Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Laser Treatments Can Diminish Scars

One of the reasons why Edmonton dermatologist finds that many of their clients are looking for an effective acne scar treatment Edmonton. Is because they report feeling self-conscious about the way they look.

And not only can being self-conscious cause them to lack confidence. But studies have shown that 96% of people with acne scarring on their face. Port feeling depressed over their parents as well.
However, before their dermatologist will be able to start talking about different acne scar treatment Edmonton for them. They are going to want to explain what causes acne scarring.
To ensure that people have their acne breakouts under control. That they are not engaging in any activities that can increase the amount of scars that they get.
Because their dermatologist is going to want to ensure that once they treat their patients. That they are not going to have to come back in the next couple of years. To repeat the procedure. Because they have scarring once again.
Therefore, they will talk about the causes of acne scarring. Especially when people have not jeweller, or cystic acne. This is very large, very deep acne.
And once it is inflamed, when the acne heals, it pulls the collagen which is an important building block of skin. In a bunch of different awkward angles. That results in the peaks and valleys that people associate with acne scarring.
Another cause of acne scarring according to their dermatologist. Is when people try to minimize their acne by aggressively exfoliating their face. Such as exfoliating to the point of bleeding.


That actually is going to increase acne scarring. And needs to be avoided at all times. This is often why the first consultation has the patient and the dermatologist talking about the best treatment.
To help minimize their acne breakouts. So that they can stop the scars from forming in the first place. And once that is under control, they will talk about the different treatment.
Because acne is caused by collagen that is being disrupted. The best treatment for acne scarring. Is causing a flood of collagen to the area. So that the collagen can repair itself. And fill in the areas that are scarred.
The dermatologist can do this several different ways. But one of the most popular, and least invasive procedures. Is the Fraxel laser. Which uses the laser to heat up the skin all the way to the dermis.
And since collagen is produced in the dermis. And loves heat, with one treatment, this Fraxel laser can cause the body to start producing enough collagen to start smoothing out their complexion.
In about 4 to 6 weeks. The patient should go back to their dermatologist. In order to determine how much the collagen help heal their scars. And if they need additional treatments.
They might need up to four of these acne scar treatment Edmonton. In order to get the best results. And the results can cause people to notice a difference. Because people have smoother, as well as younger looking skin.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Laser Treatments Diminish Scars

During their adolescence, people might end up having significant acne, that once they are older have the looking for an acne scar treatment Edmonton. Especially when they have deep scars over a large area of their face.
By sitting up a free consultation with their dermatologist. They are going to be able to talk about the different treatments that are available. And based on the scarring that they have, as well as their skin type.
And what they hope the end results will be. Can help the doctor make the best recommendation for that patient. And one of the most popular treatments is the CO2 laser.
Because not only can it eliminate the look of deep scarring. It can also eliminate other deep flaws. Such as wrinkles, deep lines. And even age spots for a more youthful looking appearance. In addition to reduced scars.
However, it is very important that patients understand exactly what this treatment entails. Including what the healing time looks like. Because it is a bit more of an invasive procedure.
The CO2 laser is considered an ablative laser. Which means it is going to cut the skin. However, only on a microscopic level. How it works, is by heating up the epidermis.
Which is the outermost layer of skin, it is literally vaporized by the laser. So that as the top layer of skin dies and peels away. The scar tissue that people have on their face, also peels away.


At the same time, the laser is going to be drilling microscopic holes into the dermis layer of the skin. And since collagen is formed in the dermis. This is an effective way of significantly increasing levels of collagen production.
The increased collagen production will aid in the growth of the new epidermis. Especially since collagen is a building block for skin. It will help ensure that they knew epidermis that grows in is smooth.
And while this treatment lasts the same amount of time as other these are treatments. Approximately two hours, depending on how much of the face is covered in scars.
This procedure takes a lot more healing time. Because it requires a patient to grow the outermost layer of skin. And that will take about two weeks in total.
During this time, the dermatologist will recommend that patients stay lately out of the sun after this acne scar treatment Edmonton. And for this reason, many patients opt to get this treatment done in the wintertime.
When it is less likely that they are going to see sunshine. As well, they will opt to take two weeks off of work. Because that way, they can definitely stay out of the sun. But also because it is very important to keep bacteria off their face.
They will be added increased infection risk. And they often will be asked to fill an antibiotic prescription. In order to ensure that if they do develop an infection. They can start taking antibiotics very quickly.
And while this is an acne scar treatment Edmonton that has a lot of healing time. It is also extremely dramatic in how effective it is. And eliminating deep flaws including acne scars.