Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Effective Laser Treatments

When people are looking for a way of getting rid of scars, they should look no further than Edmonton dermatology, for their acne scar treatment Edmonton. Because they have a number of machines that will be able to help them.

They have several different machines, that can treat a wide variety of skin and dermatological conditions. From antiaging, to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. To acne scars, as well as things like deep pigmentation.
Not only do they have different machines that have different capabilities. There are several different lasers that work to treat a wide variety of conditions. Including people who are looking for acne scar treatment Edmonton.
They will have an IPL laser. Which is a type of laser, that is most frequently used for treatment of scarring. But in addition to that, they have machines that have PDL, which stand for pulsed dye lasers.
And these types of lasers have more focused light. And can be incredibly precise, as it works to target blood vessels. And an NDA laser. Which targets extremely deep pigmentation.
And is one of the only lasers powerful enough to go that deep into the dermis, to eliminate a wide variety of dermatological problems.
And while there are many different lasers that they can use at Edmonton dermatology. People do not need to worry about what laser they are looking to get treatment from.
They simply need to set up a free consultation with the dermatologists. In order to explain the type of issues that they have that they want fixing. And their dermatologist will advise which laser they recommend.


Whether people are looking for antiaging, acne scar treatment Edmonton. Or if they have dermatological issues such as pigmentation, or blood vessel problems.
They will be able to get the treatment they need to deal with their specific issue. And at the same time, they will be able to find out approximately how many treatments their dermatologist recommends.
Depending on which laser, and what the specific problem is. They may have 4 to 6 treatments that are 4 to 6 months apart. Or they might need more treatments, or less depending on their issue.
The sooner that people are able to make an appointment to come into Edmonton dermatology. The sooner they are going to be able to start treatment on an issue that they have likely been dealing with for several years.
After treatment, whether it is an IPL, the DL, or an NDA laser. People should expect to feel a little bit sore, almost like they had too much sun. But they are not quite sunburned yet.
And they may be sore anywhere between two or three days, up to ten days. After which point they should be healed enough to feel like they can get back to their life.
In the meantime, they should ensure that they are using sunscreen. As well as staying out of the sun whenever possible. So that they do not damage their delicate skin while they are healing.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Laser Treatment

While there are many different lasers at Edmonton dermatology, if people are looking for acne scar treatment Edmonton. They may want to try CO2 laser. Because this offers a fractional laser resurfacing.
This is 1 Effective Way of erasing the signs of aging. By eliminating wrinkles, as well as ensuring their skin can get tighter, and more youthful -looking.
At the same time, it can help get rid of scars as well. And especially if people have been living with acne scars for many years. They may feel like it is time to eliminate that scarring that is causing them to feel less then perfect.
This is why Edmonton dermatology uses the CO2 laser. Because it is an ablative laser, which means it drills microscopic lasers into the dermis layer of their skin. And dermis is the middle layer of skin.
And when this laser does that, it not only causes the body to lose collagen. But it also causes the epidermis, which is the outermost layer of skin to slough off.
Therefore, the new skin that grows will be younger looking. Because it is new skin. And when the body loses so much collagen. Their body will produce even more collagen, to make collagen that they are losing.
And when the new skin grows in, it will grow when without things like wrinkles, or scars. Which is what causes people to get wind of the scars and wrinkles on their face.
Therefore, people are looking for the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. They should go to Edmonton dermatology. Because they have a wide variety of machines that they can use.


Not only will the CO2 laser be able to affect acne scar treatment Edmonton. It will also be able to treat things like surgical scars, fine lines or even deep lines.
One of the most helpful things about the CO2 laser. Is that it helps the body produce much more collagen. And since collagen is a structural support in the creation of skin.
It can help improve the look of the patient’s skin. Giving them a more youthful appearance as well. When people are wondering how many treatments they are going to need. This is where the CO2 laser truly shines.
They will only need one treatment. And in fact, having more than just a single treatment can cause damage to their skin. Therefore, all patients will be able to have a single treatment, in order to reap the benefits of this laser.
And while some people want to get their entire face done with this laser. It is also an effective way of getting spot treatments done. For example, if they have acne scarring in one part of their face.
Or if they had a surgery, and they only have scarring in one location. People should budget about two hours of time for this treatment. Including an hour to ensure that the numbing cream has time to take effect.
And while the entire treatment may take less time. Edmonton dermatologist will ensure that they are only going as fast as the patient can tolerate.
So that people can come in for treatment. And leave within a couple of hours. In order to have the skin that they have always dreamed of having for themselves.