Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | How Facial Scars Can Be Diminished

And of the reasons why people see a dermatologist for acne scar treatment Edmonton. Is so that they can help them feel better about their appearance.

In fact, according to a recent study. 96% of all people who have acne scars. Report feeling depressed over their appearance. And that can lead to depression and lowered self-esteem issues.
Whether people have developed scarring from many years ago. Or if it is our recent occurrence. They can set up three consultation with their Edmonton dermatologist. In order to find out their options.
The reason why people should make an appointment with this clinic. Is because they have many different treatment options available. To treat a wide variety of dermatological issues.
And by seeing the patient face-to-face. They not only can see their particular scarring and skin type. They will also be able to talk to the patient about their expectations.
That will allow them to recommend the right treatment for each patient. They also be able to let patients know what to expect with each treatment. So that they will leave the appointment with a lot of knowledge.
Will help them find the acne scar treatment Edmonton that is the best fit for them. To help them minimize scarring. Help them feel confident once again.
One of the first treatments that they will hear about from their dermatologist. Is the fractal laser treatment. Because it is extremely effective at minimizing the look of scarring.


The reason why people end up with acne scars. Is because the cystic or nodule acne. Will pull the collagen in a variety of different awkward positions. And it will heal that way, resulting in a scar.
The fractal laser treatment. Increases the amount of collagen production in the face. So that it can help reset the collagen in the area. And fill in the valleys where the scar tissue is. In order to help heal the skin in a way that smooth that out.
How the fractal laser will increase collagen production. Is through the use of heat. Since collagen loves heat. Wherever the dermatologist aims the laser. It heats up all the way to the dermis, which is the second layer of skin.
And that is going to be what causes that layer of skin to produce an overabundance of collagen. The patient should expect the first treatment to last about two hours. With about one week of healing time.
During this healing time, patients should stay out of the sun. And they might be a little bit tender for a week. They should wait about 4 to 6 weeks before going back to their dermatologist for a checkup.
To ensure that the collagen has been able to do a complete job healing the scar tissue. And then depending on the results that patients want. They can go for another treatment. Up to four times.
In order to heal their scars for a 50% improvement. And while this acne scar treatment Edmonton will not completely heal people’s skin. It will leave their skin noticeably smoother and clearer. As well as younger looking.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Facial Scars Can Be Diminished

It is extremely important for people to understand that the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. Should be administered by a certified dermatologist.
And that when people are ready to eliminate their acne scars permanently. Their dermatologist will be able to tell them about the CO2 laser treatment. Not only is this an extremely effective treatment.
But it is designed for deep flaws. So whether people are looking for an acne scar treatment Edmonton. Or whether they have a scar from a surgery, and accident. Or they have sagging skin, age spots, or fine lines and wrinkles.
There going to be able to eliminate all of those issues with a single treatment of the CO2 laser. It is considered a fractional laser resurfacing tool. That is also considered to be an ablative laser.
And ablative means that it is going to cut skin. And it does this, by drilling microscopic holes into the dermis layer of the skin. And while this sounds painful.
The first half-hour of the appointment is dedicated to putting on numbing cream. So that it is less uncomfortable. And while it does have a bit more discomfort than other laser treatments.
This acne scar treatment Edmonton is unique in the fact that it only takes one treatment to generate the desired results.

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How this CO2 laser works according to Edmonton dermatologist. Is the laser is extremely hot. And it vaporizes the top layer of skin, also known as the epidermis.
And when that damaged skin peels away. It peels away any existing the scar tissue with it. At the same time, the laser is going to be burning microscopic holes into the dermis layer of the skin, which is the middle layer.
And what that will do, is because collagen to be produced in excess quantities. In order to help heal the skin that has been damaged by the microscopic lasers.
Since collagen is a building block of skin. And people are going to be growing a new layer of skin after this treatment. The collagen will help ensure that the layer of skin that grows is smooth, and without a trace of the acne scars or the age spots, fine lines and wrinkles as well.
As far as an acne scar treatment Edmonton goes. After the two-week healing period. People are going to have smoother, younger and tighter looking skin. And as long as they take care of that skin.
There going to enjoy that youthful looking skin for many years to come. Part of the consultation with their dermatologist. Will be discussing what their skin care routine should be after treatment.
So that once people have undergone this treatment. They will not have to go through it again. And they will be able to have increased confidence in their new, scar free looking skin.