Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | How Facial Scars Can Be Decreased

We have helped many people with acne scar treatment in Edmonton. Studies have shown that people with acne scarring, can have decreased self-confidence. And that can lead to people fully into a depression.

Therefore, when people find the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. To improve or eliminate their scarring. Not only can they regain confidence that they lost.
But it can help them feel better about their parents and therefore themselves. To let them live a full and happy life. However, which treatment is the right one is a large decision.
This is why people should set up a consultation with the Edmonton dermatology clinic. Not only because the first consultation is free. It is a great opportunity to find out as much information as possible.
They have many different treatments at this clinic. From IPL lasers, and pulsed dye lasers. To lasers that are designed to tackle a wide variety of dermatological issues as well.
And particularly when it comes to treating acne scars. It is even more important for the dermatologist to see the patient first. In order to recommend the best treatment for their issues.
The amount of scarring, and how deep it is, is going to be one of the factors. That has the dermatologist recommending one treatment over another. As well, but a person’s skin type is. Is also very important.
The reason why, because some skin types are not going to respond effectively to all acne scar treatments. Such as people that have a tendency to develop a keloid scars.


The keloid scar is, is an overgrowth of collagen. And one of the acne scar treatment Edmonton that Edmonton dermatologist does. Is causes the body to produce even more collagen.
Knowing what type of skin a patient has. Can help the dermatologist realize that this treatment may not be effective for those patients. Who would likely end up with larger scars then getting them reduced.
Also, they will be to see if people have sensitive skin. Because if this skin is lighter in colour, they have a higher burn risk. Which can influence the laser treatment that they recommend for acne scarring.
As well, the doctor will be able to talk to the patient and gain a deeper level of understanding. Of what their desired results are going to be. So that they can recommend the treatment.
That will allow them to achieve the results they desire. This way, the patient is also going to be able to ask as many questions as they want. And feel comfortable the treatment that is being recommended.
Ultimately, the two most common treatments to eliminate acne scarring. Are the fractal lasers, and the CO2 lasers. And while they are extremely effective.
They doctoral want to ensure that they skin type is the right one for each treatment. And that people are going to get the results that they desire. So that they can end up feeling happy and confident at the end of their acne scar treatment Edmonton.
The consultation will also be a great time for the doctor to talk about aftercare. Help them eliminate any acne outbreaks that they currently are having. So that when they carry forward with treatment. They do not run the risk of causing more scars to occur in the future.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Facial Scars Can Be Decreased

One of the most common reasons why people set up consultation with their Edmonton dermatology clinic is to find the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. Because it can cause people to feel very self-conscious about their appearance.
What causes acne scarring to occur in the first place. Is when people develop acne, and there are bumps underneath the skin. When it heals, but Bob pulls the collagen in the skin at awkward angles.
Resulting in the hills and valleys of acne scarring. That is extremely noticeable for people who have acne scarring. Therefore, a great treatment to overcome scarring.
Is to fix the collagen that is pulled down in awkward angles. And dermatologists can do this, by increasing the amount of collagen in the area. They can do that very effectively with the Fraxel laser treatment.
And how the Fraxel laser works As an acne scar treatment Edmonton. Is by heating up the skin, so that the second layer of skin, also known as the dermis. Feels the heat from the laser.
And since collagen is formed in the dermis. And it loves heat. When the laser is applied to the face, it causes the dermis to produce an overabundance of collagen in the area.
When the collagen comes into contact with the skin that has the scarring. It will start to pair the scars, filling in the valleys, to give a more smooth appearance.


At the same time, if people end up having any fine lines as well. Those fine lines will be reduced by the treatment as well. Giving people not only and noticeably smoother complexion.
But a younger complexion as well. With toner, firmer skin as well. And while the treatment lasts two hours. People may end up needing to four treatments in order to get a 50% reduction in their scars.
However, if people are looking for a more improved acne scar treatment Edmonton. By reducing their scars even more. The fractal laser may not be the right option for them.
And their dermatologist can then talk to them about the CO2 laser. Which is also known as an ablative laser. While this treatment is quite a bit more invasive.
It only takes one procedure in order for people to get the desired results. However, there is at two-week healing period. That can require people taking two weeks off of work.
So that they can stay out of the sun, and keep their face clean to avoid infection. This is why a consultation with the Edmonton dermatology clinic is so beneficial.
Because they will be able to talk about all of the pros and cons of each treatment. And choose the one that is going to be the most effective. To give them the results that they want, and the healing that they are prepared for.