Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Decreasing Acne Scarring

Often, when people contact their dermatologist’s office to find the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. It is so that they can raise their self-confidence. Because having a significant scarring on their face and cause them to feel depressed over their appearance.

And for many years, there is no treatment that could reduce or eliminate acne scarring on people’s faces. However, with the creation of many different laser treatments. There are many options that did not exist even ten or twenty years ago.
The first thing that people need to understand. Is what causes acne scarring in the first place. So that when they talk to their doctor and dermatologist about the right treatment.
They can ensure that they are not causing additional scarring to occur. Ultimately, when people have acne, it is cystic or nodular acne. The kind that is very deep into the skin. And is very large in size.
When that acne gets inflamed, it creates a large bump. That when it heals, it pulls the collagen in many different awkward angles. Resulting in the peaks and valleys that is well known in acne scarring.
As well, people unfortunately make their acne scarring worse. By engaging in poor skin care practices. Such as aggressive exfoliation. That they think will help them get rid of their acne.
However, it will increase the amount of scarring that they have on their face. Therefore, the best acne scar treatment Edmonton. Will be to help repair the collagen that was pulled at awkward angles.
And how dermatologists can do that, is by causing collagen to flood the area. So that it can get to work repairing the scar tissue. There are several different ways that this can be done.


And one of the least invasive, and most popular ways to do this. Is through the use of the Fraxel laser. This laser will heat up the skin, all the way to the second layer also known as the dermis.
And the dermis is where collagen production happens. As well, collagen loves heat. So when heat is applied to this area of the skin. Collagen production starts increasing in the face.
The dermatologist will require about 4 to 6 weeks. For the collagen it to get into all of the scar tissue. And he will is much as it is going to. Before calling the patient back for reassessment.
It may take up to four treatments for people to get the improvement that they are looking for. And it is also very important for patients to realize. That they will only see a 50% improvement.
And while a 50% improvement means that they will have a noticeably smoother, firmer and clearer complexion. This acne scar treatment Edmonton is not going to completely eliminate their scarring.
Therefore, when they talk to their dermatologist about the Fraxel laser treatment. They may decide to go ahead, knowing it might take four treatments, and they might not have all of their scars eliminated.
But having a significant improvement. Will be enough to regain their lost confidence. And help them feel their very best.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Decreasing Acne Scars

Often, when people contact their dermatologist about the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. They will recommend coming in for a free consultation.
The reason why, is because it is often very important for the dermatologist to see not only the patient’s scar tissue. To see how deep and how much area of the face it covers.
But also, because they want to take into consideration the patient’s skin type. Because that will impact the treatment that they recommend for their patients.
They will also be able to talk openly with the patient about what their expectations are. I what the desired results will be for the treatment. So that they can prepare the patient for what the treatment is like.
As well as healing time, so that patient can make the best decision. About what acne scar treatment Edmonton is the right one for them.
One of the most popular forms of acne scar treatment Edmonton. Is the CO2 laser. Which is also known as a fractional laser resurfacing tool. And is an ablative laser.
Ablative means that it is going to cut the skin. However, this one will cut the skin to grow scar quickly. In order to help increase collagen production in the patient’s face.


How the CO2 laser works to eliminate acne scarring. Is first of all, they laser is hot enough that it will they prize the skin at the epidermis layer. Which is the outermost layer. Where the scarring occurs.
And as that skin peels away, the scar tissue that people have on their face appeal away with it. Revealing the pink dermis underneath. At the same time, this CO2 laser will be drilling microscopic holes into the dermis itself.
And what that will do, is have the skin start producing an overabundance of collagen in the area. Since collagen is a building block of skin. And is responsible for providing structural support.
This will help the body regrow the epidermis over the next two weeks. That way, it will grow in smooth, and without any hint of the scarring that was there before.
One of the benefits of this CO2 laser. Is that it will also get rid of things like fine lines or even wrinkles. As well as age spots. And it will tighten saggy looking skin as well.
Therefore, people will find that they come out of treatment looking more youthful, as well as free of their acne scarring. Another benefit that many people like about the CO2 laser.
Is that it only requires one treatment in order to get the desired results. Although touchup might be needed. If people have extremely deep scarring.
It is also very important to note that the healing time is two weeks. Because people are re-growing their skin. And during this time, dermatologists recommend not only staying out of the sun. But keeping their face as clean as possible. To avoid a bacterial infection.
By talking to their dermatologist. Patients can find the right treatment for their scarring. To help them look and feel as good as confident as they desire.