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Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | How to Treat Rosacea

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | How to Treat Rosacea

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | How to Treat Rosacea

Up until recently, people suffering from rosacea did not have a lot of treatment options according to acne scar treatment Edmonton. They often were given creams, to help get rid of this rosy look to their complexion. But nothing was known to cure it.

However, with the advancement of lasers, more and more applications are being found. And more problems are able to be treated. Even ones that never had treatment options before.

The synergy laser actually has two different lasers built into the same machine. So that dermatologists can treat an extremely wide variety of dermatological conditions.

The pulsed dye laser, is a yellow laser, that targets the top layer of skin. Whereas the ND laser targets the dermis layer of skin, which is the third layer. And goes so deep, that it almost goes all the way to the subcutaneous fat of the patient.

Because of that, no matter what layer of skin a patient is experiencing problems. Whether it is son damage, in their dermis. Or vascular lesions on the surface of their skin. The synergy laser will be able to treat their issues.

How the pulsed dye laser works, is by targeting the red blood cells that are in the top layer of the patient’s skin. It effectively deoxygenate the blood cells, causing the body to stop sending blood to that area.

As the body stops sending blood to that vein, the body allows it to fade away, and not be seen in the top layer of a patient’s skin any longer.

Because of how efficiently that works, anyone that has blood vein issues at the surface of their skin. Can have this treated with the synergy laser. Whether they have broken capillaries, rosacea cherry angiomas or spider veins.


Or if they have benign vascular lesions, such as Venus lakes on the lips which is caused by son damage. Or hema angiomas, which are benign tumors created from blood vessels which are typically congenital defects.

The synergy laser will be able to treat all of these issues. In a very short amount of time, and without requiring surgery and therefore the risk of scarring says acne scar treatment Edmonton.

The ND on the other hand targets the pigmentation caused by damage in the dermis layer of skin. By vibrating it at such a high frequency. That the damaged skin, breaks up, and leaves the body.

One of the most positive things about this laser, is that it can differentiate between pigmentation caused by damage, or caused by anomalies such as birthmarks. And the pigmentation in a person’s skin that affects their skin tone.

Because the laser can tell the difference between the two, people who get treated with this laser will not run the risk of having their skin tone either lightened or darkened. Even after several uses of this laser.

Up until now, the patients were unable to get the treatment that they wanted, because of how the laser might affect their skin. But with the laser actually vibrating the pigmentation, acne scar treatment Edmonton says can make it safe for all skin types and skin colours.

If people want to know if their particular issue can be treated with the synergy laser. They should make an appointment with their dermatologist. And find out what the best treatment option is. And how many treatments they can expect.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | How to Treat Rosacea

While many dermatological conditions might want to be fixed for cosmetic reasons says acne scar treatment Edmonton. There are a lot of medical reasons why people might want to get there dermatological conditions corrected.

And with the synergy laser, patients now have an option that does not require surgery. And does not require the risk of scarring either.

Because the synergy laser contains two different lasers, one that tire gets the top layer of skin. And one that targets the third layer of skin. An extremely wide variety of dermatological conditions can be treated.

From sun damage, Port wine stain birthmarks, rosacea, or even vascular lesions. Can be corrected right within their dermatologist’s office says acne scar treatment Edmonton.

Depending on their type of problem and how severe it is, it may take one or two treatments. It may take up to six. Which is why patients should have a meeting with their dermatologist first. So they know what to expect.

It is also important that if they require more than one treatment. That patients are waiting for to six weeks in between treatments. So that they do not risk damaging their skin. By repeated exposure to the laser.

What patients should expect during treatment. Is that because the laser is extremely highly focused light. This can get there he hot very quickly. Which is why their dermatologist will be pointing a cooling fan directly at them for the entire treatment.

This cooling fan is designed to cool down their skin, so that even though the laser causes heat, that heat can be minimized quickly says acne scar treatment Edmonton.

Because of that heat, when patients are leaving their treatment. They will find that they are read in the area that was treated. And they could even be sore, which will last two or three days.

They will notice that their redness will start to fade after a week. And as it fades, the area that is being treated will be less noticeable.

They need to be sure that they are following their dermatologist’s instructions. Including staying out of the sun. And wearing the sunscreen that is recommended to them. So that they do not end up damaging their skin. After it has been treated with the laser.

They also need to ensure that they are going back to their dermatologist for a checkup upon their request. To ensure that they are healing as expected, and are not developing complications. That will impact their ability to continue with treatments.

By following their dermatologist’s instructions. And adhering to the treatment schedule. People can get there dermatological problems treated quickly. And effectively. Without risk of complications, or risking scars. That could be even more undesirable than that there are much logical condition in the first place.

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