Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Treating Your Scars With Lasers

When it comes to finding the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. People should visit their Edmonton dermatologist’s office. Because not only are they extremely knowledgeable and experienced. But because they have a lot of different machines that can help a wide variety of problems, skin types and scars.
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However, before a dermatologist will talk to a patient about the right acne scar treatment for them. They are going to want to ensure that the cause of the scars is minimized or eliminated.
And that people are not having active acne breakouts anymore. Because that would cause the treatment that they utilize. To not be effective for very long.
As patients will have more breakouts, that will result in more scarring. And need additional treatments down the road.
Therefore, when people can work with their dermatologist. To find the right products, and routine. To eliminate acne breakouts. They will know that when they undergo the acne scar treatment Edmonton.
That it will be a treatment that has results that last for many years. Because they are not causing new scars to form on their face.
And in order for people to understand how scars form. They should also understand the role collagen has to play. In forming scars. As well as healing them ultimately.
The first thing that people need to understand. Is that they have acne, especially a large cystic or nodular kind. They will end up having a large, sore and inflamed lump underneath their skin.


And as that lump heals. It will pull down at the collagen in a wide variety of ways. That will lead to the peaks and valleys associated with acne scarring.
And in fact, the more that collagen is disrupted. The larger the scar is going to be. Which is why Edmonton dermatologist recommends people avoid picking, poking or squeezing their acne lumps.
As well, people may have well intentions. When they are trying to eliminate their acne breakouts. By exfoliating their face very hard. Or washing their face very aggressively.
However, all this will do is disrupt the collagen even more. And that will result in larger scars. In a way that is completely avoidable. Therefore, talking to the dermatologist about eliminating acne breakouts is the first step.
And when that is under control. They can talk to their doctor about the right acne scar treatment for them. It will take not only their skin type and consideration. But how significant the scarring is.
And find out what kind of results people will want from their treatment. When people know all of this. They are going to be one step closer to finding the right acne scar treatment Edmonton.
That will help them not only feel more confident. But actually feel less depressed about their appearance. And this can be very important to many people.
In order to help people get started on this road to self-confidence. People can contact Edmonton dermatology right away and schedule their first free consultation to find out more information.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Treating Scars With Lasers

There are many things for people to keep in mind when they are looking for the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. And one of the most important things is figuring out what kind of results they are looking for.
While it is very hard to completely eliminate the look of scar tissue. There are a lot of different acne scar treatment options at Edmonton dermatology. And being very clear about what kind of results people want.
Can help them articulate that to their dermatologist. And ultimately end up with the right treatment. The first treatment that there likely going to hear about from their dermatologist. Is the Fraxal laser.
Unlike the intense pulse light treatment. Which uses a broad spectrum of light to treat discolouration. Fraxal is a true laser. And it targets the dermis which is the second layer of skin were collagen is produced.
It will heat the dermis up. And since collagen loves heat. This is what causes this layer of skin to produce even more collagen than it is used to. When collagen floods the area.
What will happen, is that all of the scar tissue that it comes in contact with. The collagen will start filling in the valleys. Giving people a smoother -looking complexion.
While the Fraxal laser will require 3 to 4 treatments. And Edmonton dermatology will recommend all four for an effective acne scar treatment Edmonton.


The maximum results that people can expect from this treatment. Is a 50% reduction in their scar tissue. This may not be as effective as people want. Or it may not be fast enough.
Which is why patients might want to talk to their dermatologist about the CO2 laser as well. What the CO2 laser is, is an ablative laser. And the way an ablative laser is an effective acne scar treatment Edmonton.
Is two ways, first it will heat the epidermis up so much that it literally vaporizes the top layer of skin. And as it heals away, the scar tissue peels away with it. And while this requires the face regrowing the epidermis.
When it regrows, it will regrow without any trace of scarring. And second, because it is an ablative laser. Which means it cuts the skin. It dwells microscopic holes into the dermis. And this will encourage an increase of collagen production.
Even more collagen than the Fraxal laser. And what this will do, is help the regrowth of the epidermis to be healthy, and smooth. So that people can end up with smooth, younger looking skin.
To find out more about this treatment. Or any others. Patients can simply contact dermatologist Edmonton. In order to ask all of the questions that they need. To make an informed decision.
One of the benefits of the initial consultation with Edmonton dermatology. Is that it is completely free. To help ensure that everybody is able to make a decision that is going to suit them most significantly.