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Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Reducing Scars With Lasers

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Reducing Scars With Lasers

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Reducing Scars With Lasers

Many people are looking for the right acne scar treatment Edmonton may not realize that laser treatments are effective. They often find this out they set up a consultation with Edmonton dermatology.

However, the different lasers that are used to treat a scarring work in completely different ways. And they can have some different results. Therefore, people should get as educated as possible.

In order to make the right decision, on which acne scar treatment Edmonton is most beneficial for them. This is very important, especially since many people have their self-esteem affected by significant scarring on their face.

Whether they would had scarring for just a few years, or they lived with it their whole life. The length of time they have had scars. This make a difference to what treatment they undergo.

But it is important that they meet with their dermatologist in person. So that they can see their skin type, as well as their skin issues for themselves.

So they can make a recommendation on what acne scar treatment Edmonton would be most beneficial. As well as what treatment is going to give a patient the results they are looking for.

Armed with this knowledge, patients are going to be able to decide for themselves which treatment they would like to pursue. In order to reduce or eliminate the look of the scarring.

Whether the scarring is from acne, an accident, or even a surgery. And no matter how deep the scarring is, or how long they have had it on their face.

The first things that ten dermatology will want to do. Is that if a patient has facial scarring from acne. They will want to ensure that any acne breakouts are stopped before they undergo a scar treatment.


And while many people will have had acne when they were adolescents. But have not had any acne since. A lot of people will continue having acne into adulthood.

In the reason why they need to get this acne treated first. Is because the dermatologist will not want to treat the scars. Only to have more form soon after, because they are continuing to have acne breakouts.

Therefore, they will get their patient on the right treatment, using the right products on their face. So that they can eliminate breakouts. And then be ready to eliminate the scarring from those breakouts.

Meeting with their dermatologist in person will also help the dermatologist figure out. What kinds of acne scars people have on their face. Because that can affect the recommendation of what treatment patients should get.

There are several different kinds of acne, because different kinds of scarring. From cystic and nodular acne, to ice pick, boxcar and linear scars.

People also made to be likely to get keloid scarring. And it is important to know that. Because that may cause the dermatologist make a different treatment recommendation. Since keloid scars form from an overabundance of collagen.

The doctor will also be able to figure out what kind of skin type patient has. Because that will also affect treatment options they recommend. And once they have discussed all of the variables.

The patient will be able to make the right decision about what treatment they would like. To help eliminate the look of scarring help increase their self-esteem.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Reducing Scars With Lasers

While not everybody who had acne will develop scarring, the people with significant scarring they end up looking for the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. Because it can be significantly damaging to their self-esteem.

And whether people have had scarring for only a few years. Or if they have had scarring for most of their adult life. They are going to be able to find an effective treatment at Edmonton dermatology.

Edmonton dermatology has many different machines that can help a wide variety of dermatological issues. And when it comes to scarring, they have two machines that can significantly help.

The first machine that they recommend for people with wide variety of scarring. Is called the Fraxel laser. Which is considered a resurfacing laser. Because it can fill in scar tissue.

And when scar tissue is filled in, it will give the skin smoother and younger looking appearance. How the Fraxel laser works. Is by heating up a patient’s skin on the area that is scarred with a laser.

And because collagen loves heat, everywhere that the laser is applied. The body will start producing an abundance of collagen. As it floods the area, it will fill in scar tissue.

And depending on a patient’s particular scars. They may need one or for treatments. And the treatments will be 4 to 6 weeks apart. In order to ensure that the collagen is working as thoroughly as possible.


And when the Fraxel laser is used as an acne scar treatment Edmonton. People can expect to get a 50% improvement their scar tissue. Making their skin look smoother and clearer.

The other machine that Edmonton dermatology uses for an acne scar treatment Edmonton. Is called the CO2 laser. Which is called an ablative laser. Which means it actually cuts to the skin in microscopic holes.

When the laser drills it is microscopic holes into the dermis, which is the second layer of skin. That will help the body produce an overabundance of collagen to the area.

As well, the heat from the laser will they prize the epidermis, which is the top layer of skin. And when the body we grows that top layer of skin. It will regrow without a trace of the scarring.

Which can significantly improve the look of scars on a person’s face. And unlike the Fraxel laser, which takes one to four treatments to be effective.

The CO2 laser is effective in just a single treatment. However, the healing time is two weeks. And people need to be very careful during this time, to avoid bacteria that can cause infections as they regrow that top layer of skin.

Which acne scar treatment Edmonton is right for each patient. Depend on what results they are looking for. As well as what they are willing to undergo for treatment and healing time.

But no matter which option they choose, they are going to be able to significantly improve the look of their scar tissue.

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