Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Treating Scar Tissue

The reasons why people contact Edmonton dermatologist, is to find the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. Because they may find that their self-esteem is suffering because of facial scars.

And when this is the case, the first step that people should make. Is contacting Edmonton dermatology in order to set up a free consultation. So that the dermatologist can see their face for themselves.
There will be able to see how significant this car is. What area of the face it covers. And what type of scarring they have. Because that will affect the recommendation that they dermatologist makes for treatment.
The reason why people should contact Edmonton dermatology first. Because they have many different machines that can help a wide variety of issues. Dermatological and otherwise.
Through the consultation, the dermatologist will find out what is most bothersome to the patient. And find out what kind of results the patient is looking for.
And discuss the different treatments, how many times they will have to undergo a treatment. And what the healing time will be like. In order for the patients to make the decision.
On which acne scar treatment Edmonton is going to be the most beneficial for them. They truly believe on educating every patient, so that they can make most informed decision for themselves.
And since their consultations are free. Patients do not need to worry about anything when they have their first consultation with the doctor. Because it will be a great opportunity.
For both patient and the doctor to get as much information as possible. And while Edmonton dermatology has many different treatments available for dermatological issues.


When it comes to treating act acne scar treatment Edmonton. They will typically use either a Fraxel laser, or a CO2 laser. Because they are extremely effective at minimizing the look of scarring.
Both use a laser to increase collagen production in a person’s face. And because they are very specific lasers, they can target a specific area of a person’s face. Which is very beneficial if there scarring is only one area.
The reason why collagen production is so important to eliminate look of scarring. Is because collagen is an important building block of skin. And can help heal scarring all on its own.
So when they increase collagen production in a person’s face. That alone can help eliminate the look of scarring. For a smoother, and younger looking face.
Another benefit of increasing collagen production. Is that it can help improve the patient’s skin elasticity. And help fill in lines and wrinkles as well.
So that overall, patients will look younger as well as having there scarring reduce. And depending on how many scars a patient has, or how significant the scarring is.
The dermatologist will make the recommendation on how many treatments a patient should undergo. In order to get the best results. Or the results that a patient is looking for to help them look and feel their best.
When people are looking for the right acne scar treatment. They should look no further than Edmonton dermatology, because they have the machines that can significantly help.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Treating Scar Tissue

When people are looking to book a free consultation with a dermatologist in order to find the best acne scar treatment Edmonton. They should contact Edmonton dermatology first.
The reason why, is because not only do they have several different pieces of equipment that can help a wide variety of dermatological issues. But they also have two different machines.
Specifically designed to help reduce the look of lines and wrinkles. And which machine they recommend using for a patient’s acne scar treatment. Will depend on how significant there scarring is.
And what kind of results a patient is looking for. Because while the Fraxel laser is designed to increase collagen production. Help naturally fill in the look of scarring.
That will take approximately four treatments, spaced about 4 to 6 weeks apart. And will help patients get a 50% improvement in the look of their scarring.
The CO2 laser is considered an ablative laser. Which means it actually cuts into the dermis layer of the skin. And can significantly reduce the look of scarring.
However, it is quite a bit more invasive, and has a significantly longer healing time. Although, patients will only need one treatment in order to get the results that they desire.

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Because the two machines are extremely different in what they do, as well as how the healing is expected to go. It is very important that Edmonton dermatology explains the process, and the healing time to each patient.
By out as much information as possible. Each patient will be able to make the decision on which acne scar treatment Edmonton is most beneficial for them.
With the Fraxel laser, patients should expect a two hour long treatment. Where the laser is going to apply a significant amount of heat to the face. Which is going to increase collagen production.
Since collagen loves heat, the where the laser is applied, the body is going to increase its own collagen production. And because collagen is a building block of the skin. It will start filling in the look of scarring.
With the CO2 laser, which is considered ablative because it cuts into the skin. It works in two different ways. First, by drilling microscopic holes into the dermis, which is the second layer of skin.
Which works to significantly improve the amount of collagen that is being produced on the patient’s face. But also, the heat from the laser will cause the top layer of skin, the epidermis to be vaporized off.
As the body works to regrow that skin. The new skin that forms will have any trace of scarring. Which is how they can get such drastic results in just one treatment.
Therefore, depending on what kind of results people are looking for in their acne scar treatment Edmonton. They should contact Edmonton dermatology, to find out all of the facts to make their decision on.