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Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Combating Dry Skin

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Combating Dry Skin

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Combating Dry Skin

When people have dry skin, they can end up having acne which will force them to seek out an acne scar treatment Edmonton. And while many people equate dry skin to no acne.

There are actually very many reasons why dry skin will cause act need to form. When the skin is very dry, the body responds by trying to compensate. And produces an overabundance of an oil called sebum.

When there is dead skin cells on a person’s face, like most people’s faces. The sebum and the dead skin cells together cause acne. Therefore, dry skin is prone to acne breakouts.

Another thing that people need to keep in mind. Is that exfoliation or micro-dermabrasion can help safely get rid of these dead skin cells. However it is not advised for people to do this themselves.

If people are aggressive in their exfoliation. As they tend to be, because they are trying very hard to get rid of the causes of their acne. They can end up with microtears that not only damage their skin.

But these microtears from aggressive or exfoliating to often. Can make a person’s face prone to infection. And can end up making people have more pronounced acne scars.

However, before a dermatologist will utilize an acne scar treatment Edmonton on a patient. They will insist on getting their acne under control. So that they do not end up needing more treatments later. Because they are continuing to have acne.

When people have dry skin, they treatment will be hydration, through a variety of methods. The first way to combat dry skin is from the inside. By drinking enough water.


This increased water intake will ensure that people are staying hydrated from the inside. So that even if environmental factors it evaporates the water in their skin. Their body will be able to replace it fairly easily.

The next thing that is going to be required before undergoing acne scar treatment Edmonton. Will be moisturizing. And while many people who are actually prone to acne.

Are very nervous about moisturizing. Because they often equate moisture to why they have acne. But this is not the case. They need to moisturize, so that their body does not overproduce sebum.

By talking to their dermatologist about moisturizers. Can help people find the one that is right for them. Avoiding moisturizers that are likely to have a lot of chemicals in them.

Such as very cheap moisturizers. Or moisturizers with a lot of scents. And once they have the right moisturizer, going to apply it twice a day. Once after a shower, and the other time either before they go to bed or after they wake up.

Only after they have their acne under control. Will they be able to find the right acne scar treatment for them. Although most dermatologists will recommend utilizing laser therapy.

To find out more about laser therapy, people should ask their doctor for referral to a dermatologist. And find out how they not only can combat their dry skin, their acne breakouts. But there acne scarring two.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Combating Dry Skin

Many people who have acne, and up seeking an acne scar treatment Edmonton. So that they do not have to live with the scars forever. However, before anyone can undergo acne scar treatment. They need to minimize their acne.

The reason why, is because dermatologists are not going to want to undergo a laser therapy. If people are still having the problem that caused the scars in the first place. Because it will require multiple treatments.

And when it comes to laser therapy, patients and dermatologists need to be very careful. Not to use the laser to much. Because if they do, they could end up damaging the patient’s face.

Therefore, by getting the patient acne free first. Will ensure that the acne scar treatment that they utilize. It is rid of the scarring. And will not create any more afterwards.

However, people are often combating their acne for a lifetime. And do not know what to do to minimize their acne before undergoing an acne scar treatment Edmonton.

And, what makes it more difficult is that when people have oily skin for dry skin. The acne treatment can be very different. The reason why, is because the cause of acne is different.

For example, people with oily or combination skin. Have an overabundance of oil in their face. That when the oil is mixed with the dead skin cells on their face. It causes acne.


So the treatment is often helping dissipate that oil, through drying agents. Such as toners as well as exfoliating. However the process is different if people have dry skin.

Many people believe that when someone has dry skin, but they will not have an acne breakout. But this is not true. What happens when people have dry skin. Is that the body produces an overabundance of the oil called sebum.

Therefore, the way to combat an acne breakout with someone who has dry skin. Is going to be hydrating not only from the outside with moisturizers. But on the inside as well, which is why they need to increase their water intake.

Once they do this, they will be able to minimize or eliminate their acne breakouts. So that they can undergo the acne scar treatment Edmonton to help minimize the scars that they have developed.

However, people who have dry skin will have an added benefit of the laser treatment. Because after the laser therapy, people will have an increase of collagen. As the body’s response to the treatment.

As collagen is an important building block of skin. Not only will it help the new layer of skin grow, and minimize the look of scarring. But also, will help moisturize a person’s dry skin.

If people have dry skin, and acne scarring. They may want to look into this therapy. However, dermatologists require a referral. Will make it very important for people to talk to their doctor about getting a referral to their dermatologist.

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