Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Laser Treatments for Smooth Skin

Often, when people have acne scarring, their skin has peaks and valleys, they cause them to see a dermatologist for an acne scar treatment Edmonton.

It is very important that people go into the clinic for a consultation. Because it is important that their dermatologist sees their particular scarring. As well as look at their skin type.
In order to recommend the best acne scar treatment Edmonton for their scarring, and skin type as well. Because not all treatments that are available at Edmonton dermatologist clinic. Will work on all scarring, or skin types.
In addition to that, if the reason why people are looking for a scar treatment. Is because they have acne scarring. The dermatologist is going to want to make sure. That they are eliminating any active breakouts.
And put them on the right skin care routine. In the right skin care products. To help them avoid developing any scars from acne in the future.
Once they have got the right skin care routine down. And they have eliminated acne breakouts. The next thing that the dermatologist is going to want to see. Is the type of scarring that they have on their face.
Different kind of acne has different kind of scarring. That can make a big difference in treatment. Such as cystic or nodular acne, ice pick, boxcar or even linear scars.
And especially if people have a type of scarring that is called keloid. Keloid scars are actually caused by an abundance of collagen. That continues to layer on top of itself.
People who have keloid scars on top of their acne scarring. May require different treatments than those who do not have keloid scarring at all. This is why an in person consultation is so valuable.


One of the most popular forms of acne scar treatment Edmonton at the Edmonton dermatology clinic. Is the Fraxel laser. Because it can heal acne scarring in an extremely invasive way.
The way it works, is by applying heat to the face. That gets down to the dermis, which is the middle layer of skin. And this is the layer that is responsible for collagen production.
As people age, their body slows down its collagen production. Which is why people start finding that they are scarring more often later in life. That is also why people develop saggy or skin, as well as fine lines.
Therefore, by heating up the dermis to the point where it is increasing its collagen production. Because collagen loves heat. They will be able to flood their scars with collagen.
And it will begin to fill in the areas where there is a lot of acne scarring. To provide a smoother, toner looking complexion. And while this is an extremely popular treatment.
It is very important that people realize that the will only be able to get a 50% improvement. However, for many people that means a noticeably smoother and clear complexion.
That will be enough to help them regain their self-confidence, helping them minimize their acne scarring on their face. To help them look and feel their best.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Laser Treatments for Smooth Skin

Even though there are many different laser treatments at Edmonton dermatology, one of their most requested treatments is an acne scar treatment Edmonton. And this is often because people who have significant scarring can actually report feeling depressed because of this.
In fact, according to a recent study. 96% of everyone pulled that had acne scarring. Reported feeling depressed over the lack of self-confidence. And how they feel about their appearance.
Therefore, by getting the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. Can help people not only look their best. But overcome feelings of depression on how they look as well.
And while there are many different types of treatments that dermatologists can offer at their clinic. One of the most significant laser treatments. In order to help give people a more smooth complexion.
Is the CO2 laser. Also known as a fractional laser resurfacing tool. What this does, is erase signs of scarring. Even significant and deep scars. As well as remove signs of aging.
As well as other deep flaws including age spots, and Sadie skin. Therefore, this is a great option for people who have multiple things that they would like fixed on their face. Or whose laws are very significant.
How the CO2 laser works. Is by applying a significant amount of heat to the face. It first will vapour eyes the top layer of skin, also called the epidermis. And as that skin peels away.
So does the scar tissue that people have as well. At the same time, because the CO2 laser is also an ablative laser. It is drilling microscopic holes into the dermis. Which is the middle layer of skin.
Since the dermis is where collagen production begins. By putting microscopic holes into this layer of skin. Will cause the body to react, by producing an overabundance of collagen. In order to help heal the area.

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Because collagen is an important building block in skin. This influx of collagen. Is going to help ensure that the new skin that grows is smooth, and clear. So that people can completely eliminate the look of their scarring.
And while the procedure takes about two hours. One of the benefits of the CO2 laser. Is that people will be able to get their desired results in just a single session.
While the dermatologist may want to do a touch up after healing is complete. This is only for people who have extremely heavy scarring. To ensure that the skin all matches itself.
Most patients will only require one treatment with no touch ups. However, their dermatologist will prepare them for a lengthy recovery. Because they are completely regrowing their epidermis on their face.
The dermatologist recommends two weeks of downtime. Including avoiding sun exposure. Because this is a large commitment. Dermatologists want to ensure that their patients are well prepared for this.
And once they are prepared for two weeks of downtime to heal. This acne scar treatment Edmonton can eliminate the look of their scars. It can help them feel and look their best.