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Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Treating Acne on Dry Skin

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Treating Acne on Dry Skin

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Treating Acne on Dry Skin

If people have a combination of acne and dry skin, they may be interested in finding an acne scar treatment Edmonton quickly. Because dry skin can often make acne scars look more pronounced.

The reason why dry skin makes scars look worse than they are. Is because the rough and flaky skin can show imperfections more significantly. Then skin that is smooth and well hydrated.

And when people are living in a dry environment such as Alberta. They will tend to have drier skin than normal. Making anyone who has acne scars. Looking for effective treatments to minimize the look of their scars.

However, before a dermatologist will talk about which acne scar treatment Edmonton they recommend. People should get their dry skin as well as their acne under control.

And while many people with acne and do not want to moisturize. Because they often equate why she arising to an acne breakout. With the right moisturizing cream. It will not cause a worse breakout.

In fact, the reason why people with dry skin and up getting acne. Is because when the skin is dry, the body tries to compensate. By overproducing an oil called sebum. And when the sebum gets into contact with the dead skin on a person’s face.

The combination ends up causing acne. Therefore moisturizing is the first step to fixing acne in dry skin. And the second step is getting rid of the dead skin.

And while exfoliation as well as micro-dermabrasion can get rid of the dead skin. Dermatologists recommend that people do not do this at home.

Because it is quite common for people to exfoliate their skin more often than is beneficial. Or exfoliate their skin aggressively. And both of these can cause microtears in people’s skin.


Not only will they micro-tearing have a tendency to cause some slight scarring. It also makes people prone to infection, which can look like a breakout. And that is what people are trying to avoid.

Therefore, talking to the dermatologist about how often they should come in for a gentle exfoliation. Can keep enough dead skin off of a person’s face. And through moisturizing, their body will stop overproducing sebum.

And once they have their acne under control. They will be able to discuss the acne scar treatment Edmonton that is most beneficial for them.

Most dermatologists recommend a laser treatment to minimize that scarring. Because it is very effective, and produces great results.

What a laser treatment will do in order to minimize scarring. Is slough off the top layer of skin on a patient’s face. And when the new skin grows in. It grows in without the look of the scar.

Therefore, people end up with reduced scarring, and new skin, that looks youthful. What is the laser treatment also does, is causes the body to produce more collagen.

And collagen can keep peoples skin from drying out as well. So that after a laser treatment when a person is completely healed. They will have less scarring, and more youthful, moisturized skin that can continue to help them minimize their acne.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Treating Acne on Dry Skin

People may be looking for the right acne scar treatment Edmonton when they have dry skin. Because dry skin can cause scarring to look worse than it actually is.

However, people need to minimize or eliminate their acne breakouts. Before they can undergo laser scar treatment. Because it is not good to be beneficial for people to minimize their scarring.

While they are continuing to have the reason why they have scars in the first place. Which makes it very important that before people talk to their dermatologist about which acne scar treatment Edmonton is most beneficial for them.

They talk to their dermatologist about taking care of their acne problem and there dry skin. And while many people think that people who have dry skin will not have acne problems.

Because acne problems are typically when the body is producing too much oil. People with dry skin think that they will not have too much oil, but this is not the case.

Why people end up having dry skin. Is because the environment sucks water out of their skin through evaporation. And parts of the body that are exposed to the elements are most likely affected.

And since people almost always have their faces exposed. This is why people end up with dry faces. However, it is the water molecules that are being evaporated. And oil can be left behind.

Because of that, people with dry skin could have dry skin, but still have oil trapped in their face. Which can cause acne. But also, what happens when a person has dry skin.


Is that the body tries to compensate for the very dry conditions. By overproducing an oil called sebum. And even though their face feels dry. They have more sebum in their face then is typical.

And when the sebum mixes with the dead skin on a person’s face. It creates the perfect condition to create acne breakouts. Therefore, the best treatment to reduce acne breakouts on dry skin.

Is moisturizing and exfoliation. However, when people are purchasing the right moisturizer. There are several things that they need to take into consideration. To pick the right moisturizer for their face.

The first thing is they need to choose a moisturizer that is going specifically for the face. People should avoid putting body or hand lotion on their face. Because it could cause more problems than it solves.

And people should stay away from a moisturizer that has a lot of perfumes in it. Because those moisturizers are likely going to have more chemicals. Which can also cause irritation.

Once they have the right moisturizer. They can start talking to their dermatologist about what to do about the dead skin. Whether it is monthly exfoliation with their dermatologist. Or some gentle micro-dermabrasion in office.

The right treatment will gently take the dead skin on the face away. So that when people moisturize, it will not create an acne breakout. That people can end up with smooth, moisturized skin. So that their acne scar treatment Edmonton will be effective.

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