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When people are looking for the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. It is often for reasons far beyond cosmetic. In fact, many people who have significant acne, or acne scarring. Report feeling depressed over there looks.
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Therefore, not only can help people feel confident. It can also help people avoid falling into a depression. Making finding the right treatment, a mental health issue.
When they make an appointment with Edmonton dermatology. Often, one of the first things that they will discuss. Is whether the patient is continuing to have active acne breakouts or not.
If they are, the right skincare products and routine. That can eliminate acne breakouts from happening. Before they find the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. And the reason why is simple.
Dermatologists, and in fact the patient’s as well. Are not going to want to undergo treatment to eliminate scarring. While they are still plagued by the problem that causes the scars to form in the first place.
They will want the results of their treatment to last for many years. And that is not going to happen if they continue to have active acne breakouts. Therefore, the right skincare routine is important to discuss first.
the next thing that their dermatologist will discuss. Is what each patient needs to do. To avoid making the scarring worse. While they wait for their skincare routine to become effective.
And that means they need to understand why scars form in the first place. Scars form when collagen is interrupted, or disrupted. And that will lead to scar tissue forming.


When people have acne, especially large nodular, or cystic acne. This can create scars. Because as the large cyst or nodule heals from being inflamed. It will pull the collagen in many different directions.
Resulting in the peaks and valleys. That people associate with acne scarring. However, if patients pick, poke or squeeze their spots. They will disrupt the collagen even more.
Which will result in more pronounced scarring then needs to happen. However, there is another way that people can end up with scarring unintentionally.
And that is when people exfoliate aggressively. Or wash their face very aggressively. In an effort to stop the acne breakouts from happening. Unfortunately rather than minimizing the acne.
What will happen, is that the acne will scar even more than it should. If people were not being so rough with their face. Therefore, their dermatologist will talk to them.
About minimizing scarring will they wait for the skincare routine to be effective. Once they have their acne breakouts under control. That is when they can come back to the dermatologist.
And discuss what acne scar treatment Edmonton is going to be beneficial. Based on how much scarring they have. When their skin tape is. And ultimately, what results they are hoping to have.
The key to all of this is taking the first step to getting a consultation. By calling Edmonton dermatology today. By doing this, people can help put their best face forward. And feel confident about how they look.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Heal Acne Scars

It is extremely important for people to find a great acne scar treatment Edmonton. And they are ready to minimize the look of their scarring. They can do this by starting to reach out to Edmonton dermatology.
Not only are the experts in this field. But they are extremely knowledgeable. And have a lot of experience. And most importantly, have many different machines that can treat a wide variety of issues.
Therefore, no matter what their skin type is, how significant their scarring is. Or what results they are looking for. They are going to be able to find the help they need. At Edmonton dermatology.
The first treatment that they are likely going to hear about. It is called Fraxal laser. Which is a true laser, that is designed. To target the dermis, and use the laser to heat it. In order to increase collagen production.
Collagen loves heat. And by heating the area of the skin. Where they want to increase collagen production. There able to cause the body to flood the area with this important skin building block.
Where it will be able to immediately start healing that scar tissue. To give people a smoother looking appearance. It will take 3 to 4 treatments in order to get as thorough a look as they are going to get.
Which is a 50% improvement. Which will give most people noticeably smoother and clearer appearance. However, for people who are looking for more dramatic results. In a shorter period of time.


They may want to talk to their dermatologist about the CO2 laser. The CO2 laser is called a fractional laser resurfacing tool. And is considered an ablative, because it cuts into the skin.
However, it does this microscopically. However the first thing that it does is uses the heat from the laser and it vaporizes the epidermis. And that is where the scar tissue happens.
As the epidermis peels away, it peels away the scars. and then the body will need to regrow and epidermis. And when it does. It will grow without the look of scars in the area.
The second thing that it does. Is targets the dermis, the middle layer of skin. By drilling tiny microscopic holes into the dermis. To increase collagen production. Even more than the Fraxal laser.
And while acne scar treatment Edmonton can be extremely uncomfortable. Requiring the dermatologist to apply and numbing cream. It is also extremely effective.
And can deliver desired results in a single session. But it does require a two-week healing period. So people need to be very aware of what is required before they undergo this procedure.
If people want to know more information about either the Fraxal laser. Or the CO2 laser. Or other treatments that they can utilize.
Patients should contact Edmonton dermatology. And set up a free consultation. In order to ask all the questions they need. To feel comfortable with the acne scar treatment Edmonton.