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Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | How Botox Injections Work

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | How Botox Injections Work

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | How Botox Injections Work

While an acne scar treatment Edmonton is a laser treatment, Botox is completely different. And both are beneficial for different reasons.

Before someone gets a cosmetic procedure done. They should get a free consultation with their dermatologist. In order to discuss what their goals of treatment are.

And to understand each procedure. And what the effects will be. So that they can make the right choice for what they are looking for in the final product.

It might even be important for people to get an acne scar treatment Edmonton first. And then get Botox afterwards. To end up with looking the way they desire.

Most important thing to understand, as well in acne scar treatment Edmonton is laser based. And permanent. Botox is an injection, and is not permanent.

Therefore, after people get a laser treatment. They may find it beneficial to get Botox on ongoing basis. Achieve the overall result that they were looking for.

Ultimately, Botox is used cosmetically. For minimizing lines and wrinkles. That are caused by facial movement. Such as raising eyebrows can cause for headlines. Frowning can cause lines between their eyebrows.

And squinting or laughing can cause a person to develop crows feet or lines at the corner of their eyes. All can make a person look older than they desire.

Botox works by interrupting the neurotransmitter of those muscles. Which will keep the brain from telling those muscles to move with their full range of motion.


Botox will be effective for about 3 to 4 months. And after that time, the body will be successful in breaking the Botox molecule down. And another treatment will be required.

Also important to note. That it does not keep the muscle from moving in its entirety. Which means people can still make facial expressions such as laughing and smiling. So they are not going to look like they had any work done.

It is also very important for people to understand. Is that Botox is considered not systemic. Which means it stays exactly where it is injected until it is broken down by the body.

And it does not travel around the body through the vascular system or any other means. So it does not result in side effects. Or affect any other parts of the body than exactly where it is injected.

The only notable side effects that it causes. Are the same ones that people will get any time a needle is injected into their skin. Which is redness, a bit of bleeding or some bruising.

However, some people may find that their skin may be slightly irritated for up to twenty-four hours after the treatment. And if that is the case, they may want to either avoid wearing makeup for the first day after treatment.

Or apply makeup gently, so that they do not further irritates the area caused by the needles. They can also ask their dermatologist to put their makeup on for them. So that they can look as good as they feel.

By understanding what Botox does and how it helps people look their best. People can make the decision on what cosmetic procedure they should get done.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | How Botox Injections Work

When people go to Edmonton dermatology, they often are wondering between procedures like Botox or lasers such as acne are treatment Edmonton. Because they do not know the difference between the two.

And while acne scar treatment Edmonton is a laser treatment. And actually permanently affects their top two layers of skin. Botox is not laser but injection.

And it is used to affect the muscles of a person’s face and not their skin. And will last for approximately 3 to 4 months. Before the Botox is broken down in the persons body.

One of the most beneficial things about Botox, is that there are no side effects or long term effects. And it can be used safely and people of all ages.

Therefore, people do not have to worry about if there is going to be any consequences for getting Botox every few months for several years.

Such as younger people who are getting Botox injections. As a way of preventing lines forming on their face. By training their muscles early on not to make the motions that cause wrinkles.

In fact, doctors and hospitals across the country. Are finding medical uses for Botox. Especially in conditions where the muscles are affected.

For example, it is Columbia is leading the country in Botox injections. Because of their therapy of treating children affected by cerebral palsy. Who can become able to walk after receiving these injections.


In addition to cerebral palsy, doctors have used Botox to successfully treat migraines, temporomandibular jaw problems, hyperhidrosis. As well as spasms, overactive bladders, and lazy eyes.

Therefore, people may want to inject something into their body that is not going to cause long-term effects. Rather than get a laser treatment such as acne scar treatment Edmonton.

However, even though it is not a permanent procedure. People should still ensure that the people injecting Botox. Have all of the certifications required for doing this kind of work.

They should be a healthcare professional such as a nurse, doctor, dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Because they will know how to inject Botox correctly into the muscles of a person’s face.

And while injecting it into the wrong muscle is not going to cause any long-term health problems. It could end up with the person getting unintended consequences.

Such as causing their eyebrows to fall. Instead of minimizing the look of forehead wrinkles. And while these mistakes will eventually correct themselves.

People may not want to wait three or four months, in order to have placed eyebrows again. So ensuring the dermatologist clinic has the right healthcare professionals is an important part of consultations.

It is also important to have a consultation, because not all procedures can correct all problems. And while people might think they need a laser treatment such as acne scar treatment Edmonton. They may need something different such as Botox to have the look that they are looking for.

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