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Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Can Sun Damage Be Minimized?

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Can Sun Damage Be Minimized?

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Can Sun Damage Be Minimized?

While most people understand how damaging the sun can be, according to acne scar treatment Edmonton. People still and up with sun damage. From not putting on enough sunscreen, or getting caught without the proper head or body coverage.

And when this happens, they can end up with sun damage from discolouration such as sunspots, or age spots. Or they can develop vascular lesions, such as vagueness lakes of the lips. And while many people used to think that these were completely untreatable.

The development of laser therapies, means that a wider variety of problems can now be corrected. That were not something that could be fixed before.

Acne scar treatment Edmonton says that the synergy laser is exceptionally beneficial. Because it contains two lasers within one machine. That treats a wide variety of problems.

It contains a type of laser called a pulsed dye laser. Which is a yellow light laser that treats the first layer of skin, and can treat surface problems. This is typically where vascular issues occur, including venous lakes on the lips.

While the other laser inside the machine, called an ND laser targets the dermis of the skin, which is the third layer, which goes almost all the way into the subcutaneous fat of a patient’s body.

What this laser targets, is deep pigmentation, dark red, purple and brown discolouration. That can be caused by sun damage.


Because of this wide range of levels it can treat, dermatologists will be able to treat a wider variety of dermatological problems, helping patients with many different dermatological problems. Whether they are cosmetic in nature, or medical.

How the pulsed dye laser works. Is by targeting the red blood cells, causing the veins to become deoxygenated. What this does is causes the vein to stop getting blood flow, and slowly die off.

As the blood vessel dies off, the body finds another way to supply blood flow to the area. And the problematic vein fades away.

Not only can this treat problems such as venous lakes on the lips, which are caused by sun damage. But can treat a wide variety of vascular problems. Such as rosacea, spider veins, broken capillaries, cherry angiomas, as well as hema angiomas.

Even getting rid of warts can be accomplished with the pulsed dye laser. Because it targets the blood vessels. And when used on warts, patients can get the blood flow cut off to the wart. What this does, says acne scar treatment Edmonton is causes that wart to die.

With the wide variety of problems that this machine can treat. Whether patients are suffering from dermatological problems for cosmetic reasons. Or if they need to get rid of these issues for medical reasons. Such as a hema angiomas affecting their vision, hearing or their ability to eat.

Patients who are wondering if their particular issue can get treated with this laser. Should make an appointment with their dermatologist. To talk about the synergy laser, and their issue. And if it is a good treatment for them. How many treatments they should undergo. To eliminate this issue.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Can Sun Damage Be Minimized?

Send damage can occur through all of the different layers of a patient’s skin says acne scar treatment Edmonton. From surface problems such as venous lakes on the lips. To problems deeper down, such as brown spots that are in the dermis layer of a patient’s skin.

These issues are now treatable with the synergy laser. This laser can treat problems on the surface of patient’s skin, as well as deep down into the dermis layer, where sun damage pigmentation can be held.

How this laser works, is because it has a beam infrared spectrum, it goes deeper than a pulsed dye laser. And vibrates the area that it is treating on an extremely high level.

All of the problem areas that cause pigmentation issue, will get vibrated so much, that it will break up the pigmentation, and it will come out of the body.

Dermatologists say that patients should expect that within five days, they will notice a crumbly residue on the surface of their skin. In the area that there pigmentation was treated.

And after another five days, this crumbly skin will slough off, or peel-off to reveal smoother skin underneath. What patients will also notice, is that the pigmentation in the area that was treatment is noticeably lighter.

While it will take more than one treatment to get rid of most pigmentation. This is not only an extremely effective treatment. But it also requires no surgery, have no complications. And will not leave a scar.


When people are undergoing this treatment, because the laser is hot, they might experience some discomfort. This is why the dermatologist will be aiming cooling fan at the area being treated. So that they can bring their temperature back down.

At the end of their treatment, patients will find that they are solar, and read. The soreness will last for 2 to 3 days. While the redness will last for about a week. During this time, the pigmentation will rise to the surface and feel crumbly to the touch. After about five days, this crumbling bit will slough off and reveal smoother and les pigmented skin underneath.

The best thing about this laser, is the fact that it can tell the difference between pigment caused by damage, or pigment caused by an anomaly such as a birthmark. And pigmentation in peoples skin tones. Therefore, regardless of a person’s skin tone or skin type. They will be able to undergo this treatment, and not risk either lightening or darkening their skin.

While most pigmentation issues will take multiple treatments, patient will find out approximately how many they should expect by setting up a free consultation with their dermatologist. By knowing exactly what they should expect when they start treatment. Can help manage a clients expectations, so that they can be prepared for how much lightning there treatment is going to cause them.

Anyone who is wondering if their particular pigmentation problem can be treated with the synergy laser. Should set up an appointment with their dermatologist. So that they can hear right from the expert if this is an effective treatment. And if not, what treatment they recommend. To help them look, most importantly feel their very best.

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