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Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Minimizing The Look of Spider Veins

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Minimizing The Look of Spider Veins

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Minimizing The Look of Spider Veins

Spider veins, along with other vascular problems used to have a very difficult treatment says acne scar treatment Edmonton. With spider veins, it involved using a needle to collapse the vein. So that it would fade away. And other vascular problems, such as broken capillaries, cheery angiomas, and rosacea. Simply were not treatable.

And even if some vascular problems were treatable, such as angiomas, Ike hema angiomas, which are benign tumors made up of blood vessels. Or Venus lakes on the lips, which is benign vascular lesions caused by sun damage. They were only treatable by surgery, and carried a risk of leaving a scar.

And when patients are faced with getting a facial issue fixed, but then leaving a scar behind. It was often considered far less invasive to not get the surgery, and not have a scar.

This is where the creation of the synergy laser has been so monumental in treating a wide variety of dermatological problems. Because it allowed people with vascular problems that had not been treatable up until then, to suddenly have an option.

And patients who did not want to risk getting a scar, had a treatment option that did not result in leaving a scar.

In addition to that, laser therapy can done on an outpatient basis. And without requiring going under general or even local anaesthetic. Which is significantly more beneficial. Then patients who are undergoing surgery to get minor problems fixed.

The synergy laser is also very unique, because it contains two different lasers within the same machine says acne scar treatment Edmonton. So that a wider variety of problems can be fixed.


The pulsed dye laser, is a yellow light laser, that treats problems on the surface of the skin. Whereas the ND laser, has a beam of light in the infrared spectrum, and can go straight down to the third layer of skin called the dermis.

Between these two lasers, dermatologists can start treating extremely wide variety of problems, the matter where in a patient’s skin that problem starts.

Therefore, patients were suffering from vascular problems, which typical sleep present on the top layer of the skin. Such as rosacea, spider veins, hema angiomas, Venus lakes on the lips. As well as broken capillaries and cherry angiomas.

With how effective the pulsed dye laser is at targeting the blood vessels on the skin. Acne scar treatment Edmonton says it is also a great wart treatment. Because it can target the vascular system of the wart. Cutting off the wart’s blood supply, and effectively killing it off.

But also problems deeper down in the skin such as sun damage, that often leads to brown spots and age spots. But also can treat discolouration from birthmarks even port wine stain birthmarks that are extremely red and purple in colour.

If patients want to know if this laser machine is going to help with their particular dermatological problem. They should make an appointment with their dermatologist. And in that meeting, they will find if this is the best treatment for them. And how many sessions they can expect to eliminate their issue.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Minimizing The Look of Spider Veins

Spider veins are caused when veins stop working efficiently says acne scar treatment Edmonton. And blood starts flowing backwards, causing the pronounced look of this vein.

Previously, treatment for that required going in and collapsing each vein, so it would fade away. However with the development of laser therapy. Patients can have a less invasive, and a more effective way of treating this vascular issue.

Not only can spider veins be minimized, but other vascular issues such as rosacea, broken capillaries, cherry angiomas, can all be minimized with this form of treatment.

The way it works, is because the pulsed dye laser, targets the Hima and hemoglobin. And essentially deal oxygenates the blood vessels. When the body realizes that the blood vessel has been damaged. It will no longer send blood to that area.

The less the vein is used, the more it will start to fade from the surface of the skin. Taking the red look of the veins away.

In spider veins, they will just eventually fade from sight. No matter where on the body they are. With rosacea, the blood vessels will start to fade until the condition is no longer noticeable. And the same with cherry angiomas and broken capillaries.

In the same way this pulsed dye laser works on vascular conditions. It can also treat more significant dermatological problems. Such as hema angiomas, which are benign tumors created of clumps together blood vessels. This is a congenital problem, that can simply get worse as a person ages.


As well as they pulsed dye laser can treat Venus lakes on the lips. Which are benign vascular lesions, caused by sun damage says acne scar treatment Edmonton.

In the same way that it the oxygenates the blood vessels, the laser does the same with the lesion or the tumor. And over time, causes the tumor or the lesion to die, and fade away.

When patients are going in for this treatment, they should expect a bit of discomfort. Because it is a laser, which emits heat as it touches the skin.

However, dermatologists understand that this heat can be uncomfortable. Which is why the treatment includes pointing a cooling fan at the treatment area.

This cooling fan brings down the temperature of the skin quickly. So that the amount of discomfort can be minimized says acne scar treatment Edmonton.

However, people leaving the treatment will find that they still could be sore, and they will be read in the area of treatment. As their soreness, and redness fades. So will the area that they are getting treated, fading slowly with time and with each treatment.

They will need to follow all of the advice of their dermatologist, to either stay out of the sun. Or use in high SPF sunscreen. So that they do not damage their skin in the sun.

And by coming back as often as their dermatologist requires. In order to get the appropriate number of treatments. That can help them eliminate their dermatological problem.

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