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Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Healing Acne Scars

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Healing Acne Scars

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Healing Acne Scars

Many people may not realize that it is possible to heal acne scars, with the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. But it is very important for a lot of people. Because while it might seem cosmetic in nature.

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Actually 96% of people with acne and acne scarring. Report having fallen into a depression due to their decreased self-confidence in how they look. Therefore, treating acne scars.

Is actually about mental health. Helping people feel great about themselves. To find out about all of the different treatments. People should make an appointment with Edmonton dermatology.

Not only because they are incredibly knowledgeable. And they have a lot of experience in this field. But because they also have many different machines that they can use. To treat a wide variety of problems, skin types.

And get the results that people are looking for, to help them feel good about themselves again. It is important to know that all first-time consultations. Our absolutely free at Edmonton dermatology.

And this is an important step for people not only finding out all of the information that they need. In order to make an informed decision. But this is a great opportunity for the dermatologist.

To meet the patient, see first-hand their skin issues. Look at their skin type. And make recommendations from a place of knowledge and expertise.

And one of the first things that the dermatologist is going to discuss with them. Even before they discuss an acne scar treatment Edmonton. Is understanding how to minimize acne breakouts from happening.


This is incredibly important. Because in order for the acne scar treatment that they utilize to be effective. And last for the long term. Minimizing the cause of the scars beforehand is a vital.

As well, the dermatologist will share with patients. What they need to do. In order to minimize the amount of scarring. Because while acne will cause scars on their own.

By disrupting the collagen even more. Can results in an even more pronounced scar. So if people are picking or poking at their acne. This car can be more pronounced. But also if they are trying to be helpful.

Such as aggressively exfoliating their face. Or washing it aggressively. They may think that they are helping minimize their acne breakouts. But instead, all they are doing is increasing the scarring.

Therefore, the first thing that their dermatologist will do is find the right skin care routine and products. To help eliminate breakouts. And minimize the scarring to occur.

So that when they do talk about the acne scar treatment Edmonton. They can be certain that it is going to be effective at treating the scars for long term.

To get started, all people have to do is call Edmonton dermatology. In order to arrange their free initial consultation. And when they meet with the dermatologist, they will find out what they need to know.

To start themselves on their journey towards smooth, clear skin. And increased self-confidence.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Healing Acne Scars

Many people may not realize that it is possible to get an effective acne scar treatment Edmonton. Especially when they have been living with their acne scars for so long.

But in fact, there are many different treatments available at Edmonton dermatology. As well, the doctors they have on staff are incredibly knowledgeable. As well as having a lot of experience.

So that no matter how significant the scarring is. They have a great treatment for them. That can reduce the look of scarring. Look their best, but most importantly feel their best as well.

One of the first treatments that they will discuss. Is the Fraxal laser. It is one of the most popular, and commonly used laser treatments to reduce the look of scarring. How it works is very simple.

It uses heat to Targus the dermis, which is the second layer of skin. And that is where collagen production happens. Since collagen loves heat.

The heat from the laser inspires increased production of this important skin building block. The in crease of collagen in the area. Will start to heal the scar tissue. Giving people a induced look of scars.

And while it may take 3 to 4 treatments. It is not very invasive. And can reduce the look by 50%. Giving people a noticeable smoother, and clear complexion.


However, for people who are looking for a larger reduction in scar tissue. Or a faster result. The CO2 laser might be the better option. Because it only takes one of these acne scar treatment Edmonton for results.

It is quite invasive however. And it uses a lot of heat, and it is also considered an ablative laser. Which means it cuts into the skin. Albeit Chris comically. In order to encourage collagen production.

The heat from the laser actually vaporizes the top layer of skin. And when the epidermis appeals away, so does the scar tissue. And the new skin that grows in. Will have no trace of the scar.

It does take two weeks to heal from this procedure. Because people are literally regrowing their top layer of skin. And therefore, can be prone to infection. Which is why people tend to take time off work.

This is very effective for people who have deep flaws, and significant scarring. However, because of how invasive this is. It may not be the best acne scar treatment for everyone.

This is why it is so important and beneficial. To make an appointment with Edmonton dermatology. In order to meet with the dermatologist. And talk openly and frankly about their issues.

There skin type, and what they want as a result. So that they can make an informed decision. About what acne scar treatment Edmonton they would like to utilize to help minimize the look of scarring.

When people are ready to start their journey towards smooth, healthy looking skin. All they have to do is contact Edmonton dermatology today for their consultation.

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