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Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Minimizing Acne on Dry Skin

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Minimizing Acne on Dry Skin

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Minimizing Acne on Dry Skin

People with dry skin often call their dermatologist in order to find the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. Because people with dry skin, often have their scars more pronounced.

The reason why dry skin causes scars to stand out. Is because the skin is not laying flat. And is rough, and flaky. And that can cause imperfections to stand out. Instead of lying flat if they had smooth, moisturized skin.

And while many people assume that people who have dry skin cannot get acne. This is actually not true. However the reason why those with dry skin have acne is different than those with an oily complexion.

Many people realize that those who have an oily or complexion get acne, because of that oil. And when that oil mixes with the dead skin on a person’s face, that ends up causing acne.

Therefore, for people with oilier complexions. The treatment is exfoliating to get rid of dead skin. And then controlling the oil, with toners that can reduce that oil on the face.

However, for people with dry skin. The reason why they get acne breakouts. Is because the body tries to compensate for the dry skin by producing sebum in amounts larger than what the face needs.

And while it will not end up moisturizing the face. It will end up causing acne, when it comes into contact with the dead skin on a person’s face.

Therefore, the treatment to minimize acne a person with dry skin. Is to actually add moisture. Which seems like the wrong thing to do. By moisturizing, people can let their body know that it can stop overproducing sebum.


Then, the next thing to do would be next fully a or micro dermabrasion. To minimize the amount of dead skin on their face. So that they can remove the conditions that cause acne.

Once they have minimized their acne breakouts. Then they can talk to their dermatologist about which acne scar treatment Edmonton is best for them. And depending on their scarring, it will be a type of laser treatment.

There are many different types of lasers to choose from. Some are stronger than others. And depending on how severe the acne scarring is. And how much of the face has scars. Will cause a dermatologist to choose one laser over another.

How this acne scar treatment Edmonton works. Is when the laser is applied to the scar. The top layer of skin is gently burned away. And while it is not the most comfortable feeling. It is also not painful.

And when the new skin grows in, and grows in without a trace of the scar. So that is how it can reduce the look of scarring anywhere the laser is applied.

When the body is growing skin back. The body also produces a lot more collagen. Which is an important building block for skin. That helps the skin grow back more easily.

But the extra collagen production can help moisturize a person’s dry skin. And help them keep clear skin. So that they have reduced scars, and they have soft, smooth moisturized skin.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Minimizing Acne on Dry Skin

When people who have dry skin get acne, they can end up asking their dermatologist for the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. Because scarring can look more pronounced on people who have dry skin.

And while people who have dry skin are told they need to moisturize. When people have a combination of dry skin and acne. They may be very hesitant to moisturize. Because they want to avoid causing another breakout.

Most people equate moisture to a breakout. And if they are not using the right moisturizer. It can cause irritation, or even cause another breakout to happen. Which is why they need to talk to their dermatologist about the right moisturizer to use.

Ultimately, it is about choosing the best moisturizer. Such as avoiding moisturizers that have a perfume in it. Because that means that they have more chemicals than is necessary.

And the chemicals can not only cause irritation. But the chemicals can also cause breakouts to happen. So staying away from moisturizers with additional ingredients is very important.

Once they are using the right moisturizer. They must dedicate themselves to using it twice a day. Once in the morning, and once right before bed. And definitely immediately after a shower.

Once they have their acne under control. Then they can start talking to their dermatologist about which acne scar treatment Edmonton is best for them. To minimize the look of their acne scarring.


It is going to be great to reassess the scores once people have taken care of their dry skin. Because dry skin can make the acne scarring look worse. Because the skin would be rough and flaky. And can cause imperfections to be more pronounced.

The dermatologist will choose which laser treatment is going to be best. And laser treatments are so beneficial. Because they can take off the top layer of skin, and as new skin grows.

It does not have the scar tissue. So it makes the skin look smoother. Another benefit of laser treatments to minimize acne scarring. Is that it is completely permanent. So people do not need to worry about coming back to touch up the treatment.

Once they have had their acne scar treatment Edmonton. They need to ensure that they continue to take care of their skin. And after a laser treatment session. It need to be very mindful of not going out in the sun.

Because the new skin will not be acclimatized to things like sun exposure. And if people are not careful enough, he can end up with damaged skin.

So they need to use sunscreen, avoid the sun whenever possible. And continue to moisturize. So that they can end up with reduced scarring, and moisturized, smooth skin on their face. That can help them look their best, and ultimately feel amazing.

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