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Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Understanding Botox Injections

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Understanding Botox Injections

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Understanding Botox Injections

It is very important that patients understand any cosmetic procedure, from acne scar treatment Edmonton. To getting Botox injections. So that they can decide which is the right procedure for them.

This decision should be made with the consultation at their dermatologist’s office. And it is very important that patients explain what the desired look they want to end up with.

So that the dermatologist can recommend the right procedure for what they want. For example, an acne scar treatment Edmonton. Is best for eliminating scars, and wrinkles that already formed.

Because it will actually affect the top two layers of a person’s skin. So that they can eliminate problems permanently.

However, Botox on the other hand affects the muscles. And can soften the look of lines on a person’s face, but not eliminate them completely. And is very beneficial to be used as a preventative measure as well.

In fact, many dermatologists are suggesting using acne scar treatment Edmonton as well as Botox. To minimize the look of scarring and lines on the face first. And then using Botox to further minimize the look of lines.

And then using Botox on an ongoing basis, to ensure more lines and creases are not created. Ensuring that people can have a more youthful look moving into the future.

However, Botox is not permanent. And if people want long-lasting effects. They need to understand that they should be getting Botox injections every 3 to 4 months.


And while it is injected directly into people’s facial muscles. This often is something that many people are nervous about. Because they want to avoid damaging those muscles.

However, not only because Botox breaks down in the body within three of four months. But also how it affects the muscle. Means that it is not going to cause any long-lasting effects or damage.

How Botox works then, is by inhibiting the way that the muscles nerve cells work. To stop the neurotransmitter from moving the muscle.

However, it does not completely prevent the muscle from moving. Which is why people who get Botox injections done. Can still make facial expressions and smile and laugh naturally and normally.

Ultimately, because the large movement is prohibited. Not only does it soften the look of lines increases. Because the muscle is not able to move the skin in a way that forms those lines increases.

But by using Botox, people can also ensure that they are not causing new lines and wrinkles to form. Because there muscles are not able to make those large movements that affect the skin.

In fact, it is known to be so safe enough to use in people with medical conditions. Including children who are affected with cerebral palsy. And they get injected with hundreds of units of Botox. And that should prove how safe it is in people of all ages.

However, it is still important for any patient to discuss any cosmetic procedure with their dermatologist. So that they can be sure they are getting the right treatment. And the effect that they desire.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Understanding Botox Injections

It is very important that people understand the various cosmetic procedures, from acne scar treatment Edmonton. To getting Botox injections, so that they can end up with the result that they are looking for.

While the acne scar treatment Edmonton is beneficial for permanently minimizing the look of scars, as well as lines and wrinkles. This is because it uses a laser, and permanently alters the top two layers of a person’s skin.

And Botox on the other hand, is an injection into the muscle. And does not alter a person’s skin at all. So while it cannot eliminate lines or wrinkles on a person’s face.

Botox can soften the look of those lines, because it prevents the muscles from making such large motions. So that their skin is not able to increase in the same way, minimizing the look of those lines.

Anyone who is getting Botox, can receive treatments, and then go back to work. Or go out for the evening. And not have anyone know that they got a procedure done.

They can even apply makeup directly after the procedure. Because while there may be some irritation at the injection site. As long as they are not aggressively rubbing their face, it should not cause any problems.

Acne scar treatment Edmonton on the other hand is a laser procedure. That requires time to heal from. And can result in redness, swelling, and healing skin. That dermatologists typically recommend taking time off work to heal from.

Therefore, people who do not want to take time off work to heal from a laser treatment. They find that Botox is very beneficial. Because of the lack of healing time required.


Not only does Botox prevent muscles from making the motion that show the lines on a person’s face. But it also can minimize lines increases from forming. Because of the inhibited muscle movement.

And because of that, many younger people are getting Botox injections. As a preventative measure against aging. In fact, the number of men who get Botox is on the increase over the last twenty years.

According to the American Society of plastic surgeons The instances of men getting mode Botox. Has increased by 337%. This is thanks in part to the safety of Botox.

However, no matter how safe it is. Dermatologists must ensure that the people injecting the Botox are certified. And our qualified healthcare professionals such as nurses, plastic surgeons, dermatologists and doctors.

If people are not accredited in giving injections. They may inject the wrong muscle. Which could cause unintentional consequences. Such as not minimizing the look of lines, or causing muscles to fall.

And while that is not life-threatening, the look can be very off putting or upsetting to people. And they will need to live with that look for 3 to 4 months.

Not only do patients need to talk to their dermatologist prior to treatment. But they should understand what the treatment involves. It ensure that the right professionals are providing that treatment. To end up with the desired results.

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