Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | How Facial Scars Can Be Reduced

Often, the reason why people contact their dermatologist defined an effective acne scar treatment Edmonton. Is because their self-esteem is suffering. Due to their facial scarring.

And setting up a free consultation is a great first step. For patients getting the help they need when they have scarring. Especially when that scarring comes from acne breakouts.
However, many people who have had scars for many years. May not realize that there is an effective treatment. And by setting up a free consultation with Edmonton dermatology.
Can help them discover that there is help that they can get. That can reduce the look of their scarring. So that they can regain their self-esteem, and avoid falling into a depression over there looks.
They will find out about all of the different acne scar treatment Edmonton. That the doctors have at Edmonton dermatology. And as well, look at the patient’s skin type, and their own scarring.
That information will come together and help the doctor make the right recommendation about what treatment they should undergo. And what to expect from that treatment as well.
One of the first things that the doctor will do. Is if the patient is continuing to have active acne breakouts. Is get them on the right skin care routine.
Because while they can do an effective acne scar treatment Edmonton. While a patient is having active acne breakouts. That means that even though they can eliminate look of scarring on the patient’s face.
They will continue to have scarring after they eliminate scars. Which means they are going to have to repeat the procedure later in the future. So to avoid that.


The dermatologist will put them on the right skin care routine to help them avoid breakouts. And then after they have their acne breakouts under control. The doctor will be more than happy to do any one of their scar treatments on a patient.
One of the benefits of going to Edmonton dermatology. Is the fact that they have many different machines that they can use. To treat a wide variety of dermatological issues. From superficial, to extremely deep skin flaws.
When people are wanting to eliminate the look of scarring. Whether it is from acne, an accident or even a surgery. One of the first treatments that Edmonton dermatology will recommend.
Is called a Fraxel laser. This laser is designed to heat up the skin, in order to increase collagen production. Because collagen is an important building block in skin.
And as our skin stops producing collagen as we age. When doctors are able to apply heat using the Fraxel laser to the face. The body will increase collagen production. Since collagen loves heat.
And that collagen is going to be able to fill in the areas where there is scarring. To eliminate the look of scars on a patient’s face. This treatment will take approximately two hours.
And depending on the patient, they will require up to four different treatments. In order to get a 50% reduction in scar tissue. Will make their face look significantly smoother. And also younger at the same time.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Facial Scars Can Be Reduced

When people are looking for the right acne scar treatment Edmonton, they should make an appointment with Edmonton dermatology. Not only because the first consultation is free.
But because they have many different machines and treatments at their office. That can treat a wide variety of problems. The consultation is also going to be an important time for the doctor to see the scars up close.
As well as see what a patient’s skin type is. So that they can recommend the right treatment for their scars. As well as their skin type, and most importantly their expectations of how effective the treatment is going to be.
This is extremely important. Because not every skin type is going to be responsive to every acne scar treatment Edmonton. For example, if people have keloid scarring.
They are going to want to avoid a treatment that is mostly based in increasing collagen production. Because keloid scarring happens from an overabundance of collagen.
And that happens with a certain skin type. Therefore, they are not likely going to benefit from a reduction in their scarring with this type of treatment.
So that will help the doctor recommend what treatment would be more beneficial. That laser is called the CO2 laser. And it works two different ways. To eliminate the look of not only scarring.


But other deep flaws including sagging skin, fine lines as well as wrinkles. The laser is so hot, that it actually vaporizes the top layer of skin, which is called the epidermis.
And that will cause the skin to peel away, and peel away scar tissue that. At the same time, the laser will also drill microscopic holes into the dermis, which is the middle layer of skin.
So that collagen production can increase. And a need the growth of the new epidermis. As the new skin grows, it will grow without a trace of the scar tissue.
Making this one of the most effective acne scar treatment Edmonton that Edmonton dermatology has. However, patients need to understand that the healing time can be up to two weeks because they are re-growing skin.
And during this time, it is extremely important that patients stay out of the sun. As well as keep their face as clean as possible. Because bacteria can cause infections quite easily.
Because of this, many patients opt to take two weeks off of work in order to heal from this procedure. And also opt to get it done during winter. Where they are less likely to have sun shine on it.
Whether this is the right treatment for patient. Or if they should undergo any other treatments. Should be discussed with the dermatologist at their initial free consultation. So that patients can end up making the right decision for them, and the results they desire.