Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Helping to Reduce Facial Scars

When people contact their dermatologist to find out what acne scar treatment Edmonton is available to them. This is often because they feel depressed over their appearance.

In fact, according to a survey in Canada. 96% of people who have acne scarring feel depressed over their appearance. And it can lead to two people having decreased feelings of confidence.
Therefore, treatment can actually help people improve their mental health. Helping them feel better and more confident about their skin and their appearance.
And whether people are adolescent, or adults. Self-confidence and satisfaction with their parents is incredibly important. Which is why many people seek out treatment from Edmonton dermatology.
When they make an appointment for their free consultation. They will be able to discuss all of the different treatment options that they have at their clinic. Because they have several different methods.
That there going to be able to utilize to help treat people’s acne scarring. Depending on the extent of their scar tissue. As well as their skin type. And what their expectations of treatment will be.
However, one of the first things that they will want to do. Is if a person is continuing to experience acne breakouts. They are going to want to treat that first.
So that when they undergo the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. They will not be treating the scars. Only to form more scars later, by continuing to have acne breakouts.
They will find the right skincare products and routine for each individual person. So that they can stop having the issue, that is causing them to scar up in the first place.


Once they have their acne breakouts under control. The dermatologist will talk to them about the different treatment options available. Such as the Fraxel laser, or the CO2 laser.
Both these lasers are very effective at treating scarring. As well as other deep laws in the skin. And depending on people’s expectation of an outcome. As well as what they are going to be able to tolerate for treatment.
They will decide between these two to eliminate as much scar tissue as they can. Ultimately, the similarity between the two treatments. Is that they both increase of collagen production.
Which is an important building block of skin. And as people age, the body stops producing as much collagen. Which is why scar tissue forms. And also why skin that starts to sag. And wrinkles start to show.
And increasing the collagen production can help this can look toner, fill in wrinkles. And start to fill in scar tissue. So that no matter what acne scar treatment Edmonton people pick. They will have smoother and clearer looking skin.
But they will also have an increased youthful appearance as well. Depending on how many treatments they are willing to undergo. As well as what kind of healing time will help patients make the decision.
So that when they leave their free consultation with their dermatologist. There going to be able to know exactly what treatment they are going to use. And know when they are going to start treatments. To start putting their best face forward.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Reduce Facial Scars

It is extremely important that people talk to a doctor when they are considering an acne scar treatment Edmonton. Ideally, a dermatologist. Will help them make the right decision for them.
Not only does the extent of their scarring needs to be taken into consideration. But also their skin type. And the results that they are hoping to get from treatment.
One of the first treatment options that they will discuss with their patient. Will be the Fraxel laser. Which is an effective laser treatment for eliminating not just acne scarring, but all fine lines as well.
How this works, is by applying heat with laser to the skin. Increases collagen production in the dermis, which is the second layer of skin.
Because collagen loves heat. And this can help flood the face with collagen, so that I can start filling in flaws such as scars, and fine lines that lead to wrinkles.
The treatment will take approximately two hours. And depending on the extent of a person’s scarring. As well as what results they desire. It will take 1 to 4 treatments.
After four treatments, patients can expect a 50% improvement in their scars. Which will give them visibly smoother skin. That also is more tone, has fewer lines in it. And looks more youthful as well.
However, if people are looking for an acne scar treatment Edmonton that gives them better than 50% results. The dermatologist will talk to them about the CO2 laser. This is considered a fractional these are resurfacing tool.

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And uses ablation to help increase collagen production. How this treatment works. Is by applying laser to the scar tissue. The heat from the laser will literally vaporized the epidermis.
Which is the outermost layer of skin. And as it peels away, the scar tissue peels away with it. As the laser is vaporizing the top layer of skin. It is also drooling microscopic holes into the dermis.
Which is the middle layer of skin. And what that will do, is increase collagen production even more significantly. So that not only will the body be building new skin for the epidermis.
But also, the body will be producing more collagen. That can help that epidermis grow. As well as help improve the appearance of the remaining skin.
One of the most beneficial things about the CO2 laser according to Edmonton dermatologist. Is the fact that it only takes one treatment in order to get desired results.
However, with this acne scar treatment Edmonton. Patients need to be prepared for a two week period. While there body regrows that top layer of skin. They need to keep their skin bacteria free.
And stay away from the sun. So many people opt to take two weeks off of work. Get it done in the winter, where they are less likely to see the light of day.
Making the decision on what scar treatment they should use is a decision that is best made between the patient and the dermatologist.