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There are many reasons for people to want to find an effective acne scar treatment Edmonton. Ultimately, is about feeling confident in the way they look. Because they can have their self-esteem affected when they have significant scarring on their face.
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Ultimately, the reason why acne scars develop. Is because when people have acne, as the acne spots start to heal. They pull the collagen in a bunch of awkward and different angles. Which causes the scar to form.
The larger the acne. Such as if people have nodular or cystic acne. That larger spots that underneath the skin. Will pull the collagen in a larger area. Which results in the more pronounced scar that people have.
As people get older as well. There collagen production slows down. Is that even when people are having acne scarring have been as teenagers. It is because they have less collagen in their face than they did when they were younger.
Because scars are formed by collagen. The best way to heal those scars. Is to increase the amount of collagen in a person’s face. Because when they increase collagen, that collagen can actually start to heal the scar tissue.
The most effective way to do this. Is through the use of lasers. Because the energy that comes from the laser itself. Will actually go into the dermis, which is the second layer of skin. And where collagen is produced.
And since collagen loves heat. Heat from the laser will cause the dermis to start producing even more collagen then it normally does. And that increased collagen will start to heal the scar tissue.
And while this is the principle behind the different laser acne scar treatment Edmonton. There are actually different lasers that will work to eliminate acne scarring.


Depending on how much of a reduction in scarring people want. And how quickly they want results. Ultimately, they should be setting up a consultation with the doctor from Edmonton dermatology.
That way, the dermatologist will be able to see their skin type, the scarring that they have. Such as how severe it is, and how much of their face it covers. As well as talk to the patient directly.
And find out how much of a reduction in scarring they want. Is that they can make the right recommendation about which laser acne scar treatment Edmonton will be best for them.
However, before they start talking about the right treatment. They will ensure that the patient has their acne under control. Because if they do not, that will be the first thing that should happen.
So that they can minimize scar tissue that continues to form. So that when they do the right treatment. It will eliminate the scars they have. Those having a patient form any additional scars.
Calling Edmonton dermatology for a consultation is very easy. And all consultations are absolutely free. To help people find out the information they need. To get the right treatment for their desired results.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Diminishing Acne Scars

It is often very important for people with acne scars to find the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. Because they want to regain the confidence that they lost when they developed scars on their face.
At Edmonton dermatology, they have many different laser treatment options to help treat people’s scarring. And which treatment the will undergo, will depend on many factors.
While it is not going to be possible to find an acne scar treatment Edmonton that will completely eliminate all scar tissue. However, if people have significant scarring, and want dramatic results.
One of the best treatments that they can undergo is called the CO2 laser. Which is also referred to as fractional laser resurfacing. This is a great choice to help eliminate scarring as well as deep lines and wrinkles.
Because the CO2 is considered an ablative laser therapy. Ablative means that it will cut the skin. However, on a microscopic level. As they use this laser, microscopic lasers will cut tiny holes into the dermis.
Which is the second layer of skin. Which will start the body to produce an influx of collagen to the area. And the heat from the laser will actually vaporized the epidermis. Which is the outer layer of skin.
Since the epidermis is where the scar tissue is. When that layer of skin is vaporized. So is a lot of the scar tissue that people will have. And when new skin grows. It will grow without a trace of the scar.


And since collagen is an important building block of skin. The fact that there is an increase of collagen in the area. Will help that skin grow back smoothly. To give people a significant reduction in the look of their scar tissue.
However, many patients should keep in mind. That while they can get dramatic results in a single treatment. The CO2 laser also requires about a two-week healing time.
Where people will tend to not want to go into work. Or do any of their regular activities. As they heal and regrow the epidermis, which is the outermost layer of skin on their face.
And while this is an extremely effective treatment. It is not necessarily the best acne scar treatment Edmonton for every patient. And instead, people might find the Fraxal laser treatment to be better for them.
The Fraxal laser is a real laser, just like the CO2 laser. But instead of being an ablative laser. It simply uses the energy from the laser. To heat up the dermis, where collagen is produced.
Since collagen loves heat. Using the laser, will heat up the dermis to increase collagen production. And because collagen is a building block of skin. It will start to heal scar tissue in the area.
This treatment can take 3 to 4 sessions in order to get a 50% reduction of scar tissue. Which will be noticeable, and people will have smoother skin.
If people would like more information about this or other acne scar treatment Edmonton. They should contact Edmonton dermatology for a free consultation.