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Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Learning What Botox Injections Do

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Learning What Botox Injections Do

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Learning What Botox Injections Do

The reason people go to a dermatologist, is to ensure that their skin can look how they want, whether there going to get acne scar treatment Edmonton or Botox. Because of the wide variety of procedures that they do, starting off with a consultation is important.

Botox is a non-permanent treatments. That lasts for several months. But will then require additional treatments to maintain the same look.

This is quite different from an acne scar treatment Edmonton, which is a one time treatment. But is also permanent, and requires a significant amount of healing time.

People can get Botox for a variety of reasons. From minimizing the look of lines and creases for an event, or for getting pictures taken.

Or if they are going to use it on a long-term basis to give their look more youthful appearance. Which will require ongoing injections of Botox.

If more than ever, younger people are getting Botox as a preventative measure. So that they can inhibit the muscles from causing those deep lines and wrinkles from ever forming.

Botox is growing in popularity very quickly. With men being the fastest-growing segment of society who is getting this treatment. With procedures involving men growing why 337% in the last twenty years, according to the American Society of plastic surgeons.

While acne scar treatment Edmonton uses a laser to resurface the skin. So that scars can be minimized. And is this something that will take a lot of healing time and be permanent.


Botox on the other hand affects the muscles of a person’s face. So that the muscles will not be able to make such a large motions. That will cause wrinkles from forming and.

Because Botox works on the muscle, more doctors and hospitals than ever before. Are using this as a treatment on a wide variety of muscular conditions. Such as cerebral palsy especially in children.

It is also been used very successfully to treat migraine headaches, temporomandibular jaw problems. As well as hyperhidrosis, neck spasms, overactive bladder, lazy eyes and chronic pain.

Because it is now being used to treat medical problems. There is a lot of evidence that proves that Botox is safe not just on a one time basis. But on long-term and repeated exposure as well.

It also has been proven to be completely safe in people of all ages. From children to the elderly. So people who are getting Botox for cosmetic reasons should not be concerned.

One of the benefits of Botox is that it is not systemic. Which means it does not get absorbed into other parts of a person’s body. And it stays where it is injected. Which means there are no side effects from the Botox itself.

If people are looking for more information about Botox. And if they should consider this treatment for themselves. They should set up a free consultation with Edmonton dermatology. In order to find out more information. And find out if they are good candidates.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Learning What Botox Injections Do

There are wide variety of dermatological treatments for a wide variety of issues such as acne scar treatment Edmonton. But for a less permanent solution, there is also Botox.

People have many reasons why they are not interested in a permanent solution. From only wanting to minimize the look of lines and creases for a specific event.

Or because they want to avoid looking over done, like some celebrities look. When they get too much plastic surgery on their face. And with Botox, this is not a risk at all.

As well, people may prefer Botox. Because there is virtually no healing time. And with acne scar treatment Edmonton. Because it actually impacts the top two layers of skin.

It has a significant healing time. With people looking red, swollen, and with skin peeling. Which means most people are dermatologists recommend people take time off work to heal. And stay at home to help heal effectively as well.

Therefore, Botox is significantly more preferred. Because it can be done very quickly. And then have people go out to an event or back to work the very same day. With nobody noticing anything is different.

In fact, because it is such a noninvasive procedure. Makeup can be worn the same day as getting Botox treatments. Although dermatologists do recommend to avoid rubbing the face vigourously.

And if people are nervous about putting makeup on, they can ask their dermatologist to apply it for them. So that they can go back to work, or go out to their event. And look as great as they feel.


Because Botox affects the muscles, people may be concerned that it causes muscle damage. However this is not true. What Botox does, is inhibits how the nerve cells communicate with the muscle.

By blocking those receptors and causing the muscles to relax. It does not cause the muscle to stop moving entirely. Which allows people to be able to make facial expressions easily.

Therefore, when people find out that it does not give them a frozen kind of look. Are much more receptive to getting Botox treatments. And what is more important to know, is that after three or four months.

The nerve cells are actually successful in breaking the Botox molecule down. Which will allow the muscle to regain its full range of motion.

And when people understand that it does not permanently affect their muscles. They are a lot more interested in getting this procedure done.

However, even though it does not provide any long-term damage. It is still very important that people get certified healthcare professionals. So that it is injected properly into their muscles.

And while the consequences are not going to cause damage if they do it incorrectly. But if it is injected into the wrong muscle. It could cause the wrong muscle to stop moving. Which would give an undesirable effect.

Whether people go to their dermatologist for Botox or acne scar treatment Edmonton. They should understand how important it is to get a consultation. So that they understand their procedures, risks and ultimately how it will help them look in the long run.

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