Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | How to Minimize Scarring

If people have significant acne scarring, they may seek an acne scar treatment Edmonton. So that they can have increased confidence. Because 96% of all people who have acne end up feeling depressed over their appearance. Treatment options are available. And can significantly help people feel better about their appearance. And ultimately, about themselves.
Acne scarring comes mostly from moderate to severe acne. And while mild acne can result in some scarring. This is typically not very noticeable. Moderate to severe acne is considered acne that is covering most or all of a person’s face. Which can end up with people having scarring across their entire face.
This is mostly due to a type of acne called nodular or cystic. These kinds of acne not only are extremely large. But they are also deep into the skin. Causing large inflamed spots. And can also be very painful.
What causes acne to start scarring the face. Is how the acne scars heal. Collagen is an important building block for skin. And whenever very large area such as a cystic or nodular acne starts to heal. It pulls at the collagen in a variety of angles. Which ultimately heals in a bumpy and uneven texture.
What is worse, is if people cause trauma to the area. Such as picking, poking or squeezing the acne spots. The more they end up disrupting the collagen. And increasing the appearance of the scars. This ends up with a very rough appearance covering most of a person’s face. Leading them to seek out acne scar treatment Edmonton.


However, the first thing that their dermatologist is going to do even before they start treating the scars. Is getting the acne under control. While sometimes, this is not a necessary step. Because the acne has been under control for many years. It is just that the scars are very old.
But for people who are still experiencing acne breakouts. Getting this under control before eliminating the scars is extremely important. The reason why, is so that new scars are not forming while old scars are healing.
That can lead to additional acne scar treatment Edmonton. That are ultimately unnecessary. If the acne can be eliminated before treatment starts.
How the acne scars are treated paragraph is using heat. Because collagen gets nourishment from the heat. And will start regenerating itself. Because of that, lasers are often used to treat acne scars. By feeding the collagen. So that it will regenerate. And increase the collagen in that area.
The more collagen in the area, and the faster the scars can start to heal. Each treatment can last up to two hours. And depending on the person as well as the amount of scarring. Can take 1 to 4 treatments. These sessions should be anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks apart. To allow the collagen to heal the skin in between sessions.
Once a person has had all the treatments, the effects will be permanent. As long as good care is taken to avoid acne breakouts after the treatment. So that no new scarring will occur.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | How to Reduce Acne Scarring

People who have acne scars may lack self-confidence, causing them to seek out acne scar treatment. Laser treatments are very effective at minimizing the appearance of scarring due to acne. By regenerating the collagen in the area. So that the skin can properly heal itself. Minimizing the look of scars.
There are two different types of scars that can happen when people have acne. That is acne scarring, and keloid scarring. They are both scars. But the way they are formed is for two different reasons.
With cystic or nodular acne, as the skin heals from the acne. It pulls at the collagen awkwardly. Which results in a peaks and valleys type of scar.
With keloid scars. This is formed due to an overgrowth of collagen. Layering collagen on top of more collagen over and over. This forms a bump where the scar was. This can be extremely common on peoples chest or their back, even the back of their neck and arms and legs.
Skin types can factor greatly into whether someone is going to get a typical acne scar. Or if the scar is going to show up as a keloid. And skin type and number three tend to get more keloid scarring.
Skin type number three is characterized by people who have sensitive skin, lighter skin, that have a high burn risk. People with type III skin also have a high skin cancer average. And our more prone to getting keloid scars. Due to the increased collagen production in their skin.
No matter what kind of scarring people have from acne. The acne scar treatment Edmonton is still the same. And that is laser treatment. The best laser for this treatment is called a Fraxel laser. And it works by heating up the skin.


Collagen actually is fed from heat. So heating up the skin. Causes the collagen to regenerate itself. And the more collagen in the area, heals the skin. Scars will become less pronounced. The valleys will be filled in. Giving a smoother and clearer complexion.
It can take up to Ford laser treatments in order to see the final results. And people need to keep in mind that it is not going to eliminate the scarring completely. The dermatologist is going to aim for a 50% improvement. Which will mean it looks less noticeable to the eye.
People need to wait about 4 to 6 weeks in between sessions. In order to let the collagen fully healed the skin. Before applying more heat to continue to regenerate the collagen.
The good news however is that once the acne scars have been healed with a laser. It is permanent. And the scars will not come back at all. But this is also why it is very important to get the acne under control before undergoing acne scar treatment Edmonton. So that new acne does not form continuing to scar the face as treatment is happening.