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Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Minimizing Acne Scarring

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Minimizing Acne Scarring

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Minimizing Acne Scarring

While an incredibly beneficial acne scar treatment Edmonton is laser therapy. Many people who have dry skin think that they would not be a good candidate for this therapy.

The reason why, is because they think that there dry skin will cause a problem with the lasers. But fortunately, this is not the case.

However, whether people have dry skin, combination skin or oily skin. They need to get their acne breakouts under control. Before they undergo any acne scar treatment Edmonton. Whether it is a laser therapy or not.

The reason why they need to get there breakouts under control. Is because if they do not control their acne. Once they get the laser therapy for their acne scar treatment Edmonton.

While they are minimizing the acne scars. They will be creating new ones when they have more acne. And it will become a vicious circle.

In order to get a person’s acne under control and they have dry skin. The treatment may seem very backwards. But it is important that they do this, so that they stop having breakouts.

Ultimately, people need to understand. That the reason why they have breakouts when they have dry skin. Is because their body is recognizing that their face is to dry.

And tries to compensate, by producing an overabundance of oil called sebum. And this sebum when it comes in contact with dead skin cells, will produce acne.


This is why moisturizing is very important. So that the body does not produce an overabundance of sebum. But also, it is going to be very important for people to exfoliate, or get micro-dermabrasion.

And the reason why they need to do these things, is to get rid of the dead skin cells on their face. Which also contributes to acne. So that when they put their moisturizer on, it will moisturize their face, and not the dead skin cells.

However if people use micro-dermabrasion or exfoliation themselves. They might end up exfoliating too often, or to aggressively. And both can cause damage to the face. Including microtears, that can make a person prone to infection.

By allowing their dermatologist to exfoliate or do micro-dermabrasion. Can ensure that people are getting rid of the dead skin cells safely and properly.

Then, when they use a moisturizer, not only will they moisturize their skin. They will also cause their body to understand that it does not need to produce more sebum.

And it will safely and effectively manage a person’s acne breakouts. This will allow people to talk to their dermatologist about an acne scar treatment that can minimize their acne scars.

This can be done very safely and effectively with laser therapy. And if people want information on how their dermatologist can use laser therapy to treat their acne scars.

They should contact their doctor for a referral. And see their dermatologist about how they can benefit from this treatment. Not only is this treatment very effective. But it is permanent, reducing the look of scars permanently, as long as people do not and up getting new ones.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Minimizing Acne Scarring

Many people want to utilize an acne scar treatment Edmonton without first combating there acne breakouts. Thinking that if they get rid of the scarring, they will eliminate the acne as well.

Unfortunately this is not the case. And dermatologists will insist on getting the acne under control. So that once they undergo the acne scar treatment. They will avoid causing new scars.

And if people have dry skin, the solution to minimizing their acne breakouts is moisturizer’s. And while many people who have acne whether they have dry skin or not. Very nervous about using moisturizers and they are prone to acne.

The reason why, is because many people equate voiced risers to causing acne. Particularly if they have used moisturizers in the past.

But dermatologists recommend that people stay away from cheap moisturizers. Or moisturizers with a lot of chemicals in it. Such as scented products.

Because scented products can end up having a lot of chemicals that would cause acne to form. Or other dermatological conditions.

By asking their dermatologist about what kinds of moisturizers or brands to use. Can help people end up with the right product for their face.


The reason why moisturizers are so important. Is because when the face is to dry. The body tries to combat this problem. By producing an overabundance of an oil called sebum.

And this sebum can cause acne breakouts. Particularly if there is dead skin cells on a person’s face. So by moisturizing, they can often stop the acne breakouts.

Which will allow the dermatologist to be confident enough to discuss the acne scar treatment Edmonton. One of the best ways to minimize acne scars is through laser therapy.

Because a laser is a very concentrated beam of light. When people undergo this therapy, the top layer of their skin is sloughed off. And while it may be uncomfortable, it is not a painful procedure.

When new skin grows, it will not grow with the scar on it. And this is what causes the scar to look minimized. What it also does, is it causes the body to produce more collagen.

Because trauma to the face, and re-growing skin. Causes the body to want to reduce this important building block of skin. And an influx of collagen to the area, can be very beneficial.

Not only will collagen help this new skin grow. But it will hydrate a person’s skin. Minimizing their dry skin without a moisturizer. To help it look better, and stop the body from producing an overabundance of sebum.

While it can be very frustrating to have dry skin and acne scars. The right treatment can take care of both. To help people look their best, and because of that feel their very best as well.

If people want more information about laser acne scar treatment Edmonton. They should ask their doctor for a referral to their dermatologist. So that they can find out more information.

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