Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Treating Skin Conditions With Lasers

While some people might think that skin conditions are purely cosmetic, such as acne scar treatment Edmonton. Many skin conditions are actually medical in nature. And should be fixed for more reasons than just for looks.
Whether people have vascular lesions, such as venous lakes on the lips which are caused by sun damage. Or and Geo is, which cause discolouration. Other dermatological problems such as hema angiomas, which are benign tumors. That are formed by blood vessels that are grouped together. Can medically impact the patient for many reasons.
Hema angiomas for example, can be superficial, which means they are at the surface of the skin. Or they can go quite deep. And regardless of the type. Can cause an open wound to form. Which is not only uncomfortable. But opens the skin up to infection.
But depending on where the hema angiomas is, can impact the patient’s ability to see, hear or even eat. And up until recently, there was no effective treatment for it says acne scar treatment Edmonton. That did not involve surgery. That often left scoring.
However, the synergy laser treatment is an effective way to shrink as well as get rid of hema angiomas. And all of the problems that they represent for the patient. The synergy laser treatment contains two different lasers. And the first one is called a pulsed dye laser.
What this laser is, is a yellow beam of light. That actually targets hemoglobin, in order to DR it it. What this does, is it effectively kills off the veins where it is targeted. So that the body stops sending blood to that area. And so that main can die off, and stop creating a problem for the patient.


How this helps hema angiomas, is by D oxygenating the benign tumor made out of blood vessels. The body stops sending blood to that area. And the blood vessels slowly die, and start to fade away.
Through several treatments, acne scar treatment Edmonton says that patients can go from a very prominent tumor on their face, to absolutely no trace of it left. And the best part is, they could do this in under an hour per treatment.
Be able to drive to and from the appointment. As well as not have to get put under general anaesthetic. Or have a scar on their body for the rest of their life.
And this laser treatment can treat many more things than hema angiomas. Especially issues that could not be treated before at all. Such as broken capillaries, cherry angiomas, and rosacea just to name a few.
By giving patients the choice, and the ability to treat problems that they did not have before. Can restore people’s confidence, and self-esteem. So that their looks, and their dermatology coal problems will not ever hold them back anymore.
If patients want to know if there dermatological problem can be treated with the synergy laser. They should contact their dermatologist for free consultation. And find out more about this treatment, and if it can help them.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Treating Skin Conditions With Lasers

Even though some laser treatments are just focused light, acne scar treatment Edmonton says the synergy laser uses to actual lasers. In order to help minimize or eliminate many different dermatological conditions.
While most lasers are geared towards anti-aging, and treating things like acne scar treatment Edmonton. The synergy laser is a true medical laser. With how it can effectively treat many different ontological concerns.
Because it has two different lasers in one. The pulsed dye laser, and the and deal a are. They can treat an extremely wide variety of problems. In a very fast and efficient manner.
The end deal a targets deep pigmentation such as dark brown and purple. That are deep into the dermis, which is the third layer of skin in patients. It is so deep, that it almost goes all the way to the subcutaneous fat.
This laser has a beam in the infrared spectrum, and can tell the difference between pigmentation that is caused by damage or birthmarks. And pigmentation of the patient’s skin.
Because it can tell the difference between the two, this laser is effective on all skin types and skin colours. Making this an extremely effective laser for all patients.
How it works, is by hitting the pigmentation that needs to be treated with light within the infrared spectrum. It effectively vibrates the pigmentation, and breaks it up underneath the skin.


When this pigmentation starts to break up, it will come out of the patient’s skin, and be seen as crumbly bits on the surface of a patient’s skin says acne scar treatment Edmonton.
Within five days, this will peel off of the patient, leaving not only smooth skin behind. But noticeably lighter skin as well.
Whether people are getting pigmentation problems such as sun damage, and age spots treated with this laser. It is also effective at treating other dermatological problems. Such as a port wine stain birthmark which is a very deep red or purple birthmark.
In just a few treatments, people will notice that there problem areas are noticeably lighter. And depending how severe their condition is. May take up to 4 to 6 treatments. That should be spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart.
When patients are receiving treatment, because this uses actual lasers, and can heat up quite a bit. When people leave treatment, they will be read. And they might be a little bit sore. But not nearly as sore as if they had had of the sunburn.
Patients should expect that there soreness lasts two or three days. While the redness will slowly fade over a week. As their redness fades, so will the problem area that they are getting treated. And with enough treatments, the problem can significantly lighten. And in some cases be eliminated completely.
If patients want to know if there dermatological problem can be treated with the synergy laser. They should make an appointment with their dermatologist, and find out if this is the best laser treatment for them. And how many treatments they can expect. To have clear skin for the rest of their life.