Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Minimizing The Scars

Many people may not realize that there are effective acne scar treatment Edmonton. To help minimize the look of scarring from acne. Whether they have had regular acne, or if they have had cystic or nodular acne. The treatment for getting rid of the scarring is all the same.
However, before their dermatologist will start utilizing acne scar treatment Edmonton. They are going to want to help their patient get there acne under control.
This is so that when they undergo the treatment. They are not getting acne in between treatments. Which can result in more scarring. And eventually will need more treatments down the road.
How acne scars are formed. Is when the acne is healing. It starts to pull at the college and in a variety of different directions. Which leads to a rough and uneven texture.
The reason why cystic or nodular acne has more severe scarring. Is because it has larger acne. Which results in larger and more pronounced scarring.
Not only can people get scarring from their acne. But the more they interfere with the healing process of their acne. The more they are going to disrupt the collagen’s ability to heal. And results in a more pronounced scar.
Therefore, people should avoid picking, squeezing and poking at their acne. So that they will have us pronounced scars than they would if they were causing additional trauma to their skin.


People may even be causing more trauma to their skin unintentionally. By trying to eliminate their acne. If people are aggressively washing their face. Or easing extremely harsh exfoliants on their face.
This can actually increase the amount of scarring from the acne. Because the aggressive nature of their exfoliation and washing. Can disrupt the collagen and its healing process.
Acne scars can even appear as keloid scars. Which are very pronounced bumps. And these are formed when there is an over growth of collagen in the area. Collagen ends up layering over top of itself several times. Resulting in bumpy growths where the scar is. This can happen on the face. But is most common on people’s chest, act or even the back of their neck and behind their ears. People with skin type III, which is sensitive skin often have the highest instances of keloid scars.
Regardless of the type of scarring. The treatment is all going to be the same. Which is increasing the amount of collagen in the area. So that the skin can start to heal. As the skin heals, it will fail in the areas around the scarring. Leaving smoother skin. And a clear looking complexion.
Once a person’s acne is under control. And they start their acne scar treatment Edmonton. They need to ensure that they keep up their skincare routine during the treatments. So that they do not end up having a flareup of acne. Which will lead to additional scar tissue. That will need to be eliminated. And can result in additional treatments.
Treating the wide variety of acne scars that can exist. Can help people feel happier about their appearance. Which can lead to increased self-confidence and overall happiness about themselves.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Minimizing Scars

Whether people have had acne in the past and has led to scars says acne scar treatment Edmonton. Or if people are still struggling with controlling their acne. There are treatment options available. And they should contact their Edmonton dermatologist defined it what that is.
While this is a permanent treatment. Once the scars are reduced. They are not going to need continued treatments over a lifetime. In order to ensure that they do not come back. People also needs to be ensuring that they are engaging in the appropriate skincare. So that they do not end up with more acne. And ending up in more scars being formed.
However, people need to keep in mind that the goal is not going to be to really eliminate the scarring one hundred percent. But rather to improve the local by 50%. Because that is going to make the appearance of their skin cleaner look clearer. As well as have smoother texture skin. And ultimately be less noticeable.
Regardless of what treatment option people choose to go with. It is going to consist of increasing the collagen in their skin. So that it can heal the area. And minimize the appearance of their scars.
All of the treatment options will increase the collagen in the area. But one of the most effective ways of doing that is using a laser. Most specifically, the Fraxel laser. Is going to be the most efficient laser for doing this.
How that works, is by using the laser to heat up the areas of the face. Collagen finds nutrients in the warmth and heat. And when it gets hot. The collagen will start rebuilding itself.


Therefore, the Fraxel laser is going to ensure that the collagen gets heated up effectively. So that it can stimulate the collagen production in the face. And start to heal the skin.
And because it is using heat. Some patients can report feeling discomfort during the treatment. And while this is unavoidable. The dermatologist will ensure that they go as fast or as slow as each patient can tolerate. To ensure that they do not cause too much discomfort or pain to their patients.
The next thing that people can keep in mind, is that each treatment is going to last about two hours. And it might take up to four treatments to get the maximum results. As a 50% reduction of the scar tissue.
We will they need to wait anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks in between treatments. So that the collagen can fully heal the skin before having the laser regenerate the collagen again, to continue to heal the skin in the area.
As long as people are engaging in good skincare routines after the treatments are over. They can eliminate the scar tissue for good. And ensure that they do not create anymore from new acne forming.
This way, people can ensure that they have the best appearance possible. So that they can have the self-confidence and happiness they need.