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Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Treating Dry Skin

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Treating Dry Skin

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Treating Dry Skin

Treating dry skin can be tough for dermatologists, but tougher if they also need acne scar treatment Edmonton. Therefore, if people feel that they have dry skin, and acne scars. The right person to talk to would be their dermatologist.

In fact, dry skin can often make acne scarring look more pronounced. Because the dry skin can show off the dead skin cells more prominently. And the dead skin cells can make the scarring look more pronounced.

And while exfoliation is going to be a great way to minimize the dead skin cells. If people exfoliate to aggressively or too often. They could end up damaging their skin.

And aggressive exfoliation can also cause microtears in a person’s skin. That can make them prone to infection. And should be avoided at all costs.

Therefore, people should leave exfoliation to the experts, such as their dermatologist. So that not only are they not exfoliating to aggressively. But that they are not exfoliating to often.

And while exfoliation can be beneficial. Micro dermabrasion is often even more beneficial. Because it can exfoliate to a deeper level. Which can continue to get rid of the additional dead skin cells.

However, exfoliation and micro dermabrasion can only do so much to minimize the look of acne scarring. Which can cause many people to look for another acne scar treatment Edmonton.

After talking to their dermatologist, many people can find out about laser therapy. That can be quite beneficial in reducing the look of their scarring. But as well, if they have dry skin it can take care of that as well.


How the laser treatment will work, is by using a very highly concentrated beam of light. To treat the skin, which will cause the very top layer of skin to be burned off.

And when that top layer of skin grows back. It will not have the scar, which is how the look of the scarring will be minimized. However, this process also increases the collagen production in a person’s face.

This increased collagen production will help the new skin as it grows in. But also, collagen will help keep the skin moisturized. Which can effectively combat a person’s dry skin problem.

However, after the laser treatment. It will be very important for people to continue to manage their dry skin. In one of the easiest ways to do that, is to increase the amount of water that people are drinking before undergoing any acne scar treatment Edmonton.

That way, people can stay hydrated from the inside. While choosing the right moisturizer for their outside. So that they can keep their skin as moisturized as possible.

If people do not moisturize their skin, what could happen. Is that the body sees that there is dry skin, and increases oil production called sebum. And that sebum can cause a breakout of acne.

Therefore, while many people with acne are nervous about using a moisturizer. Not musing a moisturizer can be just as devastating. Which is why it is so important to not only treat the scars, but treat dry skin as well.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Treating Dry Skin

Many people who are seeking out the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. Also trying to control active breakouts. It is important that they treat the breakouts before undergoing treatment. So they do not end up having additional scars they have to treat.

And while many people are very tempted to use products that will dry their skin out. Especially for have oily or combination skin. This is not very beneficial according to dermatologists.

Because even if many people think that dry skin will not have acne. This is not true. Because as long as there are dead skin cells, and production of oil called sebum. People can get acne.

Instead, some of the most beneficial things people can do to control their acne breakouts. Is to exfoliate, or get micro dermabrasion. So that they can minimize the amount of dead skin cells on their face.

And to moisturize, to keep their skin from getting dried out. Which can cause their body to produce more oil, and cause more acne.

People can also moisturize from the inside out. By drinking a lot of water. So that their skin can be hydrated from internal sources, as well as by the moisturizers that they have chosen to use.

Only after they have their acne under control. Should they start looking at acne scar treatment Edmonton options. While there are many different things that can help. Most dermatologists recommend laser treatments.

How laser treatments will work to reduce acne scarring. Is by using the laser, to slough off the top layer of skin. And as new skin grows, it grows over the scars, minimizing the look of the scars overall.


And what is very beneficial about using laser therapy. Is that it will also increase collagen production. and since collagen is an important building block of the skin. Not only can it help the new skin that is growing.

But additional collagen in the face can make that very dry skin soft and supple again. So that it can continue to minimize the look of acne scars. And require less external moisturizing measures.

However, it will require people using some moisturizer. And dermatologists typically recommend people avoid using a moisturizer that has a lot of perfumes or smells to it.

Because in order to make it smell nice, it will likely have many more chemicals in it. Which can increase the chances of irritating the skin, which is not good before or after acne scar treatment Edmonton.

And while choosing a moisturizer that people can stand the smell of is more difficult. When people avoid moisturizers chemicals. Ultimately, it will help ensure that they can put the moisturizer on their face.

Which will help combat the dry skin, as well as work to eliminate future acne breakouts. And help make the skin look as young and smooth as possible.

If people have any concerns about their acne scars, there dry skin or both. They should talk to their doctor about getting a referral to a dermatologist, where they can find out their time and options that they have available.

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