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Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Scar Treatments With Dry Skin

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Scar Treatments With Dry Skin

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Scar Treatments With Dry Skin

Many people talk to their dermatologist about the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. And those who have dry skin may be even more motivated. Because scarring can appear worse in people who have drier skin conditions.

The reason why scarring can appear worse with dry skin. Is because the skin does not lay flat. It ends up being rough, and flaky. This can add dimension to the face. And where there is scar tissue. It can appear more pronounced.

And people who live in drier climates such as Alberta. Especially during winter time, can end up with dry skin. Even if they typically do not have dry skin during the summer months.

Why people end up getting dry skin, is because when the environment is dry. It evaporates moisture out of every source that it can. Including off of the surface of people’s skin. When their skin is exposed to the air.

This is why people typically have dry skin on their hands and face. Because these are the things that are most often completely exposed to the air.

And while many people assume that when they have dry skin, they are not going to have problems with acne. But this is unfortunately not the case. Because as the body tries to compensate for the dry conditions.

It over produces an oil that is called sebum. And when the sebum is mixed with the dead skin on a person’s face. Can cause an acne breakout.

This means that even people who have dry skin can end up with acne scarring. Which is why they would want to see their dermatologist about the right acne scar treatment Edmonton.


However, they need to get there acne breakout under control. So that they do not undergo their acne scar treatment Edmonton. Only to create more scars when they get more acne later on.

The way to combat acne in dry skin. Is moisturizing. So that the body stops overproducing sebum. Which can help reduce acne right away.

When people end up with the right moisturizer. The next step is talking to the dermatologist about either exfoliation or micro-dermabrasion. That can gently take away the dead skin on a person’s face.

The reason why people should talk to a dermatologist about this. Is because when people exfoliate at home. There often exfoliating either too hard, too often or both.

And that can create microtears in the skin. That not only can create more scars. But it can make people prone to infection in the skin on their face.

Therefore they should only let a trained dermatologist exfoliate or give them micro-dermabrasion treatments. So that they can gently take that dead skin away.

Once they have there acne under control. They can start looking at the different acne scar treatment Edmonton. Such as which laser treatment will be most beneficial.

The laser treatments can be extremely effective at currently reducing the look of acne scarring. And after undergoing this treatment, people can enjoy their scar free, moisturized skin. To help them feel their absolute best.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Scar Treatments With Dry Skin

When people have acne scars and dry skin, they may be very motivated to talk to a dermatologist about the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. Because acne scarring can look more pronounced on people who have dry skin.

The reason why acne scars can be more pronounced. When people have dry skin, is because they end up having rough, flaky skin. That can show imperfections or easily because the skin is not laying flat.

In addition to that, when people have dry skin, it often feels extremely itchy. Which causes people to scratch it more often. And scratching can lead to scarring itself.

But also, when people are putting their hands to their face more often. That can create conditions that cause acne. Because hands are often ready, or have their own oils on them. That can upset the balance on the face, and cause acne.

Therefore by treating the dry skin itself. Can help eliminate those acne breakouts. And once a person has their acne under control. Then they can talk to a dermatologist about which acne scar treatment Edmonton is right for them.

Because they will not want to permanently get rid of acne scars. If the reason they have them is still occurring on their face.

People can get the right moisturizer for their dry skin, so that it does not end up being rough or flaky. And when they get rid of their dry skin, they will not itch as much as well.


Dermatologists recommend getting a moisturizer that is dedicated for the face. And does not have a lot of perfumes in it. Because that will have more chemicals in it. That can end up causing irritation instead of fixing it.

Once they have the right moisturizer. People need to apply to their face the right number of times. Immediately after their shower, whether it is in the morning or at night. And then before they go to bed or right when they wake up in the morning.

By moisturizing the right number of times per day. With the right moisturizer. Can help people combat their dry skin problems. So that they do not end up having acne breakouts. Which will cause or scarring to occur.

Once they have their acne under control. Their dermatologist will talk to them about the acne scar treatment Edmonton that is best for them. Which is going to be a type of laser treatment.

What lasers will do to minimize acne scarring. Is gently slough off the top layer of skin of a person’s face. In order to get rid of that top layer that has the scar on it. And when you skin grows, the look of the scar will be reduced.

What the laser treatment will also do. Is encourage the body to produce more collagen. That can help moisturize the skin, and give the skin a youthful glow.

That after the laser treatment, people can end up with a completely different look, reduced scar tissue, and smooth, healthy looking skin.

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