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Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Can People With Dry Skin Get Acne?

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Can People With Dry Skin Get Acne?

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Can People With Dry Skin Get Acne?

Often, when people who have acne scarring and dry skin, they talk to their dermatologist about an acne scar treatment Edmonton that is going to be beneficial for them. However, a lot is misunderstood about dry skin and acne.

Many people do not believe that people who have dry skin can be prone to acne. Because they think it is an overabundance of oil on the surface of the skin that causes acne to form.

And whether a person that has dry skin continues to have acne breakouts. Or the acne scarring they had was from when they were teenager. it is very common that people with dry skin actually get acne breakouts.

One of the first things that people need to take into consideration. Is that when people have dry skin, that causes the body to overproduce an oil called sebum. And that is the oil that is responsible for forming acne.

While people with an oily her complexion have an overproduction of sebum in their face. They must use products that are designed to neutralize or minimize that oil.

However, people with dry skin need to moisturize. In order to send their body a message, that it should not be overproducing this oil. When people with dry skin have this overproduction of sebum.

The exterior their skin right feel very dry. Because the environment is evaporating water molecules from the surface of the skin. However, just below the surface, the sebum is mixing with the dead skin cells in order to form acne.

Therefore, by moisturizing, the body will stop overproducing this oil. And can stop acne breakouts from happening. However, it is not just choosing the right moisturizer to put on the surface of a person’s face.


Dermatologists recommend that people who have extremely dry skin hydrate from the inside out as well. And drink at least eight glasses of water every day. So that even if the environment evaporates water from the surface of the skin.

The body is continuing to help keep the skin hydrated. Which can continue to send a message to the body, that it does not need to overproduce sebum in order to combat the dryness.

This can be enough to combat not just the dry skin. But to combat the acne. That will make a dermatologist comfortable in discussing an acne scar treatment Edmonton.

The reason why dermatologists want to take care of the acne first. So that people do not end up causing more scarring to form. While there trying to heal and minimize the look of older scars.

By moisturizing, people can reduce the look of their acne scars to begin with. And then by eliminating their acne breakouts. Can help undergo the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. To eliminate the look of their scars.

And by doing all of this, can help their skin look its best. To help people feel confident, and less self-conscious about the way they look.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Can People With Dry Skin Get Acne?

It is very common for people with dry skin to want to talk to a dermatologist about getting an acne scar treatment Edmonton. Especially because dry skin can make scarring look much more worse than it is.

The reason why dry skin can make imperfections look more noticeable. Is because dry skin is also rough, flaky skin. And when it is bad enough, it is also inflamed.

People with dry skin can also have read, irritated skin. And can start to scratch their skin, because it is so irritated and itchy. All of these things contribute to making the scarring look worse.

From rough, flaky skin, as opposed to smooth skin that lays flat. Can make scarring with course. And when people have red, sore skin. It can make the scarring look worse. And when they scratch it, they can draw attention to it as well.

This is why dermatologists will first try to find the right moisturizer for people to use. So that they can minimize the dry skin and itchiness. And look at what their scarring looks like, without all of the dry skin problems that make it look worse than it is.

Once a dermatologist sees want their scarring looks like. They will be able to decide what acne scar treatment Edmonton is going to be the most beneficial for patient.

Typically, it is going to be a form of laser treatment. But which laser to use is going to be the decision the dermatologist makes. Because some lasers are stronger than others. Or they do the job in a slightly different way.


However, patients need to understand. That when they undergo laser treatment for reducing acne scars. The laser is going to be designed to slough away the top layer of skin.

And in doing so, causes the body to grow new skin in its place. And that new skin will not have scar tissue as it regrows. This way, the look of scarring can be significantly reduced.

At the same time, the body will start producing an overabundance of collagen. Because that is how it is going to heal from having the top layer of skin be removed by the laser.

This will help the new skin grow, because collagen is a building block in skin. But also, the overabundance of collagen will seep into the surrounding skin, and help look young and healthy.

It is very important that the acne breakouts are stopped however. Because using a laser too much can be damaging to his skin. While some dermatologists are going to do the treatment once, and then maybe another touch up.

They will not want to do this again for quite a while. To allow the body to completely heal from the treatment. But also, because the new skin is very fragile. More laser treatments on this fragile skin is not a good idea.

If patients have scarring that they want to treat. They should ask their doctor for a referral to a dermatologist. In order to find out if they are good candidate for an acne scar treatment Edmonton.

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