Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Eliminating The Look of Scars

Whether people have had, an accident, or they are looking for an acne scar treatment Edmonton. The first thing that they should do, is set up a free consultation with Edmonton dermatology.

The benefits of doing that. Is that they are going to be able to allow a dermatologist to see their skin. And see firsthand what a person’s issues are, in order to make the best recommendation of treatment.
In addition to that, the dermatologist will also be able to let the patient no. Approximately how many treatments they can expect. And what the treatments will entail.
So that when a patient makes the decision on which acne scar treatment Edmonton they would like to undergo. They know exactly what results they should expect. As well as what to expect from the treatment and healing itself.
Depending on the amount of the scarring that people have, the dermatologist will recommend one of their several lasers. And while Edmonton dermatology has several lasers including an IPL, as well as a pulsed dye laser, and an NDA laser.
Edmonton dermatology also has two very large lasers. That are specifically designed for helping resurfacing the skin. Filling in scar tissue, and reducing the appearance of scars.
Batter how long people have had the scars, or whether they are from acne, accident or even a surgery. Depending on how many treatments the patient is willing to have.
As well as what healing time the patient is willing to undergo. The dermatologist will make a recommendation on which acne scar treatment Edmonton would be best. And what kind of results patients should expect.
No matter which laser they recommend for patients. Both lasers are going to significantly increase collagen production in the patient’s face. And this is very important. Because collagen is a building block of skin.


Not only does collagen help the skin retain its elasticity. It also can help eliminate the look of lines. Because it can help heal the skin faster. And the reason why people develop scars, as well as lines and wrinkles.
Is because as people age, there collagen production also slows down. Which is why fine lines start to appear. And people who are still experiencing acne breakouts.
Can find that they start scarring during their acne breakout. Even though they might not have scarred as an adolescent over the same types of breakouts.
This is often why people contact Edmonton dermatology for the right acne scar treatment. Because they find that as they age, their developing scars and wrinkles that did not happen when they were younger.
Therefore, the lasers that are going to be used will increase collagen production. That will work to not only fill in the fine lines, and wrinkles of the person’s face.
As well as fill in the scar tissue, giving people a smoother appearance. The collagen will also help the skin appear younger. And have more elasticity, to keep that younger look longer.
This is why setting up a free consultation with Edmonton dermatology when people are looking for the right acne scar treatment. Is the best first step for anyone looking to eliminate the look of scars.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Reduce The Look of Scars

One of the reasons why people are looking for the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. Is because they find that their self-esteem is affected when they have significant scarring on their face. And that can also lead to a depression.
Therefore, they should understand that they will be able to get an effective treatment when they visit Edmonton dermatology. Not only do they have many different machines that can help eliminate scarring.
But they also have laser machines that are designed to help fill in scar tissue. Giving people a smoother, younger looking appearance. This can help people become happier with their parents.
And give them the confidence they need. And reduce their feelings of depression. However, the first step in getting the right acne scar treatment is talking to a dermatologist.
They will be able to see they patient’s skin themselves. In order to make the recommendation on what treatment is going to be most beneficial. And the reason why it is important to look at the scars themselves.
Is because there is different kinds of scarring that people can have. Such as if they have acne scarring, or a keloid scar. These happen from the two different ways the skin tries to heal itself from the trauma.
For example, the acne scars form by the collagen being pulled awkwardly. By the large nodular or cystic acne that forms a deep large lump underneath a patient’s skin.

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However keloid scars are formed by an overgrowth of collagen. That forms a lump where scar is. Because the overproduction of collagen layers more collagen on top of itself. Until about the growth is formed.
Therefore, what type of scarring a patient has. Will help the dermatologist make the recommendation on what treatment is going to be most beneficial for them.
One acne scar treatment Edmonton that will be recommended. Is the Fraxel laser. Which is a laser that he set the skin in order to help produce an overabundance of collagen.
And that will be beneficial in filling in the valleys caused by scarring, whether it is from acne, or a surgery for example. And within 1 to 4 treatments, people can get a 50% reduction in scar tissue.
However, the CO2 laser is at bit more powerful. And can significantly reduce scar tissue. Because not only does it drill microscopic holes into the dermis layer of the skin. But it also vaporizes the epidermis.
And that will cause the body to regrow the top layer of skin. And when it does, all of the scar tissue will not grow back with the new skin. Making this an extremely effective acne scar treatment Edmonton.
Finding out all of the differences between the treatments. As well as what results they can expect from each treatment. Can help patients make the right decision on how they want to treat scar tissue that they have on their face.