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Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Reducing The Look of Vascular Problems

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Reducing The Look of Vascular Problems

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Reducing The Look of Vascular Problems

While most laser treatments have been aimed at anti aging, or scar reduction says acne scar treatment Edmonton. And regardless of the reason why a person wants to get their dermatological issues fixed. Whether it is purely cosmetic, or if it is medical in nature. People should be comfortable contacting their dermatologist. Let her why they want to minimize their vascular problems

Vascular refers to veins, and there can be many different vein issues that cause people cosmetic problems, and medical problems. Cosmetically, common vascular problems include rosacea, spider veins, broken capillaries, and cherry angiomas.

These types of problems are mostly cosmetic in nature. Causing people to feel badly about their looks, but not really requiring a medical reason to eliminate says acne scar treatment Edmonton.

On the other hand, there are a wide variety of vascular problems that can cause specific issues in patients. Such as hema angiomas, which are benign tumors of newly formed blood vessels. These can appear anywhere on a person’s body. And are generally congenital in nature.

However, in addition to causing problems with the patient being able to see, hear or eat. Depending on the location of their hema angiomas.

It can also cause greater problems, if they become irritated, or if their skin opens up and exposes the hemangioma. In this can also become infected, causing a patient to have their health at risk says acne scar treatment Edmonton.

Even other vascular issues such as venous lakes on the lips, are benign, but are still vascular lesions. That can cause problems. Which would cause people who have these issues to seek treatment for them.


For these reasons, it can become quite important for a patient to get these removed. But up until recently, surgery was often the only option. Which often came with its own set of complications. As well as the increased risk for scarring.

When people are considering a treatment because of cosmetic reasons, increasing the chances of developing a scar something that most people would want to avoid. Causing many patients to live with their problems. Instead of getting them fixed. Because they would not want to chance getting a scar.

Regardless of the reason, the synergy laser can treat a wide variety of vascular problems. Very easily. How this works, is how the laser in the machine works.

The laser in the machine that targets blood vessels, is called the pulsed dye laser. This is a yellow light laser, that specifically targets the hema in hemoglobin.

What this does, is the oxygenates the blood vessels, causing the body to stop sending blood to that vessel, and that has an effect of killing off the blood vessel in the area.

When the body stops sending blood to a vessel, it stops getting used, and will fade away. Not only will this ensure that it does not become noticeable any longer, but in the case of a hema angioma. Which is at tumor made up of blood vessels.

This eventually kills off the tumor, in a way that causes absolutely no scar. So patients who have vascular issues. Should contact their dermatologist and find out how they can benefit from this treatment.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Reducing The Look of Vascular Problems

People who had vascular problems, often had no treatment options said acne scar treatment Edmonton. This is often because many problems had no known treatment. Or the treatment that was available, caused problems for scarring.

However, laser treatment now exists, and can fix many vascular problems. Without surgery. What this treatment involves, is using a laser, to cause the problem blood vessels to die out, so that they are no longer prominent.

The various problems that this type of treatment can heal are less serious ones such as cherry angiomas, broken capillaries, spider veins and rosacea.

As well as more serious things such as benign tumors created from blood vessels called hema angiomas. Or benign vascular lesions such as venous lakes on the lips. That are caused by sun damage.

While previous treatments often required going under surgery, whether under general or local anaesthetic. Which would require taking a day off work, and needing someone to go to the hospital with them.

Laser treatment is quick, and can happen without any anaesthetic at all. And patients can get to the treatment in their dermatologist’s office, and leave often within an hour.

When patients are getting treatment, they should expect a bit of discomfort. How this treatment will work, is that their dermatologist will aim the laser at the area that needs to be treated. And this highly concentrated beam of light hits the treatment area.


This is uncomfortable, because the laser actually admits quite a bit of heat. Which is why the dermatologist will also points a cooling fan directly at the treatment area of the patient.

What this cooling fan does says acne scar treatment Edmonton. Is it brings down the temperature of the patient’s skin, so that the burning sensation of the laser can be minimized.

When they dermatologist turns laser on, be a very quick snapping or popping sound, followed by a flash of light. And depending on the treatment area, the dermatologist will do that several times. To ensure that the treatment area is completely covered.

Coming out of the treatment, acne scar treatment Edmonton says that people will often be sore, and will be sore for 2 to 3 days. And they will often be read, and the redness will last about a week.

Depending on what they are getting treated will take one or more treatments. Which is why patients should set a free consultation with their dermatologist ahead of time. So that they can be prepared going in, about how many treatments they can expect.

After treatment, they need to ensure that they are following their dermatologist’s advice. Including staying out of the sun, and using a high SPF sunscreen. So that they do not further damage their skin. And by coming back for treatments as recommended. So that they can complete their treatment quickly, and enjoy their clear and problem free skin.

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