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Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Treating Dermatological Issues With Lasers

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Treating Dermatological Issues With Lasers

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Treating Dermatological Issues With Lasers

While many laser therapies are geared towards antiaging, acne scar treatment Edmonton says that the synergy laser treatment is geared towards healing various conditions affecting people’s skin.

Up until now, a lot of the conditions that this laser treats have either not had effective treatments with surgery. Or did not have any treatments at all. Requiring people to live with these problems. For the rest of their life.

Some of the issues are common and less severe such as rosacea, broken capillaries or spider veins. Or could be more serious issues, such as benign vascular lesions such as venous leg sunlit. Or hema angiomas, which are benign tumors that are formed from blood vessels.

Since these issues are on people’s faces, wanting to undergo surgery was always something that was in question. Especially when the surgical methods often left scars.

When faced with surgery and potential scarring. Or living with their dermatological condition. Many patients simply opted to leave their problems and treated.

However, the synergy laser is so effective at treating a wide variety of dermatological problems. That acne scar treatment Edmonton says that no longer do people have to choose between lesions or scars.

The synergy laser leaves people with their dermatological problems eliminated or so improved, it is hard to see where the problem was. With absolutely no scarring left behind.


How this laser works, is by having two different lasers within the same machine. One is a full diet laser, which is a yellow laser, that targets the heme in hemoglobin. And causes the blood in the vessel to be deoxygenated. And when this happens, the body no longer sends blood to that vein, causing it to fade away.

Doing this, causes the problem area to fade away with time. Often requiring only a few treatments by the laser, to see results. Rosacea for example is a condition that requires four to six treatments in order to completely eliminate in most people.

The second laser, is called a and D laser, which has a beam of light in the infrared spectrum. Which targets pigmentation down in the skin. And uses vibrations to shake the pigment note of the skin.

The best thing about this type of laser, is that it can tell the difference between pigmentation caused by sun damage, or logical issues. Such as a port wine stain birthmark. And the pigmentation of a person’s skin.

Therefore, it does not matter what type of skin tone a patient has. It will not lighten or darken their skin. Causing the problem area to be treated and eliminated. While leaving the rest of their skin completely unaffected.

With how important treating general to logical problems are. And how effective this laser is. Anyone that has a wide variety of dermatological problems. Should make an appointment with acne scar treatment Edmonton and their dermatologist.

In order to see if there issue is best treated with this laser. And how many treatments they can expect. In order to eliminate their problem.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Treating Dermatological Issues With Lasers

Many people who are living with dermatological problems, such as acne scar treatment Edmonton, rosacea, vascular lesions, port wine stain birthmarks, angiomas, or broken capillaries. Often have had to live with these problems, which are not just cosmetic in nature. But also should get fixed for medical reasons as well.

Such as a hema angioma, which is a benign tumor of newly formed blood vessels. Should be removed for many different reasons. More than just cosmetic according to acne scar treatment Edmonton.

Unfortunately, this type of dermatological issue could not previously be treated without surgery. Which often left a scar for most patients.

However, the synergy laser treatment is effective at eliminating many dermatological problems. Without surgery. And without leaving a scar behind.

Even more important than that, many dermatological issues that previously could not be treated at all. Such as cherry angiomas, and broken capillaries could not be treated at all. Leaving people to live with these conditions for the rest of their life.

However, that is no longer true. And in just a few laser treatments, which only take about an hour, and allow people to get on with their regular activities. People can not only eliminate these issues. But to do so without risk of scarring their face.

When going in for the treatment, whether they are getting the pulsed dye laser treatment, or the ND laser treatment. Because it is laser, people should expect there to be a bit of discomfort. As the laser hits their skin.\


The reason why, is because lasers are concentrated light. And that concentrated light can get quite hot. This is why, the dermatologist is going to have a cooling fan aimed at the patient’s face at all times. In order to bring down the heat, and bring them comfort.

Because the laser beam is targeting a very specific area, no matter how fine and area the dermatologist is treating. They can target exactly what they need, leaving the rest of the skin alone.

This is important to note, because many other treatments that say that they are laser, actually use something called an IPL laser. Which is actually a beam of light. And while that can treat a lot of issues. It is not nearly as precise. And can end up treating parts of the face that are unintentional.

When the dermatologist is using the laser, patients can expect a snapping sound, and that is the sound of the laser treating the area.

When it comes to the ND laser, this is used to treat pigment that is deep down into the dermis layer of the skin, almost all of the way into the subcutaneous fat. And it eliminates pigmentation by vibrating it out of this layer of skin.

Because of this, patients will expect to have the pigment leave their skin in a residue that feels crumbly. But will peel off, leaving lighter and smoother skin behind.

If people are wanting to know if there dermatological issues can be treated by the synergy laser. They should contact their dermatologist according to acne scar treatment Edmonton. And find out if they would make a good candidate for treatment. And how many treatments they should expect to eliminate their issue.

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