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Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Minimizing Wrinkles With Botox

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Minimizing Wrinkles With Botox

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Minimizing Wrinkles With Botox

If people are looking for a way to minimize the look of wrinkles they may ask their dermatologist about acne scar treatment Edmonton. Or they may want to know more information about Botox.

Because while they can both minimize the look of wrinkles. They both work very differently. While Botox affects muscles to minimize the look of wrinkles and prevent wrinkles from forming.

Acne scar treatment Edmonton is a laser treatment. That affects people’s skin on a permanent basis. That takes a long time to heal, and does not prevent wrinkles from forming.

Because of this, some effective treatments for many people. Can include getting Botox treatments. The getting them after they get an acne scar treatment Edmonton and fully heal.

The reason why, is because while Botox can minimize the look of wrinkles by relaxing the muscles. If there is a significant or deep wrinkles. They may want to use a treatment that can permanently minimize those wrinkles.

And then prevent wrinkles from happening in the future. By relaxing the muscles in their face. However, it will require a consultation with a dermatologist. And considering each person specifically.

To decide on which will method is going to be most beneficial. It is also going to be important to take each person into consideration, and what kind of final look they are desiring.

While many people are concerned about Botox, thinking that there will be long-term effects, or even side effects to injecting Botox into their muscle. This concern is unfounded.


Not only are there no side effects upon injecting the Botox into the muscle. There are also no long-term lasting effects. Even after the three or four months in which the Botox molecules leave the body.

In fact, doctors are using Botox even more than ever before. To treat a wide variety of medical conditions. From neck spasms, overactive platters, and lazy eyes.

To migraine headaches, chronic pain, pain from TMJ and hyperhidrosis. But also to treat the muscle spasms contractions that people affected by cerebral palsy experience.

Because Botox causes the muscle to make a more inhibited motion. When used in cerebral palsy, it can, the muscle contractions down. And allow people to move freely such as walk, and run easily.

And if Botox cause any side effects, or long-term harm. There is no way that they would inject it in people for a medical purpose. Or use it on children in large quantities.

Therefore, people can be very the assured that Botox is incredibly safe. But also, it is known to be not systemic. Which means it stays exactly where it is injected. And does not spread out throughout the body.

However, if people want to know if they should get laser treatment, or pops treatment. Or if they should get a mixture of the two. This is best discussed with a dermatologist.

At Edmonton dermatology, can set up a free consultation with the dermatologist on staff. And discuss what they are hoping the results will be for their cosmetic procedure. So they can get the right treatment for what they want.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Minimizing Wrinkles With Botox

There are many treatments that people can get when they are looking for minimizing wrinkles, from an acne scar treatment Edmonton. To Botox treatments or even a mixture of the two.

It is very important that when people consider Botox, that they understand that it is temporary, and it affects the muscles of their face.

While acne scar treatment Edmonton involves laser treatments. And it is permanent. But it also requires a significantly higher healing processes. That may not be possible or desirable.

However, some dermatologists recommend a combination of the two. Because while the acne scar treatment Edmonton will permanently affect changes to a person’s face.

By eliminating some fine lines and minimizing wrinkles. The Botox on the other hand will continue to relax the look of the face. To improve the look of lines or wrinkles that were not eliminated by the laser treatment.

But also helping prevent the look of wrinkles from happening in the future. Which is why many dermatologists like suggesting both. They on what a person’s desired end result is.

How Botox works, is by affecting the nerve cell receptors in the muscle. And causing them to the minimized, so that it is not possible to bend the skin into a wrinkle any longer.

However, it does not completely prevent the muscle for moving. Which means people can still look quite natural.


Having the ability to smile, and frown. As well as raise their eyebrows, furrow their eyebrows and squint. For completely natural look.

And since Botox is very beneficial for inhibiting muscle movements. When people get Botox done before they start developing lines and wrinkles. They can prevent their muscle from making the motion that cause wrinkles in the first place.

So that they do not need to use a laser treatment later on in their life. And can minimize the use of any anti-aging treatment as well.

And if people ever and up stopping getting Botox. Because they do not want to, or they can no longer afford it. There is no problem in potentially looking older. Once they stop treatment.

However, people do need to keep in mind that professionals need to inject Botox. To ensure that it is done properly. So that unintended consequences do not happen.

For example, if someone does not inject the Botox properly. Instead of minimizing the look of fine lines. People can end up with causing the muscles to fall such as their eyebrows.

And while this would not be a permanent effect. It could cause a lot of loss of confidence during the 3 to 4 months it would take to have the Botox leave their body.

Therefore, during their consultation with their dermatologist. People should ask about what kind of certification their employees have. To ensure that it will be done properly. They will have the final result that they want.

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