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Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Understanding Acne Breakouts

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Understanding Acne Breakouts

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Understanding Acne Breakouts

It is very common for people who have been or are prone to acne breakouts to seek guilt an acne scar treatment Edmonton. However, if they still have active breakouts their dermatologist is going to want to minimize those first.

The reason why it is important to eliminate acne breakouts before undergoing any acne scar treatment Edmonton. Is because the dermatologist will want to ensure that they do not and up creating more scars once the treatment is over.

Especially when they are using lasers, because overuse of lasers can actually damage the skin. And it should be avoided at all costs. Therefore, dermatologists will want to eliminate the acne breakout.

Not only so that people can be more comfortable with their skin. And not have to deal with an active breakout on a regular basis. But also because they want to ensure that they only have to do one acne scar treatment.

While acne is caused by an oil that is commonly found in the body called sebum mixes with dead skin cells. People who have dry skin, and oily skin have different treatments for their acne.

Those who have oily skin, have acne breakouts. Because they have an overabundance of this oil on their face. Because the body simply produces too much of it. And they must find a way to neutralize that oil.

So that they can reduce the number of breakouts they are prone to have. However, people who have dry complexions have a completely different reason for why they have acne.

While acne is still caused by sebum and dead skin cells. People with dry skin get acne because the body sees that they have dry skin, and increases the production of sebum to their face.


Therefore, instead of trying to neutralize the oil. There is colleges recommend people with dry skin use moisturizers. So that they can tell their body and send a message that they do not need to overproduce this oil.

However, for both oily and dry complexions. People need to still take care of the dead skin cells on their face through exfoliation. However, dermatologists also recommend coming into the office for this procedure as well.

The reason why, is because people are often far too aggressive with their exfoliation. Or use inappropriate exfoliation products. Or exfoliate far too often.

For example, people with an oily complexion only need to exfoliate once a month. And exfoliating more often can cause damage to the face.

Therefore, by coming into the office for the exfoliation. Can ensure that people are not damaging their face by aggressive techniques. And are not exfoliating their face more often than they should.

Combined with the right product to put on their face. People can eliminate the acne that they have. So that they can start talking to their dermatologist about what acne scar treatment Edmonton to get rid of the acne scars would be most beneficial for them.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Understanding Acne Breakouts

Whether people have active acne, or have scarring from years ago, many dermatologists help people find the right acne scar treatment Edmonton for their skin and face.

However, one of the first things that people can do is minimize the acne that they have if they are in an active breakouts. And that will depend on what their complexion is.

People with an oily complexion need to find a product that can neutralize the oil that is already on their face. While people who have dry skin. Have an overproduction of oil, because their bodies trying to compensate for that dry skin.

Therefore, people with dry skin need to not only moisturize. But use a moisturizer twice a day, especially as soon as they stepped out of the shower. So that they can stop their body from producing additional oil.

But also, people who have extremely dry skin need to hydrate from the inside out. And increase the amount of fluid that they are taking into their body.

People end up having dry skin because when they are exposed to the elements, the environment takes water molecules from their skin. And while a moisturizer can be a barrier to protect that from happening.

People can also combat dry skin by ensuring that they are drinking more water on a regular basis. And eating foods that have a high water content such as fruits and vegetables.


Once they have the right moisturizer. And they have eliminated their acne breakouts. They can talk to their dermatologist about the right acne scar treatment Edmonton.

And most dermatologists recommend some form of laser treatment. Because it is so effective at reducing the look of acne scars. It is important for people to understand how this is done.

Lasers are an extremely concentrated beam of light. And the lasers get extremely hot. And when applied to the scar on a person’s face. It causes the very top layer of skin to peel off.

And while it is very hot, and not the most comfortable process. This is not painful for people to undergo. And when they have the top layer of skin’s left off. When the body regrows new skin.

It regrows the skin without the scar. And while the second layer of skin might continue to have scar tissue. The top layer does not. Is why it reduces the look of the scar.

In addition to burning off the top layer of skin. This actually causes the body to produce an overabundance of collagen, because it is an important building block of skin.

And while that can help the new skin grow better. The surrounding skin can benefit from having collagen. By making it moisturized, and healthy looking.

So that once people are through with their acne scar treatment Edmonton. They will have reduced scars, and more youthful clear skin. To help them not only look their best, but help them feel their very best. And gain confidence back that they may have lost because of the scar tissue that they have.

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