if that is the case, they will discuss how many treatments the patient will require. For example, acne scar treatment Edmonton says that people with rosacea typically will find words six treatments in order to minimize the look of this vascular issue.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Can Lasers Treat Vascular Lesions?

As laser treatments become better and better, acne scar treatment Edmonton says patients are able to get a wider variety of problems treated.
While the first lasers that were developed were aimed towards cosmetic use. Such as laser hair removal, and antiaging. The synergy lasers considered a true medical laser. Because it can help several dermatological problems. For a wide variety of reasons from cosmetic to medical says acne scar treatment Edmonton.
And while vascular issues are often cosmetic in nature. Such as a spider veins, broken capillaries, cherry angiomas and rosacea. Some vascular issues are a lot more serious. Such as vascular lesions, Venus lakes on the lips. As well as hema angiomas, which are tumors created from blood vessels.
It can be very important for patients to get these treated. And up until this therapy was created. Many patients often either did not have a treatment option. Or the option that they had give them a high risk of being scarred.
When treating a vascular lesion on the face. Many patients do not want to undergo surgery, if it is not going to improve things. Which is why the development of this laser is so important.
Because not only does it give treatment to people who currently had no options. But they can eliminate the potential of developing a scar as well says acne scar treatment Edmonton.

Patients who are undergoing this treatment, can expect a bit of discomfort. As their dermatologist aims the laser, they will hear a cracking or snapping sound as the laser is discharged. Followed by some discomfort as laser it is their skin.


The discomfort is caused by the heat of the laser hitting the patient’s skin. Because the concentrated light and get very hot. This is why the dermatologist will use a cooling fan aimed at the patient. To help lower the temperature of the patient, and bring down there temperature quickly.
Patients often say that the laser that goes deeper into their dermis is more uncomfortable. Because it is going through more tissue. In this case, patients should communicate very clearly and openly with their dermatologist. To ensure that they are not going faster than the patient can stand. And that there taking enough breaks ensure that they are comfortable.
When they are done the treatment, most patients will find that they are a bit sore from the laser, and are read. But neither will be as bad as if they had a sunburn. The soreness can last two or three days. While the redness will last a week.
During this time, it is important that they follow their dermatologist’s instructions. Including staying out of the sun. Or covering up if they cannot avoid it. Simply because their skin is damaged from the lasers. And sun exposure could make that worse.
Also, they need to come into their dermatologist’s office within the recommended time. To get their next treatment. Because coming in sooner, can be damaging. If they are not waiting long enough in between treatments.
When patients are able to understand what is involved with getting laser therapy. Not only will they know what to expect. But they can find comfort in being able to understand what is coming next, and how many treatments they will need.