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Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Dry Skin and Acne Scars

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Dry Skin and Acne Scars

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Dry Skin and Acne Scars

Often, people end up needing acne scar treatment Edmonton. Because they thought that dry skin could not get acne. So they chose a treatment to dry their skin out. And ended up with acne anyway.

The reason why dry skin causes an increase in acne. Is because when the body notices that the skin is very dry. It reacts by producing more oil, which is called sebum. And that seed together along with dead skin. Combined, form acne, so even if a person has extremely dry skin. They can get acne.

However, many people think that only oily skin, or combination skin can have acne. But any time there is oil and dead skin. Acne can occur, which makes trying to treat dry skin very difficult.

In fact, people can end up with acne scarring. But one of the most beneficial things to know. Is that the right acne scar treatment Edmonton can also treat dry skin.

One thing that many people talk to their dermatologist about. Is undergoing micro-dermabrasion, in order to help eliminate some of the acne scarring that they have.

How this works, is the micro-dermabrasion can take off all of the dead skin from a person’s face. As well as helps increase collagen production. So that together, the look of acne scars can be reduced.

What it also does, is it ensures that as a person puts on moisturizer. The moisturizer is actually affecting the healthy skin. Is that of moisturizing the dead skin sitting on top of a person’s face.


And while this can be very beneficial. It will only go so far to reduce the look of scarring. And if people have quite pronounced scars from their acne. They may want to try a method that can give them better results.

Therefore, an extremely effective acne scar treatment Edmonton is laser therapy. A laser is very focused beam of light. And when used on a person’s face. What happens is the focused beam of light is very hot, and burns off the top layer of skin.

This top layer of skin being burned off minimizes the look of the scar. And when new skin grows over top. It does not grow with the scar, so it can lessen the look of the scarring itself.

But also what laser therapy does. Is it increases the collagen production on a person’s face. And this collagen can continue to heal the skin, to reduce the look of scars. And also moisturizes the skin.

And since the laser therapy eliminates the dead skin. People can often end up with reduce to acne altogether. So not only can they get rid of their scarring. But they can treat their acne as well.

If people have dry skin, or acne scars. They should contact their dermatologist. To find how they can treat one, the other. Or even treat both problems at the same time. Which can help them look and feel their absolute best.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Dry Skin and Acne Scars

It is extremely important that people who are seeking out in acne scar treatment Edmonton. Understand that they also need to be minimizing their acne breakouts, so that they do not continue to need to treat their scars.

And when people take care of their skin, they have to spend less time covering it. Because it will look amazing, and feel amazing as well.

And while many people assume dry skin cannot get acne. This actually is not true. Therefore, people living an extremely dry climates such as Alberta. Need to be careful about what moisturizer there choosing.

Because if they choose a moisturizer that exacerbates their acne, they may end up with more scarring. Resulting in needing more acne scar treatment Edmonton.

One mistake that people might make. Is making the assumption that if people have dry skin, they will not get acne. So instead of moisturizing. And risking getting another acne breakout.

People often leave their skin to be dry. And assume that it will take care of their acne problem. And whether they live in a dry climate. Or they use products that are extremely drying. Neither is a good idea.

The reason why, is because when a person’s skin is extremely dry. The body often reacts, by producing more oil. And this oil which is called sebum. When mixed with dead skin on a person’s face. Creates acne, and can result in an entire breakout and more scars.


Therefore, people should not use dry skin as a way of treating their acne breakouts. And if they already have a lot of scarring. They need to understand that dry skin can cause their acne scars to be more pronounced.

Therefore, finding the right moisturizer is incredibly important. But also finding one that will not result in another acne breakout is just as important. This is where they need to talk to a dermatologist, to find the right product to use.

When they use the right moisturizing product. Not only will they find that there dry skin is reduced, but so is there acne. And the look of their acne scars will be less noticeable.

However, they can also talk to their dermatologist about the right acne scar treatment for them. One of the most beneficial treatments that they can utilize. Is laser therapy.

Using a laser, not only is the very top layer of skin removed by the laser. The heat from the laser also increases collagen production. So that as a new top layer of skin forms. New skin does not grow a scar.

And the collagen actually moisturizes the skin. So that it is not as dry. And because there is no more dry skin, the look of the acne scars are far less pronounced.

After their acne scar treatment Edmonton. It is even more important to continue to take care of skin. Moisturizers, microdermabrasion to exfoliate. And drinking lots of water are going to be ways that people can take care of their skin.

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