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Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Treating Acne Scars On Dry Skin

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Treating Acne Scars On Dry Skin

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Treating Acne Scars On Dry Skin

While many people might think that they are not going to be a good candidate for acne scar treatment Edmonton. Because they have extremely dry skin. Dermatologists will have no problem utilizing many treatments regardless of what kind of skin people have.

Ultimately, the reason why people who have acne breakouts with dry skin. Versus people who have acne breakouts with oily skin are different. But the treatment involved in getting rid of the scars is the same.

However, before any dermatologist utilize any acne scar treatment Edmonton on any patient. They will want to get the acne breakouts under control first. So that they do not treat the problem.

Only to find that they will need to redo the treatment later on. Because what is causing the problem is something that patients are still combating themselves.

However, the treatment of stopping the acne breakout will be different for people with oily skin than people with dry skin. Because the causes of the acne are different.

For people with oily skin, their body is producing an overabundance of the oil called sebum. And when that sebum is mixed with the dead skin on their face. Causes an acne breakout.

However, with people who have dry skin. They do not have enough oil, so their body over compensates, by trying to produce an overabundance of sebum.

Because of that, the treatment for people with oily skin is minimizing the oil. While treating people who have dry skin will be helping them be even more moisturized. So that their body will stop producing this oil.


The first step to helping people with dry skin be as hydrated as they can be. Is increasing their water intake. So that they can be hydrated from the inside out.

The next step is finding the right moisturizer for their skin. And even though many people who have acne breakouts are very nervous about utilizing moisturizers.

This is often because they have equated moisturizers to making their acne breakouts worse. But talking to a dermatologist can help them choose a moisturizer that is right for them. That will not cause problems.

Then, by applying the moisturizer twice a day. Right after morning shower, and right before bed. Can ensure that people are keeping their skin as moisturized as possible.

The next step will be talking to the dermatologist about which acne scar treatment Edmonton they want to use. And it will typically be one of the several lasers that they have at the clinic.

Laser therapy is incredibly beneficial for treating scars. Because it will help slough off the top layer of skin. And when new skin grows, it will minimize the look of the scars.

It will also help increase the production of collagen in a person’s face. Which will help them have a youthful appearance, as well as help them have more moisturized skin, to combat their dryness.

For people who are acne prone. Treating their acne scars may be a multistep process. In the end, can help them feel their absolute best.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Treating Acne Scars On Dry Skin

Often, people who have dry skin are prone to acne breakouts, which causes them to want to seek out the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. Especially because acne scars can be more pronounced in people who have dry skin.

The reason why people who have dry skin have more pronounced scarring. Is because the skin can be inflamed, rough and flaky. Which will tend to exacerbate any imperfections in the skin.

Which is often why people who have dry skin want to seek out an acne scar treatment Edmonton. However, whether they have dry skin or not.

Before a dermatologist will utilize an acne scar treatment Edmonton. They are going to insist on treating the dry skin, and minimizing the acne breakouts that person is having.

The reason why people might have dry skin, is because they spend a lot of time exposed to the environment. And dryer environment such as living in Alberta.

Can cause people to have the moisture in their skin evaporated by the environment. Which is why moisturizing can be so beneficial. Because rather than stealing water molecules from the skin.

When people use moisturizers, the environment will still water molecules from the moisturizer. And leave the skin alone. However, it still important to hydrate from the inside as well as the outside.


People will find that if they are hydrating and waste rising enough. That their rough, flaky skin will start to become smoother. And this is when there likely going to experience fewer acne breakouts.

The reason why they will have acne breakouts even though they have dry skin. Is because their body will try to compensate for that dryness. By overproducing an oil called sebum. That is responsible for causing acne breakouts.

In addition to moisturizing. One thing that can help people avoid getting acne breakouts is exfoliation. So that they can get rid of the dead skin cells that cause acne breakouts.

And one of the benefits of using exfoliation. Is that it can help minimize the look of any acne scarring. However, many people exfoliate too often or too aggressively.

And when they exfoliate too often, rather than getting rid of the dead skin. There causing more problems by micro tearing their skin. And causing a potential increase in infections.

This is why people should ensure that they are only getting a dermatologist to exfoliate or use micro dermabrasion. So that they do not end up causing more problems while they are trying to fix others.

Once they have their dry skin, and acne under control. They can talk to their dermatologist about the acne scar treatment Edmonton. And utilize a laser therapy in order to minimize the acne scarring.

Once people have the laser therapy done. As long as they adhere to their skin care regime, they will be able to enjoy less scarring, and softer, more youthful -looking face.

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