Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Treat Scars From Cystic Acne

People who have cystic acne often have such pronounced scars, that they seek out acne scar treatment Edmonton. So that they can regain their self-confidence.
In fact, 96% of people who have acne scarring on their face. Report feeling depressed because of their appearance. And an effective treatment can help people feel better about themselves.
Regardless of what type of acne a person has. Scarring can occur. However, cystic or nodular acne is much larger. Which results in a more pronounced scar as it heals. Whether people are suffering from moderate to severe acne. Or modular or cystic acne. They can often end up with scarring over most of their face.
This kind of scarring can lead to people feeling less confident in their appearance. And wanting to find a solution to help smooth their skin, and their parents as well.
How scars are actually formed. Is when the acne starts to heal, it pulls the collagen in a variety of directions. Which affects the texture of the skin. It often looks uneven and bumpy, and what people can refer to as peaks and valleys.
However, if people have type III skin. Which is sensitive skin with a higher burden risk. They can develop keloid scarring from their acne as well. Keloid scars happen when there is an overproduction of collagen. And the collagen ends up layering on top of itself. Until a bumpy growth is formed over the scar area.


Regardless of what kind of scarring it is. People can find an effective acne scar treatment Edmonton as long as they make an appointment with their dermatologist to discuss their options.
While they are discussing effective treatment options. The dermatologist is also going to want to discuss skincare routines as well as the best products that they can use. The reason this is so important. Is because any of the drugstore products that a person may by. In order to reduce or eliminate their acne. Are not going to be very effective.
The reason why, is because over-the-counter acne products have such little active ingredients in them. That it is very rarely effective at reducing or eliminating the instances of acne for most people.
The dermatologist is not going to go ahead with the acne scar treatment Edmonton. Until a person’s acne is under control. Because they do not want to be eliminating some scars. While more scars are being formed from new acne.
This is why it is incredibly important for people to get their acne under control. With not only the right products. But the right skincare routine for each person. It is very important that people are engaging in their skincare routine throughout treatment. As well as after the treatment is over.
After they have their acne under control. They will be able to have the right treatment that can eliminate the look of scarring. So that they can end up with clear and smoother skin. That can help increase their confidence once more. Allowing them to feel proud over their appearance.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Treating Scarring From Cystic Acne

Even though there are many different types of acne, they can all cause scarring which will have many people looking for acne scar treatment Edmonton. To minimize the look of scars on their face.
Whether it is typical acne, nodular or cystic acne. Or even different kinds of acne called ice pick acne, boxcar acne or linear acne. They all can produce scarring.
Most people complain about nodular or cystic acne scars. Because that is the largest kind of acne. Which causes the largest scars.
Regardless of the type, the treatment can all be the same. Which is increasing collagen production in the face. So that the skin can heal. Which will start to eliminate the look of scars.
While there are many different ways to increase collagen production in the face. One of the most effective ways is by using lasers. This type of acne scar treatment Edmonton will result in lasers heating up with the skin in the face. And since collagen likes warmth and heat. When it gets warm. It will start rebuilding itself.
The heat from the laser can be slightly uncomfortable. And people need to ensure that they are communicating with their dermatologist. Throughout their entire treatment. So that they can slow down or stop whenever patient needs a break. So that they do not end up feeling to uncomfortable.
The best laser for this treatment is called the Fraxel laser. And patients should prepare for approximately two hours for the procedure. Even though the procedure will take two hours. It may take anywhere between 1 to 4 treatments. Depending on the person, their skin type and their amount of scarring.


It is very important that people wait the appropriate amount of time in between treatments. Coming in to soon, and the collagen that was generated last time. Will not have completed their healing. But come in to far apart, and people might have to wait longer to see the results they want.
One of the most important things that people need to understand. Is that in between each acne scar treatment Edmonton. They need to be engaging in their skincare routine. And using the skincare products recommended to them by their dermatologist. So that they do not end up with new acne, and new scars.
However, once the acne scars have been minimized. The effects are never going to wear off, allowing the scars to come back. This is a permanent solution. That can help eliminate the look of the scars for good. And as long as people are engaging in the right skincare. And do not have more acne flareups. This look will last for a long time.
The goal will be for dermatologists to improve the look of the acne scars by 50%. Because it is not possible to completely eliminate them completely. But a 50% improvement. Means that the appearance is smoother. The skin will look clearer. And the scars will be far less noticeable.