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Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Learning What Botox Does

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Learning What Botox Does

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Learning What Botox Does

There are many things that their dermatologist can help people with from acne scar treatment Edmonton, to Botox. However, it is very important that a patient gets at consultation.

Done before each different procedure they get. So that they know what they can expect as well as what side effects could be. Especially as different procedures are done very differently.

For example, acne scar treatment Edmonton is done through the use of different lasers. That actually permanently affects a patient’s skin. And has different side effects and healing times.

Whereas Botox, is an injection into a patient’s body. To affect their muscles. In a way that is not permanent at all.

In fact, studies have shown that not only is Botox even safer than originally thought. With many hospitals and doctors treating conditions with Botox even in children.

For example, children who have cerebral palsy. Who are unable to walk, are able to move. Once they receive several hundred units of Botox in their body.

As well, doctors are using Botox to treat things like migraine headaches, temporomandibular jaw problems, and paper hyperhidrosis. As well as chronic pain including spasms. And overactive bladder’s and lazy eyes just to name a few.

Because Botox is so safe. It can be used at any age, and in any amount. Which means that patients can come back for additional treatments. As soon as they feel that the effects of their previous treatment has worn off.

While Botox will typically last for 3 to 4 months. It is also not systemic. Which means it does not leave the area that was injected. Which is why other medications might cause side effects.


Therefore, patients do not need to worry if the medication is actually completely out of their system before they get another injection. Because it is not going to harm them if they get more injected.

However, it is important. That patients are getting Botox injections from a certified clinic. By certified healthcare professionals. Because otherwise, they might end up with unintended consequences.

An example of this, is in order to get rid of forehead lines. A healthcare professional needs to inject the Botox in the forehead muscle very high up.

If they inject the muscle too far down. Instead of eliminating the look of wrinkles. What will happen, is there eyebrows could fall. Which would definitely not look the way a patient would want them to.

However, even with problems, people need to understand that it is not permanent. And will eventually wear off in a few months.

Unlike acne scar treatment Edmonton, where the look is permanent. And if a mistake is made, could cause scarring or other problems.

By understanding what Botox is. Can help people make the decision if this is something that they would like to get. Or if they should be looking at different procedures.

They also need to set up a free consultation. So that their dermatologist can make the decision if it is a good procedure for them. And so that patients know what to expect.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Learning What Botox Does

Many people have gone to their dermatologist for acne scar treatment Edmonton. And for so happy with results, that they know want to go back to their dermatologist for Botox treatments. To eliminate fine lines and wrinkles they now see.

How Botox works, is by blocking the receptors to the nerve cells of the muscle. So that the nerve cells cannot tell the muscle that it needs to move. Unlike acne scar treatment Edmonton that resurfaces the skin through the use of lasers.

While many people make the assumption that it causes the muscles to stop moving altogether. Resulting in a somewhat frozen looking face. This actually is not true.

It does not keep the muscle from moving in its entirety. It just minimizes the rough movements that cause lines and wrinkles to form.

Therefore, if people get Botox injections. Not only will they soften the look of wrinkles and lines that are already there. But also, the lack of movement will keep wrinkles from forming as long as they are getting Botox injections.

Because of this, many people wonder if stopping Botox injections will make them look older. And this is not true. Because while they were getting Botox, they were stopping lines from developing.

And when they stop Botox, the worst that is going to happen. Is that they are going to go back to look they had. Before they started Botox injections.

Because they were stopping their face from developing wrinkles and lines in the process. Therefore, they do not have to worry that they need to keep getting Botox injections for fear of looking older.


This is also why many people are getting Botox at a younger age than ever before. Is because while Botox can only soften the look of wrinkles.

When used from an early age. It can prevent people from getting wrinkles. Because they will prevent their muscles from making the motion that causes wrinkles in the first place.

When used as a preventative measure. It can help people avoid developing these lines of wrinkles. And can eliminate the need for antiaging products in the future.

And while people are getting more Botox than ever before. And people are getting Botox younger and younger. There is also evidence to suggest that men are getting Botox more than ever before as well.

According to the American Society of plastic surgeons. And getting Botox has increased by 337% since the year two thousand. Which is a lot more men than ever before.

The most important thing that patients need to keep in mind. Is that they are getting injected by a certified healthcare professional. Such as a licensed practical nurse, registered nurse, a doctor, dermatologist or plastic surgeon. To ensure that it is done properly.

If people are concerned about what kind of certification the people at their dermatologist’s office use have hired. Anyone who has the proper certification. Can be found online with the correct professional organization.

It is very important for people to be armed with knowledge before getting Botox or even acne scar treatment Edmonton. And getting a free consultation is a great place to start.

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