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Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Treating Deep Facial Scars

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Treating Deep Facial Scars

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Treating Deep Facial Scars

When people have acne scarring, they often seek out the right acne scar treatment Edmonton as an adult. Because they often have decreased confidence because of their scarring.

However, sometimes, people will also need to talk to their dermatologist about getting their acne under control. Because they may still be experiencing acne breakouts. Even as in adults.

And there is no sense in their dermatologist letting them go through with an acne scar treatment. While they still have acne. Because that will cause them to form more scars.

While there trying to get rid of the scars that they have. Therefore, the first order of business will be helping people find the right treatment to their acne problem in the first place.

Once they have the right treatment, and they have not had an acne breakout in several weeks. Then their dermatologist can talk to them about right acne scar treatment Edmonton.

That can help them eliminate the scarring on their face. And while there are many different types of treatment options available. The best treatments include the Fraxel laser.

Which will take about two hours, and will take approximately four treatments depending on the person. And the goal with the Fraxel laser treatment. Will be to help the scars improved by 50%.

Which will make their parents smoother, clear and far less noticeable. And while most people will need four treatments of the Fraxel laser. They will need to wait approximately 4 to 6 weeks in between each session.


Another nice thing for people to know about this kind of acne scar treatment Edmonton. Is that the scar production is permanent, and as long as they are maintaining good skincare treatment. They will not develop any new scars.

However, while the Fraxel laser is extremely effective. The CO2 laser which is a fractional laser surfacing laser. Is even more effective. And can get the results that people are looking for in a single treatment.

However, this is quite a bit more invasive. And while just like the Fraxel laser, the procedure takes two hours. The CO2 laser will take approximately two weeks to heal from.

How they CO2 laser works, is first by having the laser drill microscopic holes into the dermis, which is the middle layer of skin. Where it will encourage the body to produce even more collagen than it normally does.

And the heat from the laser will also vaporized the top layer of skin. So that when new skin grows, it will not have any trace of the scarring or lines that people are seeking to eliminate from their face.

To find out why their dermatologist recommends one or the other. And which when they should utilize. Patients should set up a free consultation with Edmonton dermatology.

And not only find out which treatment they should utilize. But also, find out what they should expect for each treatment. So that they can go into the procedure, knowing what to expect.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Treating Deep Facial Scars

The reason why many people contact Edmonton dermatology for an acne scar treatment Edmonton. Is because they can have a significant decrease in confidence due to their appearance.

Not only that, but significant scarring on people’s faces can cause them to feel depressed over their appearance. So treatment can help people feel better about themselves, and decrease their depression.

And as long as people have not had an acne breakout for several weeks, months or years. Their dermatologist will be more than happy to talk about the different procedures.

While there are many different types of procedures. From the different lasers that they have. The Fraxel laser as well as the CO2 laser are the best lasers for reducing scarring.

So that whether people are looking for an acne scar treatment. Or if they are looking to eliminate scars from surgery, deep wrinkles. Or even things like tightening sagging skin, or eliminating age spots.

The CO2 laser is a great choice for many people. However, it is quite invasive. And the healing time can cause a lot of people to reconsider this as an option for themselves.

Because the recommendation from their dermatologist is or people to take two weeks off of work. To help themselves heal thoroughly and effectively.

The reason why, is because not only can their parents be quite alarming, particularly if people do not want to tell their peers or coworkers that they are having any procedure done.


But also, because it is extremely important that during the healing process. That people avoid going out into the sun. As well as keep it as clean as possible. Which may not be possible if they go to work.

It is also very important for people to understand that they should have ice packs on hand following the procedure. As well as have prescription for antibiotics filled.

So that they can ensure that if they start getting an infection. That there going to be able to take medication as quickly as possible, so that it does not get serious quickly.

After they undergo this acne scar treatment Edmonton. People will find that they are going to leave the treatment with skin that is crusty, or potentially bleeding slightly.

And three days of being tender, with crusty skin. Will change when they start to swell on day three. And then that crusty skin will start falling off. Making your skin look greasy.

There skin will start peeling off this point says Edmonton dermatologist. Which will make this again underneath look extremely pink. It is at this point, that people need to be the most careful about bacteria.

Which means they should wash their hands incredibly often. And be careful with their pants. Especially as they are likely going to want to kiss their boo-boos better.

If this is going to be the right acne scar treatment Edmonton for many people. They will be able to determine that during their consultation with their dermatologist. And if it is not the right treatment option. Perhaps the Fraxel laser is the best way to go.

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