Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Minimizing Acne Scars

It is very important for many people to put their best face forward which is why they look for an acne scar treatment Edmonton. Acne scarring can cause people to not only lack self-confidence about their appearance.
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But in fact, according to studies, 96% of people who have acne. Report feeling depressed over their appearance. Therefore, the right treatment can help people not only feel better about themselves.
It can help them avoid depression about their appearance. And help them have better mental health. Whether people have had acne scars for a few years, or a large part of their life.
However, the first thing that people will need to to do. When they are looking for a treatment to minimize any scarring that they have from acne. Is eliminate acne breakouts from happening in the first place.
And while some patients will have had acne as teenagers. And then never had another break out in their adult life. But some, will continue to have acne breakouts well into their later life.
When they sit down with Edmonton dermatology. In order to discuss the right acne scar treatment. They will first talk about how to eliminate the acne breakouts from happening.
And the reason why this is so important. Is because they will want to stop a person from developing more scar tissue. So that when they eliminate the scar tissue they already have.
It can be assured That they will not develop more scars after the treatment is complete. Therefore, the dermatologist will talk to them about the right skincare. And can even help them get the right products.


And discuss things like avoiding aggressive exfoliation. That will actually increase scarring, and make it worse. As well, people should avoid picking at their acne spots. Because that can make the scar appear worse as well.
The reason why acne causes scarring in the first place. Is because when acne forms, and forms a bump underneath the skin. And as it heals, it pulls the collagen in people’s face in a bunch of different, and awkward angles.
That heals into a scar. The more that collagen is disrupted. The more pronounced their scar tissue will be. And even though collagen is the reason why scar tissue forms.
Collagen is actually the way that scar tissue can be healed in the end as well. Therefore, after patients are successful at following the doctor’s instructions. And eliminating their acne breakouts.
They can then start talking about the right acne scar treatment Edmonton for them. Based on how severe their scarring is. And what results they are hoping to have in the end.
When people are ready to talk to a dermatologist. All they have to do is call for free consultation. To talk to the doctor. Where they will be able to see the scar, the patient’s skin type.
And recommend the right treatment based on the outcome that the patient would like to have. While it is not possible to completely eliminate acne scar. It will be possible to significantly reduce the look. And coming in for consultation will help patients get their desired results.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Minimize Acne Scars

The reason why patients should make an appointment with Edmonton dermatology to find the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. Is because they are extremely knowledgeable. And have many different treatments available for a wide variety of issues.
The dermatologist will talk to the patient about the results they would like to see. As well as how many treatments or how quickly they want to see results.
And then using that information combined with the severity of their scarring. And their skin type. To recommend the right acne scar treatment Edmonton for each individual patient.
One of the first treatment options that they will talk about is the Fraxal laser treatment. And this is very effective. Because what it does, is it uses the energy of the laser.
To target the dermis, which is the second layer of skin. The dermis is actually where collagen is produced. And when it collagen production is increased. It can start healing the scars in people’s faces.
The reason why acne scars form in the first place. Is because collagen is pulled in many different awkward angles. Creating the scar. So when collagen is flooded in the area.
It can start filling in the valleys that were created when the scar tissue was originally formed. And while this is an effective acne scar treatment. It also is a great treatment for people who have any scars.


Whether it is from an accident, or a surgery for example. By flooding the area with collagen. So that it can heal the skin where the scar tissue is. However, an important thing for patients to note with this Fraxal treatment.
Is that it is going to take 3 to 4 treatments. And they are going to be spaced out 4 to 6 weeks apart. The reason why they need to be so far apart. Is to ensure that the collagen can heal as much scar tissue as possible.
Before increasing the amount of collagen production in the area again. To continue to heal that scar tissue. Another thing that patients should be aware of.
Is that this particular acne scar treatment Edmonton. Is going to improve their starts by 50%. Which will be visibly smoother. But not completely eliminated.
If people are looking for more dramatic results. Or if they are looking for faster results, or a single treatment. Their dermatologist can talk to them about the CO2 laser. Which is considered a fractional laser resurfacing tool.
It will produce results faster. However, it will have a longer healing time. Usually requiring patients to take two weeks off of work. Because of how much healing they are going to need from this treatment.
To find out more specifics about the CO2 laser treatment. As well as the Fraxal laser. In other acne scar treatment Edmonton. Patients should contact Edmonton dermatology for free consultation.