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Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Dry Skin & Laser Treatments

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Dry Skin & Laser Treatments

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Dry Skin & Laser Treatments

When people are looking for the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. If they also have dry skin, they may think that they would be limited. But this is fortunately not the case.

And in fact, the right acne scar treatment Edmonton can also help combat a person’s dry skin. So that they take care of two problems at the same time.

However, it is going to be extremely important that people take care of the dry skin problem first. Because that often is the cause of acne. And if people do not take care of their acne before undergoing an acne scar treatment Edmonton.

They may find that they have to undergo the treatment again, to take care of the new scars that form. Because they have not got their acne under control.

And while many people have made the assumption that dry skin cannot get acne. This is not true. Because while acne often is the result of oily skin.

And as the oil mixes with the dead skin on their face. That causes acne. People who have dry skin, may not think that they have an oil problem. However, despite the fact that their face feels dry.

They can end up with an oil problem. Because their body will realize that their skin is dry, and produce more oil called sebum. And that can makes with the dead skin cells to form acne.


Therefore, people need to worked not have dry skin. So that their body does not overproduce sebum, and cause acne. And some of the most effective ways of doing this. Is from the inside out.

That means people need to make it a point to drink far more water than they are used to. And the recommended amount of water that they should be drinking is eight glasses of water.

This way, they stay hydrated from inside. And then the right moisturizer can hydrate from the outside. And that balance can prevent the body from feeling like it needs to produce more oil, causing an acne outbreak.

After they get there dry skin under control. The next thing that a dermatologist will recommend. Is laser therapy, to treat their acne scars. And the most beneficial thing with laser therapy.

As not only will it treat the scars, by helping remove the top layer of skin. So that when new skin forms, it will not form with the scar. Also, laser therapy will increase the amount of collagen production in a person’s face.

And as collagen is an important building block of skin. People who have increased collagen not only have younger looking skin. But they also do not have dry skin, is the collagen acts as a moisturizer.

Therefore, people can get rid of their dry skin while treating their acne scars. As long as they get their acne under control in the first place. By choosing the right moisturizer, exfoliating properly. And staying hydrated.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Dry Skin & Laser Treatments

When people are searching for the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. They may hear about laser treatments, and wonder if they would be a good candidate. If they have dry skin.

And while they might think that they would not be a good candidate, this is not true says dermatologists. And people can end up treating their dry skin at the same time.

Ultimately, if people have a lot of acne scars, the dermatologist is going to want to make sure that there taking care of their acne first. And have no breakouts before they undergo any treatment.

Because if they continue to have active breakouts. Any treatment that they do to minimize scarring. Have to be repeated as they develop new scars. Staying hydrated is very important.

What these treatments will do, is minimize the dead skin cells on their face. Because when the dead skin cells makes with the oil that exists on their face, or moisturizer. It causes acne to form.

They may want to see their dermatologist first for some exfoliation treatments. Or even a micro dermabrasion. However, if people think that they can exfoliate themselves.

They may exfoliate to aggressively. Which can cause microtears, that make the skin prone to infection. Or hey could end up exfoliating too often, which could not only damage their skin.

But exfoliating too often, could exacerbate the dry skin. Making it feel rougher, flakier and itchier. Therefore, by entrusting this process to the dermatologist can help ensure that it is done properly. And without causing damage or additional problems.


Once people have their acne under control, the next step in their acne scar treatment Edmonton. Is undergoing the laser treatment. As a laser is a concentrated beam of light, it will produce a lot of heat.

And what that will do, is it will take off the top layer of a person’s skin. So that as new skin grows, the look of the scar underneath is reduced.

As well as taking the top layer of skin off. What this acne scar treatment Edmonton will do, is crease the amount of collagen that the body is producing. Which can combat a person’s dry skin.

Collagen is an important building block of the skin, and production is increased when the body is growing more skin. And because it is a building block of the skin, it is very beneficial, and can moisturize dry skin.

Therefore, this acne scar treatment Edmonton not only eliminates the look of acne scars. Can help minimize a person’s dry skin. So that they can have softer, younger looking skin than they had before the treatment.

However, they still need to ensure that there keeping up their water intake, eating loss of vegetables and fruits that have water in it. And moisturize it with the right product.

If people want help in picking out the right moisturizer, they can always make an appointment with their dermatologist. But ensure that they choose something that has few chemicals, has nothing abrasive. And that is something that they are willing to put on their face twice a day. To have the skin they always dreamed of.

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